Group Activity Videos

No matter what the occasion, our array of groups activities are sure to fit the bill with your event.

Whether you’re planning a weekend away with friends, a group activity for your scouts, a mini break with the family or anything in between, have a browse at some of our top activity videos to get a flavour of what’s in store.

Sports Megamix

Sometimes it’s hard to settle on just one groups activity when you’re organising an event, and we say why should you have to! With the sports megamix for groups, you can browse through several different experiences, and choose your favourite two to bundle together for an energetic day to remember.

From old school sports day to zorb bubble games, choose one that suits your event and treat everyone to a unique experience. Don’t just take our word for it though, have a quick peek at some of the activities in store when booking the sports megamix.

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Old School Sports Day

Hurl yourself back in time with our hugely popular old school sports day for groups! No matter what occasion you want this activity for, it can easily fit into your agenda and suit the whole crew.

For an afternoon, take yourselves back to the glory days of primary school races and sports days, where you and your group will get the chance to conquer the classics like the sack race, space hoppers and everyone’s favourite – the egg and spoon race!

This all sounds like a bit much, so to make all the fuzzy details a bit clearer, check out our old school sports day activity video and envision yourself getting a little competitive.

Totally Wiped Out

You’ve seen the TV show, you’ve giggled at the contestants and you’ve cringed at one too many fails, but why not try and tackle the totally wiped out for groups experience for yourself?

Just like the famous show, you and your group will be thrown into a variety of the classic games, including the big red balls and the deadly sweeper arm!

Quad Biking

A little more on the adrenaline pumping side, if you want a group activity that packs a punch it doesn’t get much better than the quad biking for groups. Hop onto these high speed quads and get ready for a bit of friendly competition between your group, all on a variety of choppy terrain to test your skills.

Whether you’re organising an ice breaker, a family getaway or just want a daytime activity for friends, quad biking is the perfect fit for an array of situations.

Escape Rooms

Throw something new into the mix and test your brain skills with the utterly unique escape rooms for groups. This mind boggling experience is one of a kind, and can be done with big groups, small groups, groups of acqu­ain­tances, groups of good friends and everything in between.

No matter what you’re organising, the escape rooms is bound to add an activity to talk about onto the agenda. Try your best to find the clues in a variety of differently themed rooms and escape before the time runs out!