Sofia Stag Do

Sofia Stag Do

Ak47 and Shotgun Shooting

  • AK-47 Shooting
  • One to tell the kids
  • 70 bullets each
  • Military training

Sexy Wake Up Call

  • Morning glory!
  • Surprise the stag
  • Sexy hot stripper
  • Comes to your accom­moda­tion

Steak & Strip

  • Pork steak, beer & girls
  • Start the night right
  • Striptease
  • The lads will love it

Stag Arrest

  • Stag arrest prank
  • Fake police officer
  • Great banter!
  • Add to a bar crawl

Nightclub Entry with Table & Drinks

  • Reserved table
  • Spirits & mixers included
  • Popular clubs
  • Makes for a top night

Bar Crawl with 10 Beers

  • Fully guided bar crawl
  • Massive stag night
  • Includes 10 beers
  • English speaking guide

Bar Crawl

  • Fully guided pub crawl
  • Tour a variety of pubs
  • Round of beers
  • English speaking guide

Strip Club Entry

  • It’s the law!
  • Hot sexy strippers
  • Tried & tested clubs
  • A must for stag groups

Bar Crawl with 5 Beers

  • Fully guided bar crawl
  • Visit many bars
  • Includes 5 beers
  • English speaking guide

Top Night Out

  • Guided bar crawl
  • Visit a lap club
  • Nightclub Entry
  • English speaking guide

Shoot 'Em Up Firearms

  • 4 different weapons
  • Glock, H&K, Shotgun
  • 21 bullets each
  • Great value

Nightclub Entry

  • Popular club in Sofia
  • Party into the night
  • Entry for the group
  • Late drinking

Escape Rooms

  • Interactive escape rooms
  • Challenges, puzzles, clues
  • Different room types
  • 60mins to escape!


  • Lock & load!
  • Latest guns & 100 balls
  • Attack, shoot & defend
  • Private return transfers

Shoot 5 Guns

  • 5 firearms
  • Glock, H&K, Zig-Sauer
  • 30 bullets each
  • Awesome event

Party Bus

  • Party around Sofia
  • DJ onboard
  • Comfy seating, lights, music
  • 2 beers each

Indoor Go Karting

  • Fast racing fun
  • Indoor kart track
  • All equipment included
  • Long racing track

Steak Dinner

  • City centre restaurant
  • Pork steak & chips
  • 2 beers each
  • Perfect stomach liner!

Sports Bar Dinner

  • Central sports bar
  • 2 course meal
  • 2 beers each
  • Relaxed and chilled


  • Beautiful European stripper
  • Hot striptease show
  • Accom­moda­tion or venue
  • Great add on to a meal

Traditional Bulgarian Dinner

  • While in Bulgaria
  • Try new flavours
  • 2-course Bulgarian meal
  • 2 Beers each

Extreme Firearms Shooting

  • 5 different weapons
  • Magnum, Glock
  • 50 bullets each
  • Only in Bulgaria

Wine Tasting

  • Variety of wines
  • Includes some tapas
  • Central venue
  • Upgrade options

Outdoor Airsoft

  • Pure adrenaline rush
  • Test your aim
  • Unlimited ammo
  • One hour duration

Party Bus with Stripper

  • Party around Sofia
  • DJ onboard
  • Comfy seating, lights, music
  • Sexy Stripper Show

Travel Abroad With Funktion

  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7

Bungee Jumping

  • Jump from heights
  • Freefall to the ground
  • Safety instructor
  • Private transfers

One Way Airport Transfers

  • Easy & stress free
  • To or from airport
  • Cheap & reliable
  • Stag do essential

Return Airport Transfers

  • Hassle free service
  • Arrival and departure
  • Cheap and reliable
  • Classic stag addition

Limo Airport Transfer

  • Travel like a VIP
  • Private limousine
  • One way journey
  • Airport & hotel

Party Bus Airport Transfer

  • Epic party bus
  • One way journey
  • Beers & waitress
  • DJ on board

Why is a Sofia Stag Do a Great Choice?

In the heart of Bulgaria, a stag do in Sofia can offer your groom to be a fast-paced and action-packed stag weekend. The capital is full of shooting activities, sexy ideas and surprisingly great nightlife. Sofia is one of Europe’s oldest cities yet still offers a bustling and vibrant nightlife jam packed with some of the hottest bars and clubs in Bulgaria! Along with the price of beer being just under £1! Sofia is the perfect abroad destination for an alternative stag night out or full weekend with reliable accom­­moda­­tion. If you’re going for the long-run, build your own stag party package and get the most out of the Bulgarian capital!

