Christmas Party Team Building Activities

Christmas Party Team Building Activities

Smartphone Christmas Treasure Hunt

Smartphone Christmas Treasure Hunt

  • Pub quiz & bar crawl in one
  • Self-run, so start anytime
  • Great value, app technology
  • Perfect for Christmas parties
Christmas Wreath Making

Christmas Wreath Making

  • Festive wreath workshop
  • Design and customise
  • Festive materials
  • Lovely craft experts
Pub Olympics

Pub Olympics

  • Indoor pub style games
  • Air hockey, casino, darts
  • Everyone involved
  • Dry hire or event managed
Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

  • Fully organised pub quiz hunt
  • Self run – start any time
  • Test general pub knowledge
  • Hilarious team challenges
Retro Showdown

Retro Showdown

  • Variety of retro gameshows
  • TV classics from the 80s & 90s
  • Bulleye, Catchphase
  • Million Dollar Drop finale
Mobile Cocktail Making

Mobile Cocktail Making

  • Learn to mix & shake cocktails
  • Professional bartenders
  • Drinks, glassware, ice, etc.
  • Run in offices, hotels, venues
Christmas Cracker Making

Christmas Cracker Making

  • Christmas with a bang!
  • Handmade from scratch
  • Festive haberdashery
  • Lovely craft experts


  • Escape the cube
  • Series of challenges
  • Game show host
  • Prize for the winners
Cocktail Making

Cocktail Making

  • Mix and shake cocktails
  • City centre venues
  • Learn the tips, tricks and techniques
  • Great for groups


  • Expert chef
  • Variety of bakes
  • Learn the basics
  • No experience needed
Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction

  • Encourages team cooperation
  • Design & build simple tasks
  • Link chain sections together
  • Produces a domino reaction
Festive Ceramic Painting

Festive Ceramic Painting

  • Festive ceramic shapes
  • Rainbow of paint colours
  • All materials included
  • Bubbly craft experts
Chocolate Making

Chocolate Making

  • Artisan chocolate
  • Melt, dip and decorate
  • Milk, white and dark chocolate
  • Take your treats home
The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt

  • The best of the best
  • Exciting trivia & quizzes
  • Huge variety of challenges
  • GPS smartphone app
Challenge 100

Challenge 100

  • Compete in many challenges
  • Mental agility, common sense
  • Scavenger hunt tasks
  • Racing against the clock
Outdoor Escape Rooms

Outdoor Escape Rooms

  • Outdoor escape rooms
  • Improves problem solving
  • Interactive fun host
  • Tasks, clues, Immersive challenges
Smartphone Urban Treasure Hunt

Smartphone Urban Treasure Hunt

  • Explore your location
  • Self-run, start anytime
  • Great value, app technology
  • Team challenges & puzzles
Charity Bike Build

Charity Bike Build

  • Teamwork for a cause
  • Rebuild your bike
  • Learn repair skills
  • Create bike signage
GPS: Spy School

GPS: Spy School

  • Spy themed challenges
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest technology
  • GPS and image recognition
Master of the Tasks

Master of the Tasks

  • Tv show challenges
  • Hilarious game material
  • Tasks per group
  • Prize for the winners
Everest Challenge

Everest Challenge

  • On top of the world
  • Challenge simulation
  • 29,000ft high
  • Learn survival skills
Stop The Clocks

Stop The Clocks

  • Race against the clock
  • Multiple skill challenges
  • Lowest time wins
  • Mental & physical tasks
Den of Dragons

Den of Dragons

  • Pitch to dragons
  • Resident host
  • Different idea stages
  • Gain investment
TV Tastic Quiz

TV Tastic Quiz

  • Ultimate quiz event
  • Classics & modern quiz shows
  • Buzzers, interactive rounds
  • Prize for the winner
Perfume Making

Perfume Making

  • Create your own fragrance
  • Professionally run
  • Choose from 21 blends
  • Interactive & educational

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Christmas Party Team Building Activities

Get Festive with these Christmas Party Team Building Ideas!

Planning a Christmas party for your workplace in 2023 can be challenging for businesses, regardless of whether you have a small or large team. But fret not; we've got you covered with innovative Christmas team building events suitable for all group sizes!

From Christmas treasure hunts and wreath making to smartphone pub crawls, our activities promise lots of fun and excitement! After all, festive holiday parties are the perfect way to wrap up a busy year and reward your employees with a unique and memorable celebration!

No matter where you are in the UK, we can host Christmas team building activities in venues or virtually with our inventive virtual Christmas party activities.

So what are you waiting for? Our dedicated corporate event staff are passionate about planning your work's Christmas party activities, so contact us today to discuss your plans and make this year's Christmas party a truly special occasion!

