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How to use My Events

Whenever you book any activity or package with us, you'll get an exclusive VIP area called My Events. Below are helpful videos on how to use the area.

In this article you'll find help with:

Step 1 | How to Login to My Events Area

Once your deposit has been sorted, it'll be time to log into My Events. Take a look at this next video to find out how to access it and see what useful features it provides:

Step 2 | How to Change your Event Title & Welcome Message

In this next video, we'll show you how to customise the name of your event and the welcome message that each of your guests will see:

Step 3 | Make your Activity Details a Secret

Want to keep the details of the event hidden from prying eyes? In this video, we'll show you how to make your activity details a secret and visible only to the lead organiser:

Step 4 | How to Invite Guests

Need to add more people to your booking? No problem! In this next video, we'll show you how to invite extra people to your My Events area:

Step 5 | How to Accept an Invite

Has someone added you to their event? This video will show you how to accept an invitation to My Events:

Step 6 | How to Make Payments / When is the Balance Due Date

Is your balance due date coming up? This video explains how to make payments for yourself and/or others in your group:

Step 7 | View your Itinerary

Looking for a full rundown of activities you've booked? In this next video, we'll show you how to access your event itinerary and see each individual activity's details: 

Step 8 | Sending a Group Email

Need to reach out to the rest of the group? In this video, we'll show you how to use our Group Email feature to get hold of everyone attending your event: 

Step 9 | Changing Your Password

Need to change your password? Follow this video to find out how and where to do it:

Step 10 | Resetting a Forgotten Password

Forgot your password? Take a look at the following video and see how you can quickly and easily reset your password and re-gain access to your My Events area:

Step 11 | Resending An Invitation

Email got lost in the post? If you need to re-invite someone to your My Events area, take a look at the video below and find out how to do it:

Step 12 | How to Uninvite Someone

Need to remove someone from your booking? Watch the following video to see where and how to uninvite someone from your My Events area:

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