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Valid until 30/04/2024
Rating 5.0 of 5

Activity Details

  • Play various games
  • inflatable bubble balls
  • Pitch & Event co-ordinator
  • Fully organised

What to Expect on a Bubble Football Stag Do?

Look forward to a twist on the classic game of 5 a side featuring hilarious inflatable bubble suits and footy inspired mini games. This hilarious experience will put even the best footballers to the test in a fully co-ordinated game. On arrival, hop inside these huge zorb bubbles, strap in and get ready to bounce and roll.

You and the guys will have to try and score goals without falling all over the pitch. Once you’re down, it’s likely you’ll be laughing so much you can’t get back up again. The event includes all the inflatable bubble suits for the zorb football, plus a referee and the pitch hire.

What’s Included

  • Get your kit on, its game time!
  • Crazy carnage football
  • 10 Inflatable bubble suits, 5 vs 5 rotating
  • 1 hour of bashing & crashing
  • Play a variety of mini-games, like Bubble Sumo, Bulldog and Last Man Standing
  • 10-19 players play for an hour
  • 20-24 players get to play for an hour and a half
  • Pitch hire included

Bubble Football Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bubble Football?

Bubble football takes the classic game of 5 a side and applies a strange and hilarious concept! Before you get on the pitch to show off your skills, slip your arms through the bubble football straps and make sure you’re firmly in the zorb suits. The session is an hour because bouncing, bumping and crashing around in these suits gets very tiring – trust us. In our bubble football, you’ll play various different mini games as well as the football so you can learn how to properly handle the big bouncy suits.

How Popular is Bubble Football?

Unsurprisingly, bubble football has become one of the most popular party activities across the UK. The event is available in all the best stag do destinations in the UK so you can try this ridiculous experience anywhere you’re celebrating. It’s especially popular with footy fans, as the rules are the same except the giant orb football suits. Whether you’ve tried it before or you’ve never even heard of bubble football, it’s a laugh for everyone involved. Even Lionel Messi tried Bubble Football, along with Suárez and Piqué for a bit of light-hearted competition!

Is There Zorb Football Near Me?

We can offer the bubble football experience all over the UK and Europe and it’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor venues. Usually we aim to source either a sports hall or 3G pitch for all our zorb football parties, with over 2,000 pitches in the UK. More often than not these venues will be in or close to the city centre you choose with changing and bar facilities.

What Do You Wear to Bubble Football?

If you have a football kit, that’s the best thing to wear to a bubble football event! If not, sportswear, shorts and comfortable trainers will be the most enjoyable to take part in. Of course, if you’re booking the orb football in the winter make sure you wrap up because some of our venues will be outdoor pitches. No football boots are allowed as well as any unsafe footwear – so think smart lads.

Is Zorb Football Dangerous?

Our team do everything they can to ensure your safety before the day and during your experience. Just like any sports, any physical activities we offer can’t be 100% safe and the way you act is at your discretion. The bubble suits contain adjustable straps for your body so you’re secure inside and they’re constantly checked for any wear and tear.

What Equipment is Included in the Bubble Soccer?

All the necessary equipment is provided for your event, including the standard 10 bubble suits which come on the day. Even if your group size is over 10, we’ll rotate the suits so everyone can join in the action. Your game referee will also come with the bubble balls, coloured bibs, footballs and cones for a multitude of games.

How Long Are the Zorb Football Sessions?

On average the bubble football experiences lasts around one hour. Some groups might think this is short, however trust us – this activity is tiring! You’ll likely spend 5-10-minute intervals inside the bubbles before catching your breath for the next game. An hour gives everyone enough time to learn how to control the zorb suits and have fun.

What Times Are the Bubble Football Events Available?

We can run zorb football all year round with weather permitting. Throughout the day, there are multiple sessions running from 10am-5pm that you can choose from. This makes the 1-hour bubble football easy to slide into your weekend plans. Other times are available on request, just let us know.


Write a review

    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
George White
17th February 2023
We had a great weekend and can't thank you and the team enough for all your help.
Rating 5.0
5th February 2023
Was really well organised and even gave us a bit of extra time on another pitch when we were all finished up doing bubble football, the host was very friendly and overall a really good experience!
Rating 5.0
George Sutton
26th November 2022
Was really good thanks
Rating 5.0
Brendan McKenna
17th August 2022
Initially I was a little sceptical as the location of the leisure centre was a bit out of town and when we arrived the building was a bit 'retro'. Boy was I in for a pleasant surprise.

The bubble football organisers were there, they had everything set up and Spencer was great. The lads loved it, the weather was great and the view was solid as well. Spencer clearly enjoyed his gig, seemed like a genuinely good lad and took some great pics for us.

We played a bunch of games after the main match.... including our first introduction to 'red a**e' ... enough said.
Rating 5.0
Elliot Chadwick
2nd June 2022
Had a great time, thanks!
Rating 5.0
James Tomlin
6th May 2022
Thanks for the weekend. All went smoothly and everyone had a great time
Rating 5.0
Fraser McKinlay
2nd April 2022
We all had a great time at the event. It was well organised and a great laugh
Rating 5.0
Tom D
3rd October 2018
Exactly what I expected, thank you
Rating 5.0
28th August 2018
Everything ran well, cheers for sorting
Rating 5.0
2nd August 2018
Venue was suitable, staff were good. Event seemed well structured and tried and tested. The customer service from Funktion prior to the event was also good

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Stag Do Weekend Packages

Zorb Football Stag Weekend

Zorb Football Stag Weekend

A challenging & fun 2 night Zorb football stag weekend offering a helpful local bar guide, Zorb football ­activity ­and nightclub ­entry.

What’s Included

  • 2 Nights Accommodation
  • Zorb Football
  • Local Bar Guide
  • Nightclub Entry


  • 3 Star Hotel
  • Central City Locations
  • Hot Breakfast
  • Restaurant & Bar
  • Close to Nightlife