Christmas Parties Brochure 2024
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Our Top 10 Christmas Party Ideas for Team Building

We are experts in ensuring that your company Christmas party is the best it can be! If you're still a bit stuck for ideas and inspiration, have a look at our list of Christmas team building activities below:

1. Smartphone Christmas Treasure Hunt

Our most popular team activity for Christmas parties. Packed with quiz questions, challenges, pub trivia and funny photo opportunities, this Christmas event offers excellent value for money and makes for the perfect addition to any formal party!

2. Mobile Cocktail Making

Celebrate Christmas with a festive cocktail masterclass! Learn three holiday-inspired cocktails from scratch with our expert mixologist as you get hands-on and have a blast behind the bar! All equipment and festive ingredients are also provided, so the only thing that you'll need to do is turn up and have tonnes of fun!

3. Pub Olympics

Extensive collection of indoor fun activities like pool tables, football tables, Wii, Connect Four and table tennis.  This is also a fully managed event, with delightful staff to help out from start to finish.

4. Pub Crawl Challenge

Navigate to different pubs on this Xmas bar crawl using the latest smartphone technology. Complete pub trivia, challenges and quizzes while having a drink or two.

5. Wreath Making Workshop

Make your wintery wreath from scratch with the help of a knowledgeable instructor and plenty of faux flowers and leaves - The perfect festive souvenir to take home with you.

6. Christmas Cracker Making Workshop

Learn how to make a wonderful selection of festive crackers in this creative workshop, led by an expert instructor who will be armed with plenty of tips, tricks and techniques to help you out!

7. Retro Showdown

Celebrate Christmas with a nostalgic throwback to classic 80s & 90s games! Compete for "fun money" in Bullseye, Wheel of Fortune and plenty more to make it to the Million Dollar Drop finale. With medals given out to the winners, this is the perfect activity for those looking for something nostalgic!

8. Challenge 100

Jump into this festive team showdown as you work together in groups to tackle intelligence, skill and agility-base challenges… all whilst competing for as many points as possible!

9. Charity Bike Build

Bond with your colleagues as you learn how to build bikes before donating them to a charity of your company’s choosing! If you’re looking for a CSR-based activity that’s both wholesome and heart-warming, this is an experience that all of your colleagues will love.

10. Chocolate Making

Create personalised chocolate slabs and hand-piped cream truffles in this festive chocolate-making class hosted by a pro chocolatier! Then, once you’re all finished, you will take home your delicious creations in a beautifully packaged bag.

How to Choose the Best Team Building Christmas Party Ideas

Choosing the best Christmas team building activities requires careful consideration to ensure they align with your team's dynamics, interests and goals. Here are some steps to help you select the most suitable team activities for your Christmas party:

1. Understand Your Team's Preferences: Start by understanding the preferences and interests of your team members. Send out a survey or conduct informal discussions to gather input on the types of activities they would enjoy. Consider their diversity and ensure the Christmas party team activities that you arrange can cater to different tastes and abilities.

2. Set Clear Objectives: Determine the objectives you want to achieve through the Christmas party team building activities that you book. Whether improving communication, fostering collaboration, boosting morale or simply having fun, having clear goals in mind will help you determine which exercises can meet your objective/s.

3. Consider Group Size: Keeping the size of your team in mind when choosing activities is fundamental. Some Christmas games and challenges work best with smaller groups, whereas others are more suited towards larger teams.

4. Balance Fun and Learning: Striking a balance between fun and learning is paramount when booking Christmas party activities. While arranging fun and enjoyable activities for your colleagues is essential, incorporating elements involving problem-solving, communication, and teamwork can make your event more impactful without being boring.

5. Incorporate Festive Themes: Embracing the holiday spirit by choosing activities with a Christmas or winter-themed twist is a great idea that will surely bring about lots of enthusiasm amongst your colleagues. It adds a special touch to the event and can be a brilliant way to get everyone excited for the upcoming break.

6. Inclusivity Matters: During the holiday season and Christmas festivities, it is crucial to ensure that the chosen team building activities reflect the spirit of inclusivity and accessibility. Consider your team members' diverse backgrounds and physical abilities when selecting the activities. Opt for Christmas-themed challenges that embrace the joyous season and avoid any activities that might make anyone feel uncomfortable or left out. By fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, your Christmas team building activities can bring everyone together in the spirit of togetherness and celebration.

7. Indoor vs. Outdoor: Consider your Christmas party venue and the time of year when choosing activities. Indoor activities suit colder climates, whereas outdoor challenges work well in milder regions or if your venue provides appropriate spaces.

8. Timing and Duration: Be mindful of the duration and timing of the Xmas activities. Try to avoid scheduling activities that are too lengthy or may exhaust participants, mainly if it's a more extended Christmas party.

9. Mix and Match: Mix the activities to cater to different preferences. Combining competitive games with cooperative challenges and creative endeavours can keep the energy and engagement levels up.

