Funny Stag Do Ideas

The Stag Do is a time-honoured tradition, celebrated by lads up and down the country. If you're looking for some funny Stag Do ideas, then look no further – After all, your mate's last night of freedom should be one to remember!

Funny stag do activities help to create a memorable weekend away because they can help break the ice and help everyone relax and have fun. They can also provide a bonding experience for the group, as they laugh and joke together throughout the night. Additionally, the groom-to-be will likely appreciate the opportunity to let loose and have a good time with his closest friends before his wedding day. Just make sure to keep things light and fun, and avoid any activities that could be dangerous or offensive!

Our Favourite Funny Stag Do Activities

Take a look at some of the funniest stag do activities that would be perfect for you and the lads to arrange for the last weekend of freedom!

Funny Stag Do Ideas - Stag Challenges

Funny Stag Challenges

Looking for a unique and hilarious way to spice up the celebrations on the last night of freedom? Then incorporating some funny stag do challenges into your big night out definitely won’t go amiss! After all, the stag do is meant to be about having a fun and memorable time… and trust us, these stag dares will definitely make it a night to remember!

Here are some light-hearted prank ideas that you and the lads can do on a stag do:

1. Fake tattoos: Get fake tattoos of the groom's face or name and wear them in public.

2. Fake arrest: Hire an actor to stage a fake arrest of the groom-to-be in a public place.

3. Swap clothes: Switch the groom's clothes with a ridiculous outfit, such as a bright pink tutu or a superhero costume.

4. Embarrassing photos: Make a fake photo album with embarrassing photos of the groom, such as baby pictures or awkward teenage photos.

5. Stag kidnapping: Organize a staged kidnapping of the groom, with his friends taking him to a mystery location for a surprise activity.

💡Remember to keep the pranks light-hearted and in good faith. Therefore, you should aim to avoid anything that could be dangerous, offensive, or embarrassing beyond what the groom-to-be is comfortable with!

Funny Stag Do Ideas - Stag Do Games

Funny Stag Do Games

A sure-fire way to get everyone into the party spirit is by playing some side-splitting stag do games on the big weekend of celebrations! Whether you play them during pre-drinks at your hotel or apartment or actually on the night out itself, we have tonnes of hilarious and unique stag games for you and the lads to take a look at and play on the last night of freedom.

Here are some games that lads can play on a stag do:

1. Beer Pong: A classic drinking game where players try to throw ping pong balls into cups of beer on a table. The losing team has to drink the remaining cups.

2. Pub Golf: A pub crawl game where each pub visited is a hole, and players have to drink a designated drink in a set number of sips, strokes or gulps, depending on the par of the "hole".

3. Human Knot: A team-building game where players stand in a circle, reach out and grab a random person's hand with each hand, and try to untangle themselves without letting go.

4. Cards Against Humanity: A hilarious and sometimes inappropriate card game where players take turns picking a prompt card and others submit their funniest, most outrageous response card.

5. Never Have I Ever: A drinking game where players take turns making a statement starting with "Never have I ever...". Whatever the statement may be, those who have experienced or done what is mentioned have to take a sip of their drink.

Other Funny Things to do on a Stag Do

Without a doubt, there is an almost endless amount of funny things that you and the lads can get up to on the big stag weekend to make it a celebration to remember!

If you already have some very specific ideas in mind, then be sure to discuss them with the rest of the lads in the group to make sure that you can successfully pull it off!

Not only does it bring everyone else in on the joke, but a prank that's well-coordinated between all of you will be guaranteed to bring you some side-splitting results!

Another great idea to think about when it comes to stag do pranks is bringing along a disposable camera with you on the night.

In the age of the smartphone and social media, some stags might not be overly comfortable with the idea of a picture of them wearing a dress being plastered all over their Facebook profile for family members and colleagues to see!

But with a disposable camera, you can still capture those hilarious moments for the stag to keep hold of many years after the event.

Funny Stag Do Ideas - Drinking Games

Stag Do Pranks

Arguably, there is nothing funnier than catching the stag out with a hilarious prank on his last night of freedom!

Whether it’s handcuffing him to the bar at random times during the evening or dashing a few drops of extra hot sauce in his pint, these stag do pranks will be sure to make it a memorable occasion that none of the lads will forget any time soon... trust us!

Funny Stag Do Ideas - Fancy Dress

Stag Do Fancy Dress

Bring about plenty of laughs and tonnes of banter with some side-splitting stag do fancy dress costumes!

With an almost endless amount of options out there to choose from, you can either go as a matching group or each pick something completely different - Whichever you end up choosing, this idea is bound to make it an evening to remember.

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