Virtual Murder Mystery Team Activity

Virtual Murder Mystery
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Activity Details

  • Problem solving event
  • Remote Cluedo hybrid
  • Interactive map
  • Promotes teamwork

What to Expect from the Virtual Murder Mystery Team Building Event?

The virtual murder mystery team building event will have your teams working together in order to solve the crime before it’s too late. A female lawyer has been murdered at Cadaver manor and your team must split into groups to find the culprit! Your events manager will use a video calling software to give everyone as much information as possible before you start. Then, dive into the clues, read the profiles of suspects and use the interactive map around the mystery manor.

What’s Included

  • Work together to solve a gruelling crime from your remote location
  • 4-6 participants per team
  • Approx. 1-hour
  • Event manager to brief your team digitally & support throughout
  • Find clues using an interactive map
  • Easy to use app
  • You choose start time

How Do These Remote Team Games Run?

At the start of your online team building activity, an event manager will give your team a briefing via a video calling software. Then, you’ll have around an hour to find out who is behind the crime. All the clues and resources are stored on a simple app which everyone can download to their smartphone remotely. You can see more virtual team building activities for other ideas.

What Does the Virtual Murder Mystery Activity Come With?

Your virtual murder mystery is pretty self-run, however, does include an event manager to set the scene before you dig into the evidence. Everyone will be able to download the easy to use app before the event. Plus, anything uploaded to the app can be downloaded by the event organiser for team use after your virtual team games.


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