Group Activity Videos

No matter what the occasion, our array of groups activities are sure to fit the bill with your event.

Whether you’re planning a weekend away with friends, a group activity for your scouts, a mini break with the family or anything in between, have a browse at some of our top activity videos to get a flavour of what’s in store.

Check out some of our best group party ideas below, and get a glimpse of what you and the lads can look forward to when booking some of these awesome group party activities.

Old School Sports Day

Go down memory lane in your colourful bibs and take part in an action-filled day with bean bags, space hoppers, skipping ropes, sacks and eggs & spoons to boot!

Life Drawing

Have a great time enhancing your drawing skills (if you're any good) and having a great laugh (if you're bad). All great excitement either way! Male & female models available.

Bubble Football

Clamber inside those colourful zorbs and do battle with your fellow party-goers. Crash, bash and dash your way to victory across a number of footy games.

Dance Classes

Take a quick peek at just some of the amazing dance themes we have to offer our hens. Will you become Disney princesses or queens of the stage with musical theatre?


Suit up into your camouflage overalls and get dug into plenty of action-packed war games. From attack & defend to capture the flag, you'll have a blast! ...literally.

Pizza Making

Everyone loves PIZZA! So throw on your meaty discs of pepperoni, make it rain with mozarella, hell - pop on some olives, make your pizza YOURS.

Goofy Games

Prepare yoiurselves for wacky, weird and wonderful mini games that'll have you and the gang giggling your way through the course.


The naughtiest, sexiest show in the world. If you love Magic Mike, then you'll love Magic John, Magic Tim and Magic Barry... You get the idea! Topless men, drinks and a fancy light show too, all in one! What's not to love?

Quad Bikes

Start your engines and spin those wheels across the line and into a breathtaking cruise across some seriously tough terrain mother nature has laid out for you.

Escape Rooms

Choose from a number of themed rooms up and down the UK and become locked inside. Solve puzzles and riddles to unlock clues and escape your scenario in time. The clock is ticking...

Zip World

Plummet down the treeline, glide down vast Welsh quarries or bounce into the party deep in below the surface, Zip World has an adventure waiting for anyone and everyone.

Go Ape

Swing into action with an unforgettable tree-top adventure available across several UK forest locations.

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