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Activity Details

  • Winter-themed mystery
  • Interactive crime scene
  • Timed investigation
  • Great for big groups

What is the Virtual Murder on the Slopes?

A fully online investigation into an intense murder that’s occurred atop some icy slopes which you and your group must solve! This timed activity will split your group into smaller investigating squads that have to each go off and search for evidence. Scour the chalet and use the interactive app map to uncover clues and codes while the clock ticks on. Your group must work together as detectives to try and find the culprit of the chilling murder before time runs out and it’s too late!

What’s Included

  • The remote host will set the scene with a tense briefing
  • Inform you of the crime that has taken place
  • A mysterious murder investigation all online begins!
  • Use interactive map of the slopes
  • Scour the chalet for evidence & talk to witnesses
  • Seek out hidden clues & codes throughout
  • Reveal the killer from a line-up of suspects before time runs out
  • Your group will then split into smaller teams of 4-6 people who work together via Zoom
  • Constant interactive challenges as the clock ticks down to solve the mystery
  • Duration is 90 minutes in total. 15 mins for briefing, 60min gameplay, 15mins wrap up session
  • We can accommodate groups up to 250 participants per session
  • FAQ’s are further down the webpage

Watch the Murder on the Slopes Video

What happens during the Virtual Murder on the Slopes activity?

The Murder on the Slopes kicks off with an tense introduction brief from your experienced remote host. They will split your group into separate squads and give you an idea of how the game runs and the premise of the murder. Then, break off into separate video rooms to work in your dedicated group. Sift through evidence, talk to witnesses and collect clues that will help you pick the murderer from a line-up.

The events have been developed using the best remote technology to ensure everything runs smoothly throughout.

Who is the Virtual Murder on the Slopes event for?

Perfect for a virtual Christmas office party!  This fully interactive experience is for any group or business looking for a suspenseful event that everyone can get involved with. Available for participates anywhere in the world, this makes it a truly inclusive activity.

No prior skills are needed, and we can accommodate between 6-250 participants per session!

How does the Murder on the Slopes virtual activity work?

The virtual murder on the slopes is built to be accessible to everyone across the globe, therefore everyone just needs to be online.

The online host starts with a virtual briefing explaining the story and creating the dramatic mood.  You'll then be broke off into smaller teams, who will then be faced with a series of witness cards and details to investigate the crime. From there, each participant will be able to use a simple app on their smartphone device to search for clues, challenges, and evidence by tapping on objects. Search the many different rooms and click on the witness cards to uncover more evidence.

There will also be technical support online if you have any problems during your session.

What do we need to take part in the Virtual Murder on the Slopes?

A stable internet connection, a laptop or desktop computer on which to join the Zoom conference call and either a smartphone or tablet device on which to download the app and join the activity.

We recommend Zoom for the best experience. We can use other platforms like MS Teams but it requires some work from you - read here

The game supports most iOS and Android phones or tablets running:

  • iOS version 11.0 and above
  • Android version 4.4 and above
  • Apps can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play

Is the Virtual Murder on the Slopes suitable for larger groups?

Absolutely! This is one of the most popular events for big groups and is still fully interactive for everyone, no matter your group size. We can run the session for up to 250 participants at a time with record success.

We have done this theme with you before, have you more Murder themes?

Yes, we have more crimes that need to be solved, see all our virtual murder mystery themes here.


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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Mia Sythe
16th September 2021
We solved the crime :)
Well structured event with a brilliant enthusiastic host.
The app worked well, no issues
Rating 5.0
Amelia Charles
5th September 2021
Feedback from the office was excellent. Will be booking another murder mystery for our remote working staff for Christmas.
Thank you for putting this together
Rating 5.0
22nd August 2021
As a business we have completed a few different online events and this has to have been the best so far. It felt like a purpose built activity than just a zoom call with background images. Hats off to Funktion Events for creating this.