Stag Do Videos

Here at Funktion, we reckon the only way you can really see what a stag do experience is like is through a few videos of the event, and that’s exactly what this page is for!

Have a browse of some of our top stag do activities and see which is the best fit for your groom to be.

VIP My Events Area

To streamline the planning process for you, our VIP my events area has everything you need to keep tabs on the lads. With a massive countdown to the big weekend, messaging services, a place for your group to pay and even a function for you to send group emais from - you don't really need to do anything!

Track everything from the date of your event to venue details and your itinerary 24 hours a day through this little gem.

Bubble Football

Throw the lads into something new and hilarious and enjoy a bubble football stag do! This energetic little experience is perfect if you want to inject some laughs and friendly competition into the weekend, plus it’s bound to take the groom to be by surprise.

For an hour or so, you and the guys will be encased in huge, inflatable balls (kind of like giant hamsters?) as you bounce around the pitch trying your best to stay on two feet.

You’ll play a bunch of funny games, have a barrel of laughs and one of the teams will be crowned the winners at the end. If that doesn’t sound like exactly what you need for a memorable stag party, we don’t know what does.


A classic when it comes to the stag weekend, you can’t really go wrong with a paintballing stag do experience for a bit of white knuckle adrenaline.

You’ve probably been victim to a few painful paintballs one time or another, but if you want to sacrifice your mate to some high energy fun before he gets hitched there’s no better way to do so than pain­tballing.

To help you prepare for what’s in store, have a quick glance at our paintballing activity video, and maybe even show it to your groom to be so he’s knows what’s coming for him on the stag weekend!

Battle Zone Archery

Test aim while shooting your mates in the energetic and unique archery battle zone tag stag do. This experience is new to the stag party market, and definitely taking you guys by storm!

What could be better than diving into a competitive activity with the guys, and trying your best to dodge, duck, dive, shoot and basically win all the rounds of this archery with a twist.

Whether you’re known for being a sharp shooter or you can just about hit a target with A LOT of concen­tra­tion, we’re sure you’ll enjoy this light-hearted experience. But don’t just take our word for it, check out the video and see for yourselves…

The Stag Challenge

If you’re struggling to choose just one energetic option for the stag weekend, we’ve got you covered with our unique The Stag Challenge megamix.­Within the bundle, we offer 7 of our most adrenaline pumping and popular stag party experiences, and all you need to do is pick your top two favourites and fit them into the stag do agenda.

From bubble football to dodgeball, from footgolf to an old school sports day, build your day however you please and get ready for an adrenaline pumping afternoon for you and the guys.


A classic game that we probably don’t need to explain to you fella, a dodgeball stag do is a great way to break the ice for a stag weekend and add something a bit energetic into the mix. You know the rules, you know the game, so all you need to worry about is being the best dodger of the bunch and claiming the victory with your team.

Obviously we’ll chuck in the events co-ordinator, the pitch hire and all the equipment you need, simply turn up raring to get a little competitive with the lads. If you want to have a quick look at what our dodgeball entails, go over to the video for a gander.