Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual Team Building Activities

Virtual: Escape Rooms

  • Amazing storylines
  • Tap and Reveal technology
  • Cryptic clues, puzzles & challenges
  • Interactive fun host
Rating 4.9 of 5

Virtual: Team Quiz

  • Professional online team quiz
  • Fun, competitive, interactive
  • Quick fire question rounds
  • Variety of pub trivia games
Rating 5.0 of 5

Virtual: Murder Mystery

  • CSI meets Virtual Cluedo
  • Thrilling storyline
  • Solve the crime, catch the killer
  • Clues, witnesses, explore
Rating 5.0 of 5

Virtual: Race Night

  • Amazing racing software
  • Place bets, train horses
  • Live host / bookie
  • Brilliant graphics & commentary
Rating 4.9 of 5

Virtual: Spy School

  • Espionage style challenge
  • Develop spy skills
  • Cryptic codes, lip-reading
  • Head spy host
Rating 5.0 of 5

Virtual: Around the World

  • Global themed challenges
  • Huge variety of tasks
  • Visit over 22 countries online
  • Festive edition available
Rating 4.9 of 5

Virtual: Beat the Screen

  • Ideal for active teams
  • 3 fun interactive rounds
  • Physical challenges
  • Professionally hosted
Rating 5.0 of 5

The Virtual Social

  • Up to 8 games
  • Energetic event host
  • Friendly competition
  • Seasonal questions
Rating 4.9 of 5

Murder on the Slopes

  • Winter-themed mystery
  • Interactive crime scene
  • Timed investigation
  • Great for big groups
Rating 5.0 of 5

Virtual: Chocolate Making

  • Make chocolate truffles
  • Chocolate boxes delivered to everyone
  • Interactive chocolatier
  • Christmas festive options
Rating 4.9 of 5
Virtual: The Pitch

Virtual: The Pitch

  • Business focused challenge
  • Competitive & creative
  • Teamwork is key
  • Expertly hosted

Virtual: Musical Bingo

  • Super fun event
  • Interactive live DJ host
  • Non-stop music hits
  • Professional setup
Rating 5.0 of 5
Virtually Killed

Virtually Killed

  • Investigate a crime scene
  • Designed by ex-Scotland Yard Detectives
  • Intense murder storyline
  • Based on a real case
Rating 5.0 of 5
Virtual: Away Day

Virtual: Away Day

  • Energising challenges
  • Engage team remotely
  • Custom-made solutions
  • Work together!

Virtual: Cocktail Making

  • Highly interactive class
  • Cocktail boxes delivered to your door
  • Alcohol & ingredients included
  • Professional mixologist
Rating 5.0 of 5
Virtual: Pirate's Cove

Virtual: Pirate's Cove

  • Online hunt for treasure
  • Enthusiastic host
  • Interactive treasure map
  • Competitive, points-based
Virtual: Jungle Survival

Virtual: Jungle Survival

  • Online Jungle Survival
  • Enthusiastic Host
  • Competitive Fun
  • Interactive Game Map

Virtual: Wreath Making Class

  • 2 wreath crafting classes
  • Material kits posted
  • Fully remote host
  • Includes faux foliage & ribbon
Rating 5.0 of 5

Virtual: Festive Social

  • Fun Christmas themed trivia
  • Photo & video challenges
  • Involves singing & laughter
  • Great end of year party
Rating 4.9 of 5

Virtual: Christmas Decoration Making

  • Festive keepsake!
  • Quality craft kits sent out
  • Experienced workshop host
  • Flexible set up for you
Rating 4.8 of 5

Virtual: Christmas Cracker Making

  • Create 6 Christmas crackers
  • Material kits posted to all
  • Various colour themes
  • Paper hats, jokes, snaps
Rating 4.7 of 5
Virtual: Crafty Workshops

Virtual: Crafty Workshops

  • Choice of workshop
  • Crafty kits delivered to everyone
  • Interactive workshop host
  • Festive options
Rating 5.0 of 5

Virtual: Trivia Challenge - Festive Edition

  • 12 Christmas-themed rounds
  • Festive knowledge fun
  • 45 mins duration
  • Guided by a merry host

Virtual: Scavenger Hunt - Festive Edition

  • 3 Christmas-themed rounds
  • Photo & video challenges
  • Quick fire trivia fun
  • Guided by a remote host

Virtual: Festive Escape Room

  • Escape Room: Christmas Edition
  • Can Santa escape in time
  • Festive clues, puzzles & challenges
  • Interactive fun host

What are Virtual Team Building Activities?