Why is a Sofia Stag Do a Great Choice?

Sofia is one of the most up and coming stag weekend destinations for the young, the old and the adventurous. You have to experience this city to believe it due to its variety of basement clubs, stadium venues and vibrant bars. This city is oozing with history and you’ll see this as soon as you’re there! Not only this but eating and drinking is wallet friendly so anyone can eat and drink till they’re hearts are content and only pay a fraction of the price!

And since it’s the capital of Bulgaria you can expect this compact city to be full of amazing nightlife, incredible activities and world class memories you won’t get anywhere else. Sophia has an impressive population of almost 1.5 million people so it’s safe to say you won’t be far away from a local to enjoy a beer with.

This affordable up and coming city is a must for all the lads who want a simple budget friendly stag weekend with a twist. The twist being how amazing this city is considering the price! Sofia is a short trip away from the ski resort, adventure hiking trails and the natural parks to feast your eyes on whilst here. And for the evening well, Sofia boasts about hosting some of the world’s biggest acts so be sure to keep an eye out for who’s playing when you venture out.

  • Country: Bulgaria
  • Language: Bulgarian
  • Currency: Bulgarian LEV
  • Cost of a pint: 2.50 лв
  • Airport: Sofia Airport
  • Flight duration: 4 hours

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Sofia

1. Stag Arrest

Play the best prank of your stag while in Sofia! A fake police officer will be sure to give your groom to be a fright before treating him to a sexy strip tease.

2. Nightclub Entry with Table & Drinks

A must-have for a stag weekend, grant all the guys entry into a top Sofia nightclub with a reserved area and bottle of spirits waiting inside.

3. Bar Crawl with 10 Beers

Don’t miss out on the best nightlife in Sofia! Let an English-speaking guide take you to top bars and pubs around the city with 10 beers per person included.

4. Extreme Firearms Shooting

Spark some adrenaline into the stag weekend abroad with a shooting experience at a safe shooting range. Includes a variety of powerful guns to try.

5. Top Night Out

The ultimate stag night, this guided bar crawl includes your own guide for 3 hours, plus a round of drinks and lap dancing club entry.

6. Shoot 'Em Up Firearms

How good is your aim? Get onto the shooting range and try your hand with an array of powerful weapons including a Glock and Shotgun.

7. Party Bus

All abroad the party bus, a fully kitted out vehicle that includes speakers on board and a cash bar to get the party started.

8. Escape Rooms

See if you and the guys can put your heads together to escape. Crack codes and find clues to beat the timer and escape before you’re trapped forever!

9. Sexy Wake Up Call

Make sure the groom to be has a stag weekend to remember and give him a striptease surprise when he wakes up in the hotel!

10. Ak47 and Shotgun Shooting

The perfect adrenaline-pumping daytime activity, your group will get their hands on two powerful weapons in a safe and secure shooting range in Germany.

Places to Eat in Sofia

Places to Eat in Sofia

Bulgarian food is rich in flavours, variation and colour, the cuisine is strongly influenced by the middle east but has adapted its own charisma, perfect for your stag party in Sofia. If you are after trying some of Sofia’s specialities we would recommend their inter­nati­onally renowned salad that’s called shopska salata. But of course there are plenty of amazing restaurants all around the city where you can find pretty much every different type of cuisine!

First up for something relatively priced with amazing pizzas try out Mr. Pizza. A restaurant that can provide you with a variety of different pizzas, even a chocolate one you could have for dessert. If you want to enjoy a simple meal in a great venue, then Mr. Pizza is a great experience for you. Another completely unique experience is at Talents Restaurant. A student restaurant that is part of the HRC Culinary Academy. Here you can enjoy a fine dining experience that is ran by young, motivated inter­national chefs!

Although you are in Sofia, there is always time for some Italian dishes right? When it comes to restaurants in Sofia we are all about the dining experience. And with the Spaghetti Kitchen you will be able to enjoy your delicious Italian dishes whilst watching the chefs in the kitchen make and prepare all the food. And sometimes all you want is a good burger, try out Skaptoburger. A hamburger restaurant that has some unbeatable burgers as well as different monthly specials throughout the year.


