Stag Do Planning

To make things a whole lot easier for you, here we explain how to plan the stag do in simple terms that you can follow step-by-step, helping you to cut out the stress and hassle by saving you tonnes of time and effort!

After all, We are a stag do organiser that’s been around since 2007… So it’s fair to say  that we’ve learnt a thing or two about planning the perfect stag weekend!

So keep scrolling to uncover a host of tips, tricks and advice covering everything from who to invite to budget planning and loads of other extras that go into stag do planning. You can find out more about what is a stag do here

Stag Do Planning Checklist

Planning a stag do can be both exciting and daunting. To make your task easier, here are 10 steps to guide you through the process. From creating the guest list to personalising the event, these steps will ensure you organise an unforgettable stag do that the groom and the attendees will appreciate. Remember, the key to a successful stag do is planning, communicating, and respecting the groom's preferences.

1. Guest list: Include friends, family, and work colleagues. The groom should approve the list.

2. Date and duration: Choose a date that suits everyone. A 2-day stag weekend is popular. Don't plan it too close to the wedding (at least a week before).

3. Location: Decide whether you want a local celebration or a trip abroad. See 65+ stag locations »

4. Activities: Know what the groom wants to do. Avoid any surprises like an uninvited stripper. See 100+ stag do activities »

5. Research: There are many stag do ideas, from adrenaline-filled to booze-filled fun. Choose the best mix for the last night of freedom.

6. Accommodation: If you're planning a weekend or week-long party, book accommodations early for the best prices.

7. Communication: Keep the group informed about activities, accommodation, and cost per person. A group chat could be helpful.

8. Booking: Book everything once your guest list is final. Event planners offer areas where everyone can pay individually.

9. Transport: Plan how you'll get around, especially if there's a big group. Consider minibuses, limos, or hummers.

10. Personalise: Add personal touches like T-shirt names, games, fancy dress, and pranks after the main planning is done. See all our games and pranks here »

Things to Remember When Stag Do Planning

Who Should Organise the Stag Do?

It is an unwritten rule that your best man is the one who must pull out all the stops and organise the stag party.

The best man is the guy who will understands the groom to be the most.  He'll get in touch with all the lads, pick where to go, plan what to do and add those essential little stag do accessories to make it unbelievable.

We also have plenty of advice for the groom-to-be, such as our recommendations on gifts for the groomsmen

Helpful Articles

How Far in Advance Should You Plan a Stag Weekend?

Earlier the better. Most groups start discussing the stag weekend 12 months in advance and then book activities and accommodation 6 months before the trip date.

This gives the guys plenty of time to save up money and ensure they can all have time off work.  Also, we advise having the weekend about 5-6 weeks before the wedding, so everyone has chance to recover but still feel in the spirit of the group.

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