Games for remote teams are moral boosting events that can take place online and include participants from all over the country and worldwide.

Times are truly changing, as bonding together is more important than ever. With an increasing number of people working remotely, it’s easy for colleagues to feel less motivated and lonely.

Mental health is a huge part of society nowadays, with many people already worried about long periods of working alone. Mind, the charity for better mental health, has created an article with 12 tips to support yourself and your colleagues.

Remote virtual games for teams or individuals are an excellent opportunity to come together and communicate more informally. Think of these UK remote team building activities as a swap for your usual social drink after work or talkative coffee break midday.

What Are Virtual Team Building Activities?

Are There Different Remote Team Building Ideas?

Like normal team events, our remote team games are all different to cater to every group type. Businesses are dealing with many more variables nowadays, so no matter how big or small or where they are based, your team will have challenges and games to suit.

We have short, energising online activities that are perfect to motivate colleagues at the start of the day to full-on problem-solving events and even a virtual CSI activity run by ex-Scotland Yard Detectives. Whatever event you are trying to plan for, some ideas will suit you! Even for the end of the year, our virtual Christmas parties have been extremely popular.

Best 7 Virtual Team Building Activities in the UK

What are the Benefits of Team Building Activities for Virtual Teams?

Right now, the biggest benefits of using online activities are that they promote inclusivity, motivation, and positive mental health. For teams who are used to working closely in an office, virtual ideas are a great way to bring back that sense of belonging and membership.

As mentioned above, mental health is extremely important for yourself and your employees. By putting in a plan including daily chats, face-to-face using software like Microsoft Teams, and fun activities for remote staff, we can all help overall well-being.

Why Choose Funktion Events for Virtual Team Building Events?

Event planners will save you time and money, but why choose us specifically to take the reigns and organise your team outing?

Tried and trusted, Funktion Events has been trading for over 13 years. We organise thousands of events each year for a variety of companies. From big, global organisations to small local traders and everything in between.

Why Choose Funktion Events for Virtual Team Building?

Connecting Global Teams

Even before recent global events, organisations leveraged online games to foster teamwork and streamline communication among remote teams. This trend continues with even greater momentum today, thanks to an increasingly diverse range of virtual team-building activities available in the market.

Boosting Mood & Outlook

It’s easy to get that sinking feeling when home alone and working. Make sure the lines of communication are open, colleagues are talking daily, and people’s mental health isn’t suffering in silence through regular games and activities.

Improving Resilience

Ever heard the phrase ‘you get what you give’? If you give your employees fun, friendly and competitive online team building games the team will become more resilient. This is especially important if your business is in an industry at risk in 2020.

Building Teams Online Itinerary

Unlikely attributes can rear their heads in times of confusion, and you never know what team spirit can come out of remote working. Build on these feelings and instil a sense of “we’re in this together”!

Increasing Productivity

Sometimes, workers can feel strange and unproductive when sitting right next to their beds or in their living rooms. Creating daily, weekly or monthly remote team activities gives everyone something to look forward to in the work week.

Preventing People from Feeling Isolated

If you’re the event organiser, it’s likely your responsibility to make sure all employees aren’t feeling isolated. This can be difficult when everyone is scattered. Make your job a little easier with a fun virtual team event.

Free Online Team Building Games Vs Paid Activities?

Online games have been gaining popularity for boosting company teamwork and communication. Today, you can easily find a variety of 25 to 50 free games and challenges on the internet, all designed to enhance employee engagement. These virtual activities are increasingly recognised for their value in creating a collaborative and engaging work atmosphere. Great news, Yes?

Well, not really.

Once you start reading the games, you'll soon realise that they aren't suitable for most businesses or won't achieve the desired outcomes you'd expect from a collaborative team event. The saying you get what you pay for is 100% true when combining technology, people and events.  Our virtual team building activities for work have been tried and tested before launching, ensuring engagement and motivation outcomes are achieved.

What do I need to be able to Participate in Virtual Team Challenges?

What devices will I need?

Virtual team games can be played using any smartphone or tablet.

Do I need a webcam?

Yes, for the best experience, you need a webcam.  Most smartphones, laptops and iPads come with webcams as standard.

Will I need access to the Internet or 4G?

Definitely.  You will need to be able to join a video conference with your remote worker colleagues so you can participate in the fun and interact with them.

What video conference software do I require to have a Funktion Events virtual team building event?

