Top Stag Destinations when it's Autumn

Top Stag Destinations for the Autumn


The colourful season of Autumn makes Blackpool the ideal choice for a Stag Do destination. The magical Blackpool Illuminations are an amazing sight to see and fill up the city’s beautiful promenade from September to November annually. A great time to grab a bevvy or three and enjoy the views with your mates, the Blackpool Tower all lit up is a sight to see! Blackpool has a top-notch nightlife with easy access via a tram system and pedestrian footpaths covering the city. The Popworld Nightclub stands out from most clubs and has a classy 90s disco dance floor and a guaranteed fun night. Blackpool is filled with an abundance of bars, restaurants and clubs to go to if the lights aren’t your thing and there’s always the Big One. The Big One is one the tallest roller coaster in the UK standing at 65 meters high with a frightful 65 degree drop. This amazing ride lasts 3 minutes and travels at speeds surpassing 70mph! Other activities in Blackpool include meals at staple bars such as Yates and Revolution.

Lake District

If you’d prefer to be surrounded in breath-taking natural scenery, then the Lake District is by far the best place to go, filled with adrenaline fuelled action activities to make your Stag Do an unforgettable one. The sights of the Lake District are incredible and the Autumn colours bring out its beauty even more. The hills become golden and the sunsets are to die for, give Kayaking or Canoeing a go across the land’s gorgeous, glistening lakes and rivers. Go for a walk, go for a swim, go for a bike ride, go try out new fun water sports, even shoot your mates with action-packed Paintball. Whatever you do, the stunning Lake District makes the world your oyster. Ghyll Scrambling, Quad Biking,Clay Pidgeon Shooting, if you want to be outdoors and aren’t afraid to get a bit of mud on you, then the Lake District is a perfect Stag Do destination for you, guaranteed for you to look back on fondly for the rest of your life.


World-famous for its nearby Sherwood Forest best known from the stories of Robin Hood, Nottingham is both a beautiful historic city with great character and plenty of themed bars and restaurants to suit anyone’s taste. Why go to Nottingham during the Autumn you may be wondering? Well because if you’re going to venture into Sherwood Forest, then the golden trees would be the perfect place to admire and take in all the beauty. If you’re into photography or simply experiencing nature at its finest then Sherwood’s scenery will captivate you and your friends. Take in the fresh air and go on an adventure! However, this is not the main attraction here, in fact the highlight of Nottingham during the beautiful Autumn season is the annual Robin Hood and Cider Festival which take place every October month in the glorious Nottingham Castle. Offering over 1,100 different varieties of real ale and over 220 real ciders, this is the UK’s equivalent to Oktoberfest. If you love your ale, cool and historic sights then Nottingham is the place to be at.


Ah, the splendid capital of Wales. This place is an amazing city with lots to do in every aspect. Cardiff is a hotspot for just about anything that floats your boat. Speaking of boats, the seaside waterfront at Cardiff Bay hosts plenty of fancy places to eat and drink with the lads, just a 5-minute train ride from the city centre which equally has hundreds of nightclubs, bars and restaurants. Unique to Cardiff are the fun Gorge Walking and Surfing activities if you fancy getting a bit wet. The huge Dewi Sant shopping centre at the heart of the city is rammed packed full of shops and places to eat, Cardiff is literally spoiling you with choice. Activities just outside of the city are there as an option too including Paintballing, Zorb Football, Go-karting, Archery and Old School Sports Days. The city itself is very stylish as are the surrounding castle parks which are great to walk through all times of the year. The surrounding area of Cardiff is also very pleasing to the eyes with its mountains, forests, rivers and coastline.

Stag Destinations for the Autumn

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