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Looking for the cheapest stag do locations?

We have put together a list of locations what offer the best value for money and won't break the bank. Have a browse through, but if you want even more expert advice on saving money for your stag do just contact us.

Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Leeds
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Birmingham
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Prague
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Glasgow
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Cardiff
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Sofia
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Bristol
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Sheffield
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Benidorm
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Nottingham
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Krakow
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Newcastle
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Manchester
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Bratislava
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Chester
Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Riga

How to know whether a Stag Do Location is Cheap

When it comes to figuring out whether or not the place you’re looking at can be considered as a cheap stag do location, there are a number of factors that are worth taking into consideration. If you plan on staying over, checking the price of hotels in the area is one of the first places you should start as the price of accommodation is likely to take up a large portion of your budget.

For example, staying at a Novotel in Amsterdam will cost you around £98 per night, compared to the same branded hotel in Prague which would cost you around £69 per night. The next thing to look out for would be the average prices at bars and restaurants, considering that you’ll probably be spending a lot of time eating, drinking and celebrating!

Best Cheap Stag Do Locations in the UK

When it comes to budget stag do locations, the UK has plenty of great places. We've chatted to our event co-ordinators who arrange 1000's of stag do weekends each year and out what we think is the best value locations this year.

1. Leeds

We have some great deals in hotels offering rooms for under £50pp which include breakfast. There are activities ranging between £16-£30pp, so you would be able to get a full stag do weekend for around £120pp.  Now thats a deal!

Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Leeds

Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Manchester

2. Manchester

If you know where to look, you can get a great deal on hotels. We can sort a 1 night stag do package for about £99pp staying close to Deansgate.

3. Newcastle

We can set you up in a hotel across the water in Gateshead for a fraction of the price for staying in the city centre.  Then its only a few quid in a taxi to get to the Bigg Market.

Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Newcastle

Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Aberdeen

4. Aberdeen

Everyone forgets about Aberdeen and goes to Edinburgh.  However we'll be able to sort you a full stag do weekend package for around £120pp. This has to be one of the cheapest locations in Scotland.

5. Bristol

Due to our vast collection of hotels and activities we can get you a full stag weekend package for around £150pp. However if you stay out of the city centre we will be able to get even cheaper.

Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Bristol

Cheap Stag Do Locations - Milton Keynes

6. Milton Keynes

Everything we offer for stag groups in Milton Keynes is good value.  You'll be looking at around £120pp for a full package or if you just want 1 night then the price would be more around £90pp.

7. Birmingham

Loads of hotels helps to bring the price of rooms down, and Birmingham has loads. We can sort you 2 nights staying on the Broad Street (main nightlife street) with a meal and an activity for around £120-£130pp.

Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Birmingham

Cheap Stag Do Locations - Glasgow

8. Glasgow

Just like Aberdeen, this city is sometimes overlooked so a bargain can be found. Our experts will help you pick the best activities to suit your group. Really worth a look.

9. Chester

Its not know for being cheap, as Cheshire is normally seen as expensive and classy.  However our office is based in Chester so we have made many connections to get some amazing deals on hotels and activities.

Cheap Stag Do Locations - Chester

Cheap Stag Do Locations - Glasgow

10. Sheffield

There are some very good value hotels in the city centre that will keep prices down.  Also by having two universities means that you'll be able to get some good food and drink deals.

11. Cardiff

As long as you stay away from the rugby weekends then you can get a good deal.  Its bit more than some of the cities we have highlighted but to be fair its the Welsh Capital.  Stag do packages are around £150pp

Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Cardiff

Cheap Stag Do Locations - Nottingham

12. Nottingham

This use to be very popular with stag groups about 10 years ago. Its not as popular nowaday so deals are to be had. Our event team could get you a package for around £120-150pp

Best Cheap European Stag Do Destinations

There are some locations in Europe that offer brilliant value for money.  However the Euro to Pound rate is not as good as it was once, but we have managed to pool all our experience together to give you a list of the most affordable stag locations across Europe.

1. Bratislava

The charming capital city of Slovakia, Bratislava is excellent value. Despite having the Euro as its currency, prices have remained low here, especially when it comes to the beer!

Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Bratislava

Cheap Stag Do Locations - Krakow

2. Krakow

Poland’s second city, Krakow is famous for its medieval architecture, great nightlife and rock-bottom beer prices. During the day, the city also has some fantastic landmarks to check out like Rynek Główny Square and Wawel Castle that you can view for free.

3. Riga

The prices of activities we offer in Riga are at the lower end of the price range compared to some other locations.  One to take a look at.

Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Riga

Cheap Stag Do Locations - Prague

4. Prague

This city is well know for its low cost nightlife, with most beers only setting you back a quid or two! Our experts could get you a stag package with 2 nights accommodation for around £150pp

5. Benidorm

A long-time favourite for British holidaymakers, Benidorm is a fantastic low-cost location that is perfect for a stag do. Known for its stunning beaches, great weather and lively late-night bars, the price of food and drink here aren’t likely to make a dent in your bank account

Cheap Stag Do Destinations - Benidorm

Cheap Stag Do Locations - Sofia

6. Sofia

There are a lot of landmarks like the St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and the National Palace of Culture that you view for free.  Accommodation is reasonably priced.

Ways to Save Money when Travelling Abroad for your Stag Do

Aside from all the cheap European stag do destinations to take a look at, there are a few other ways you can save a money when travelling abroad on a stag do:

Hotel + Flights Packages - Instead of booking separately and spending more money, try to look for deals that combine both flights and hotels

Cheap Drinks Deals - Search tripadvisor for the best places to eat and drink and look for early bird offers, happy hours etc

Free Landmarks & Attractions - European cities are packed full of unique and world-renowned landmarks, many of which you can visit for no cost whatsoever

Further ways to Save Money

No matter if you choose to host your cheap stag do in the UK or abroad, there’s plenty of different ways you can stay on budget and save a few pennies:

Pre-Drinks at your Hotel or Accommodation - Grab some of your favourite beer or spirits from a local supermarket and have a house party-style pre-drinks at the place you’re staying instead of hitting the local bars & pubs.

Stag Do Games - Stag do bingo and Pubgolf are just a few great examples of some stag do games you can play whilst sat in a pub having a few drinks.

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