Stag Do Planning

To make things a whole lot easier for you, we explain how to plan the stag do in simple step by step methods. This will reduce the stress and hassle as well as saving you a whole lot of time!

We are a stag do organiser thats been around since 2007. So its fair to say we have learnt a thing or two about planning the stag weekend.

Here you’ll find tips and advice on who to invite, budget planning, where to go and all the other extras that complete the stag do planning.

Tips for Stag Do Planning

The planning process can seem pretty daunting but don’t worry! We’re here to help you get off to the best start possible with all our planning tips and tricks. 

Things to Remember When Stag Do Planning:

What Date?

Choosing a date is essential and one of the first things that needs to be discussed. Especially important if you have teachers within the group.

What’s Your Group Size?

As soon as possible you want to be able to have an approximate group size. Once you’ve got this you can piece together what you can and can’t do during the weekend.

Where Should You Go?

Are you feeling like a UK celebration or something with more sunshine like a stag do abroad?

Once you’ve made your mind up, you can then start to narrow down the destination choices. Maybe a Cardiff stag weekend or stag do in Newcastle is what you are after?

Which Activities?

It’s all well and good having your destination sorted but you need to make sure you have the best stag do activities to suit your group.

Speak to the ushers and get some ideas.

Don’t Forget Evening Entertainment

The night is what makes or breaks a stag do! Make sure you plan ahead with bars and clubs so they are aware of your group.  Book some booths and drink packages or maybe a trip to the strippers.

Do You Need Accommodation?

Are you staying local or do you need somewhere to rest at the end of the night. Most groups choose a 1 or 2 night break if staying in the UK, but if visiting overseas then 3 nights is more popular.

Things to Remember When Stag Do Planning

Plan to Stay Safe

Whether you are jetting off abroad or staying in the UK it is always important to stay safe, especially if there is a big group of you travelling together.

We have an extensive list of 13 tips to staying safe on the stag do, with some essential takeaways below;

1. Emergency Numbers

Make sure you know or have note of emergency numbers that you might need whilst you are in your destination. Local doctor, hospital, police and reps.

2. Financial Protection

If you have started planning the stag party but want to go with an established organiser, then check they are with ABTA.

Funktion Events is ABTA bonded for packages in the UK or overseas meaning that if you things go bad you can get your money back.

3. Stick Together!

The saying ‘safety in numbers’ is something to think about here. A group of lads on a stag weekend in Prague need to stick together. 

4. Local Knowledge

Read up on where are you are visiting via tripadvisor or review websites.

Learn some key phrases in the local language if in a different country.  

5. Travel Insurance

This is a must! Get travel insurance now and carefully read it.

This can save you a lot of headaches in the future if your trip is cancelled, or you lose luggage or get injured.

Who Should Organise the Stag Party?

It is an unwritten rule that your best man is the one who must pull out all the stops and organise the stag party.

The best man is the guy who will understands the groom to be the most.  He'll get in touch with all the lads, pick where to go, plan what to do and add those essential little stag do accessories to make it unbelievable.

How Far in Advance Should You Plan a Stag Weekend?

Earlier the better. Most groups start discussing the stag weekend 12 months in advance and then book activities and accommodation 6 months before the trip date.

This gives the guys plenty of time to save up money and ensure they can all have time off work.  Also, we advise having the weekend about 5-6 weeks before the wedding, so everyone has chance to recover but still feel in the spirit of the group.

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