10. Feedback and Adaptation: After the party, seek feedback from your team members to understand what worked well and what could be improved. Use this information to refine future Christmas team building activities.

Following these steps, you can select the best Christmas team-building activities that resonate with your team and create a memorable and rewarding experience for everyone involved.

Christmas Team Event Ideas on a Budget

Christmas Team Event Ideas on a Budget

The holiday season is perfect for celebrating with your team and fostering a sense of togetherness. However, planning a memorable Christmas team event can be challenging, especially if you're on a budget.

This section will explore creative and cost-effective ideas to host a joyful and engaging Christmas celebration that won't strain your finances. From interactive activities to heartwarming traditions, these budget-friendly team event ideas will bring holiday cheer and strengthen team bonds without breaking the bank.

5 Budget-Friendly Christmas Party Ideas

1. DIY Holiday Crafts: Explore the benefits of organising a DIY holiday craft session, where team members can unleash their creativity and make personalised decorations or handmade gifts for a fun office party.

2. Smartphone Christmas Treasure Hunts: Discover the excitement of hosting a smartphone treasure hunt! Filled with Christmas-themed challenges and clues, this interactive experience encourages teamwork and camaraderie - See more »

3. Secret Santa Gift Exchange: Learn how to organise a heartwarming Secret Santa gift exchange with a budget limit, allowing everyone to participate in the spirit of giving.

4. PotLuck Party: Dive into the idea of a potluck-style Christmas party, where team members contribute their favourite dishes to create a delicious and diverse holiday feast.

5. Festive Pub Crawl: Find out how to plan a budget-friendly pub crawl with local venues' holiday specials or create an "office pub crawl" with festive stations for everyone to enjoy. Alternatively, you could try out our smartphone pub trivia crawl!

Virtual Christmas Party Ideas

Virtual Christmas parties have become a popular and creative way to unite team members during the holiday season, especially when in-person gatherings are impossible. Through video conferencing platforms, colleagues can share the festive spirit, showcase their beautifully decorated Christmas trees, and enjoy various activities like virtual escape rooms, murder mysteries and online Christmas carol sing-alongs.

These virtual gatherings offer a fun and interactive experience that fosters team bonding and celebration, even from the comfort of everyone's homes.

Explore Our Virtual Parties

Team Building Games for a Christmas Party

Team Building Games for a Christmas Party

We explore a collection of exciting and interactive Christmas team building games that will bring laughter, cooperation, and a sense of togetherness to your celebrations.

These games, from creative challenges to strategic competitions, are designed to strengthen team bonds and create lasting memories during this joyous time of year.

5 Christmas Party Games

1. Ice-Breaker Christmas Trivia: Kick-start the Christmas party with a festive-themed ice-breaker trivia game. This fun activity encourages team members to share their holiday knowledge, fostering communication and a relaxed atmosphere.

2. Build-A-Snowman Relay: Unleash creativity with a Build-A-Snowman Relay, where teams assemble a snowman using various materials. This hands-on game promotes teamwork, problem-solving, and friendly competition. Add some Christmas songs in the background to make it more festive.

3. Santa's Sack Scavenger Hunt: Embark on an adventurous Christmas scavenger hunt as teams search for hidden items, like candy canes and pieces of wrapping paper in "Santa's Sack." This exciting game encourages collaboration, time management, and quick thinking as teams race against the clock.

4. Gingerbread House Decorating Challenge: Get into the holiday spirit with a Gingerbread House Decorating Challenge. Teams put their artistic skills to the test, designing and decorating gingerbread masterpieces. This creative game emphasises collaboration and attention to detail.

5. Gift Wrap Relay Race: Add a festive twist to a traditional relay race by incorporating gift wrapping! Teams compete to wrap and decorate gifts quickly and beautifully. This game fosters time management, coordination, and a healthy competitive spirit.

Looking for more? Take a look at our List of 50 exciting Christmas Party Game Ideas »

Christmas Party Team Building FAQs

What are Christmas Team Building Activities?

Christmas team building activities are fun and interactive exercises designed to strengthen team bonds and foster camaraderie among colleagues during the holiday season.

When Should You Start to Organise Christmas Team Building Activities?

We recommend organising Christmas team building activities at least 2 to 3 months before the holiday season. Starting early allows for proper planning, venue booking, and coordination of schedules.

What are some fun Christmas Party Team Building Activities for work?

These festive activities are about having fun:  Smartphone Christmas Treasure Hunt, Pub Olympics, Mobile Cocktail MakingRetro Showdown and Challenge 100.

What Christmas party team building events are suitable for large groups?

There are a few, but here are our top picks:

Pub OlympicsRetro ShowdownMobile Cocktail MakingChain Reaction and Charity Bike Build.

What Christmas team events are there for small groups?

These winter-themed activities are ideal for smaller teams: Christmas Cracker MakingSmartphone Pub Treasure Hunt, and Christmas Wreath Making.


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