We recommend Zoom. It offers the best experience and most functionality for remote team building activities. See more information on Zoom here.  However, if your business uses alternative video conferencing software, we should still be fine to run the challenges.

Can remote workers take part in virtual team games anywhere in the world?

Of course. That is the real benefit of virtual online games: Anyone can enjoy interacting with their remote workers anywhere.  We believe remote team building activities will be around long because they are so accessible.

A Few “Must Know” Virtual Team Building Tips to Try With Your Remote Team

It isn’t a shock to anyone that team building online is completely different to being with your staff in the office. But if virtual team building is your only option, you will want to use these tips and make the most out of your situation when you have a remote team.

1. Make Sure You Include Everyone

When you are usually doing an event in the office, it is a lot easier for everyone to get involved, even the introverts of your office. This is due to the physical presence and pressure of being in a group setting. So when you are a virtual team having to organise a virtual team activity, it may become a lot easier to slip away from the group and not participate - especially when in big groups. A great way to ensure that everyone gets involved and is comfortable getting involved is choosing ideas that require smaller groups to work together and icebreaker questions which everyone has to answer.

2. Try and Follow the 2.5x Rule

The 2.5x rule is a new thing that many online businesses try to follow. If you think of it this way, your only online interaction with a team is your meetings or arranged virtual team events. When you were in the office, you would have various conversations with multiple people when making a brew or even when you went into the office in the morning. The 2.5x rule says that you should do 2.5x more online than face-to-face. So if you spend around 5 minutes of general chatting before a meeting, then do about 12.5 minutes of chatting before a meeting online!

3. Add Virtual Team Building to Every Meeting

Whenever you plan a meeting we recommend always including some sort of online team building element everyone has to participate in! This could be anything from a quick chat about what everyone got up to at the weekend or an icebreaker like a mini scavenger hunt! Some of the activities on this page will give you some great ideas.

4. Send Care Packages Out to Everyone

If everyone is working remotely and nobody has been in the office, you may want to send them a little pick me up. It can be something small like a box of snacks they can enjoy when they’re working, or branded items, anything that will boost them and make working from home a little less frustrating.

5. Find Opportunities for In-Person Meetings

Whether by going out for lunch for your meeting or just hiring a space where you can all meet and participate in meetings in person.

More Resources to Improve Your Virtual Team Building Event

You want to make sure you are getting the most out of your virtual team building event and the main aspect of planning all your resources is choosing which tools and software are most suited to your business.

Virtual Meeting Software

The software tools below are popular and perfect for video conferencing and telecommuting online.

Tools for Teamwork and Collaboration

Stay organised and keep track of everyone’s work whilst working remotely with the help of some of these handy tools.

  • Slack
  • Trello
  • Google Docs
  • Zoho Docs
  • Ziteboard

Virtual Team Building FAQs

What is virtual team building?

Virtual team building is a way to enjoy bonding with your staff through games, challenges, exercises, and icebreakers online. As these are online, you will be using platforms like Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams! Virtual team building has become extremely popular and is as vital to an online team as in-person team events!

Why is virtual team building important?

Remote working has become extremely popular and a vital part of how businesses have continued through the recent years. But it can be lonely and unproductive, and you can feel disconnected from the rest of your colleagues. This is why including virtual team events in your work environment is so important. It will help in the long run by making all your staff feel valued, and positive and increase productivity within their day-to-day work.

What are the benefits of virtual team building?

We have found so many amazing benefits of virtual team building, which is why they are so popular, but below you will find the top 10:

1. Boosts team morale

2. Connects offices from all over the world

3. Promotes workforce collaboration

4. Increases productivity

5. Build diverse relationships with staff

6. Reinforce a positive work culture

7. Increases job satisfaction

8. Gives a positive outlook to remote working

9. Builds team culture

10. Combats loneliness

What are virtual team building activities?

Virtual team building activities are challenges, exercises, and games that you participate in to give remote employees the chance to bond as a team. Examples would be virtual around the world and the virtual team quiz.

What are online team building games?

Online team building games are quick energisers and icebreakers that are specifically created to boost morale, employee engagement and the connection together as colleagues. These games can be as simple as getting everyone to tell the group what they did at the weekend or a planned event like the daily kick-off.

How do you make a virtual meeting fun?

