Virtual Christmas Scavenger Hunt

Virtual Scavenger Hunt Festive Edition
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt Festive Edition
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt Festive Edition Activity
  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt Festive Edition Event

Activity Details

  • 3 Christmas-themed rounds
  • Photo & video challenges
  • Quick fire trivia fun
  • Guided by a remote host

Christmas Virtual Scavenger Hunt For Remote Workers

Get festive with your colleagues and challenge yourselves with a virtual Christmas Party scavenger hunt experience! Using a unique game app on your phone or tablet, the event will kick off with a short briefing from your remote host who’ll run through all the details of the game before splitting the room up into smaller groups of around 3-4 people. From there, each group will split off into their breakout rooms for the first round for a quick icebreaker.

In round 2, everyone will be brought back together to complete eight interactive photo & video challenges in a bid to win as many points as possible

For the third round, each group will split back off into their breakout rooms for a quick-fire round, giving the low scorers a chance to climb back up the leaderboard before the activity finishes!

The remote host will bring everyone back for a fun wrap up showing the best photo's and videos the event.

What’s Included

  • Virtual Christmas scavenger hunt for remote workers
  • Your remote host will introduce the game
  • You’ll be split into teams of 3-4 people
  • Round 1 - Teams will first be given an icebreaker prompt and moved into breakout rooms.
  • Round 2 – All players will be recalled to the main room to complete 8 merry photo and video challenges
  • Round 3 – Quick fire trivia back in your breakout rooms
  • Once completed the merry remote host will bring you back together for a fun-packed wrap up
  • The remote host will ensure high energy by commentating, playing music and showing best photos and videos
  • You’ll need access to a laptop with video conferencing software such as Zoom. A smart device with our app. Lastly, a stable internet connection.
  • Add on - Custom Branding - Create a more personalized experience by adding your company's brand colours and logo

How the Festive Virtual Scavenger Hunt works?

Teams will be informed by one of our merry online hosts before breaking off into smaller groups (and breakout rooms) to ensure maximum engagement. Our expert hosts will be available throughout the game to assist teams, promote communication and deliver a fun virtual wrap-up at the end of the activity.


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