Guide to Sofia Nightlife for Stag Weekends

No stag weekend in Sofia is complete without a trip to a club and the evening is when this city comes alive, it is amazing. An atmosphere of freedom and fun pervades the night with the multitude of bars, clubs and restaurant through the city. Sofia is known as one of the top stag destinations due to its stylish nightlife and cheap booze.

Pubs in Sofia

Sometimes a good pub is a great way to start the evening right? Or perhaps you want a drink in the day in between your stag do activities, luckily there are a variety of great pubs dotted all around Sofia. For a classic Irish pub try out McCarthys Irish Pub, a lively venue that has a great atmosphere and selection or drinks. Or if you are after a pub where you can enjoy some food and great drinks try out the Warsteiner Pub. What better way to start the evening than lining your stomachs with some food?

There are a variety of great Irish pubs around Sofia, another two popular ones are J.J Murphy’s and Irish Harp. They are all in close proximity to each other too which makes for a great pub crawl! Pub Dondukov is another right in the centre. This microbrewery has a huge variety of amazing beers with plenty of seating which makes it perfect for a stag do.

Bars in Sofia

The bars in Sofia are dotted all around the city, most of them sit right in the city centre. But even if you wander outside of the city centre you will find one or two hidden gems. Our two favourite bars just out of the centre are KANAAL and FlipFlop. KANAAL is a craft beer bar that has an incredible variety of amazing beers. No matter what kind of beer you are after we’re sure you’ll find something here. Just down from KANAAL is FlipFlop, from the outside you would probably question exactly what type of bar it is. But once you head inside you won’t find an atmosphere quite like the one here.

Try something new with the 5L Speakeasy Bar. Some say it’s one of the best bars in Sofia! Inside you will find a huge variety of amazing cocktails and other drinks along with outdoor seating. Experience some live music in the heart of Sofia with Club Maze. This live music bar has various events throughout the week along with amazing drinks.


During a stag night out, a trip to a nightclub is a no brainer. And there are some amazing clubs in Sofia that are worthwhile trying out. One of the highest rated clubs in Sofia is Yalta, a place where you can enjoy electronic music and a good atmosphere all night long. Another great club in Sofia is :PM Club. Inside you will find an amazing vibe, great drinks and even better music. What better way to celebrate the soon to be weds final night of freedom than here?

For your R&B and chart music try out Carrusel, a nightclub that has great drinks, music and an ambiance that is unbeatable. If you are looking for a place to end the night, then this could be the nightclub for you!

What Are All the Reasons to Visit Sofia?

What Are All the Reasons to Visit Sofia?

The Price

Sofia is an extremely affordable destination to head to no matter what the celebration. And that is exactly what you want when it comes to making the most of your stag do.

The History

There is so much history behind Sofia, if you have some down time in the city make sure you try and uncover all the impressive layers.

Vitosha Mountain

Sofia is one of the only capitals that are extremely close to a mountain. Just a 30-minute drive and you will find yourself at Vitosha Mountain.

Green Areas

Throughout Sofia’s city centre you will find an abundance of amazing green areas that will be perfect for sitting and relaxing.

Amazing Activities

No matter what you plan on doing during your stag weekend there are plenty of amazing activities for you all to enjoy.

Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Stag Do in Sofia?

Tricks for Getting the Most Out of Your Stag Do in Sofia?

In between all of your amazing stag do activities you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your stag do in Sofia. There are a number of different things that you can do throughout your time in Sofia. Soak in some history and religion with the Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, an impressive archi­tec­tural building right in the centre of the city. Or head to the National Historical Museum. A place where you can learn a variety on a variety of things.

And if you have a sunny afternoon or few hours free and want to relax before heading off for your next activity why not explore one of the many green areas that are available in the city centre. Some of our favourites are Borisova gradina and South Park.

How to Get Around Sofia?

How to Get Around Sofia?

You can get around the centre of Sofia by foot but if you are wanting to save your energy then you are lucky as Sofia has a great public transport system that is based on trams, buses, trolleybuses and an underground metro. This way of getting around the city is extremely cheap and runs from 5.30am all the way up to 11pm.

There are also plenty of taxis around Sofia all yellow with a taxi sign on the roof. A tip for getting a taxi, the older the taxi looks the more expensive your fare will be. So make sure you keep an eye out for the newer looking taxis.

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