A virtual meeting may not sound like the most fun thing you could be doing, but there are so many ways to make it fun. Before you start with the meeting, you want to incorporate some sort of icebreaker, like asking a question that everyone can answer. Usually, you want to ensure these activities are quick and easy – you don’t want them to be stressful or a challenge requiring skills. Also, make sure you cater for your group size, e.g. if you're in big groups, find an icebreaker that can be broken down so everyone can participate.

How do you build team morale remotely?

It can be hard to build your team whilst working remotely, but the most effective way to build team morale is by doing games and activities together. And there are so many great ones at the top of this page that would be perfect for building team morale remotely.

How do you engage a virtual team?

If you want to engage a virtual team you want to take the same approach as you would when you are in the office. But of course, instead of being face to face, they will be online. So, ask people questions, have phone calls with different employees, and add online team games to your week. Another great idea is having half an hour out of the working week where you have a Zoom call, and the one rule is to talk about anything but work! This will help build relationships and friendships between everyone. Which ultimately results in a more engaged team remotely.

How do you bond with a remote team?

You want to make sure your remote team works together as much as possible. The best way to do this is to ensure that work projects and deadlines must be completed by working together. Then, you will find your remote workers going out of their way to talk to one another more, leading to remote team bonding.

How do you make a team call fun?

One of the best ways to make a team call fun would be by adding an experience like the virtual escape rooms. This way, everyone is split up, and you will have the chance to converse with a smaller number of people. It also allows people to talk to those they may not have spoken to before. This lifts the spirits of everyone on the team call and makes the whole experience a lot more fun.

How do you make virtual meetings fun?

To make your virtual meetings beneficial to everyone, you will want to ensure they are fun! And there are some different ways you can do this. The first is by adding some quick icebreakers at the beginning of the meeting. You could do anything from a game of guessing the work stat or ask each member of the meeting some quick-fire questions. Another great way to make virtual meetings fun is by adding a virtual activity at the start of the session. If you are looking for plans for the end of the year, why not incorporate some virtual work Christmas party ideas to treat your staff too?

What is the purpose of a virtual team?

The purpose of a virtual team is to work together to complete goals, tasks, and projects in a virtual setting instead of in person in the office.

What is a virtual activity?

A virtual activity is an activity that you can do online, usually involving a remote team! Most of the time, a virtual activity will benefit your workforce in some way, whether that be boosting team morale or improving how everyone works together. Usually, virtual activities are a popular way to treat your office and give them something rewarding and beneficial to get involved in.

How do you create a team remotely?

A remote team needs to work together and benefit the business. A good way to create a team remotely would be through virtual activities and games like the ones listed at the top of the page. Getting everyone working together in these virtual experiences allows them to build meaningful relationships they will use in their daily work lives.


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Reviews for Virtual & Remote

Rating 5.0
Jayne Laird
3rd November 2023
We had a great time, thanks. Rebecca was excellent and everyone found the format really enjoyable. It was a great way to bring our remote and office-based staff together.
Rating 5.0
Alison Davies
1st August 2023
It was hosted really well – and the whole process was very intuitive, though you’ve got to be quick to cover all the information! It was great fun, and a lovely team building event.
Rating 5.0
Jo Lowry
20th July 2023
Just wanted to say a massive thank you for our event yesterday - it was so much fun. Everyone really enjoyed themselves. And an extra big thank you to our host for making it such fun, and to the technical support to make sure it ran as smoothly as it did.
Rating 5.0
Paul Ryan
27th June 2023
The students loved it. It was not just great fun but an excellent icebreaker in a short period of time. Plus the clues etc, were terrific.
Rating 5.0
Kat Kowalska
6th June 2023
It was great fun! Unfortunately no pictures taken, we were too busy solving the maths tasks :D Thank you again for the organisation and very quick communication. We might get back to you in the future for more fun!
Rating 5.0
Lynne Reeves
31st May 2023
Thanks so much - our event today was a great success!! I will definitely come knocking on your door for our next event.
Rating 5.0
Mohamed Kenawy
22nd December 2022
The event was great fun, appreciated by the entire team.
Rating 5.0
Vladimir Pugachev
14th December 2022
The event fully met expectations. Facilitator was fabulous! We all enjoyed it! Thanks a lot for organisation.
Rating 5.0
Tracy T
13th May 2022
Just what we needed as a team of remote workers. Thanks to the team for sorting this at such short notice :)
Rating 5.0
Marta Beleckyte
5th November 2021
I am just writing to thank your team on behalf of Queen Mary Law Society for our event that took place on Friday. It was a big success, Vitor was great and we received good feedback from the attendees.
It was a pleasure working with you.