Best Ways to Cure a Hangover

New Year Hangover Cures

Stuck with a sore head? We’re here to help with some of the best ways to cure a hangover no matter where you are.

A bad hangover is enough to make anyone exclaim “I’m never drinking again!” And we have plenty of experience with this being group entertainment providers. No matter what event has made you wake up with a banging head, our list of hangover remedies is here to lessen the blow! From hangover home remedies to heavy duty fixes that will make you feel brand new, find your best hangover cure here and thank us later.

Hangover Symptoms

Before you dive into all the hangover cure ideas and traditions, it might help to learn a little about the hangover symptoms. Knowing the source of your struggles could help you fix the way you feel straight away. The symptoms of a hangover vary with every person, but we guarantee that you’ve fallen victim to some of the terrible feelings and side effects we’re about to mention at least once. Learn the symptoms to help yourself find the best hangover cure!

1. Dizziness

Waking up and feeling dizzy is an effect of feeling sick to the stomach, but also could be because you’re still feeling the effects of the alcohol.

2. Fatigue & Weakness

Fatigue and the weakness in the body is a mixture of everything that comes with a good night out. Dancing too much, laughing too much, being awake for longer than usual and dehydration are just some examples.

3. Excessive Thirst

The thirst and dry mouth most definitely comes from dehydration from your alcohol intake the night before. This can be especially bad if you forgot the all-important glass of water before bed!

4. Nausea & Stomach Pain

Feeling sick sucks, especially when it’s self-inflicted. Stomach pain is a classic side effect of drinking to much, and is brought on my liver/kidney pain, dehydration and the alcohol percentage itself.

5. Increased Sensitivity to Light & Sound

The reason you’ve got to wear those sunglasses for breakfast is because you’re light sensitive, but also in case you look a little worse for wear after the night before.

How to Cure a Hangover?

If you’re feeling fragile, you want an easy fix for an iffy belly and hurting head. There’s plenty of classic hangover cures that work wonders – and you don’t even need to leave the house!

The Classics

Waking up and feeling dizzy is an effect of feeling sick to the stomach, but also could be because you’re still feeling the effects of the alcohol.

Drink Water

We might sound like your mother but drinking a load of really does get rid of the worst hangover symptoms. Try to drink a glass of water before bed and then one when you wake up, keeping refreshed throughout the day so you don’t lead to dehydration.


Fast acting and widely accessible, have some paracetamol when you wake up to curb some of the worst symptoms of a hangover like headaches, nausea and dizziness. We’d suggest straying away from Aspirin as it can end to feeling sick to the stomach.

Hair of the dog?

It might not work for everyone, but some people push aside drinking plenty of water and opt for a dose of alcohol in the morning. Known as hair of the dog, we’d say this is more numbing withdrawals/­just getting drunk again – so isn’t our top suggestion!

Best Ways to Cure a Hangover?

Hangover Cure Drinks

Sports Drinks

A solid way to curb some of those hangover horrors, sports drinks are simple and easy to get your hands on so you can equalise your blood sugar levels. Depending on what you go for, sports drinks can replace lost fluids and vitamins to bring you back to your normal self.


You might have heard of this one with a reputation of tasting disgusting, but alka-seltzer is a longstanding favourite for hangover cure drinks. This dissolvable capsule will rapidly relieve the effects of alcohol, and is worth it if you can stomach the taste!

Vitamin C Drinks

It’s easy to stay hydrated, but pair your water intake with a Vitamin C drink like Berocca and you’ll be able to conquer any post-night out plans you might have the next day. Tastes like Fanta too.

Hangover Home Remedies

Stop Drinking

We’ve thrown this one in as a joke, but it is free! If you’ve got some big plans but you still want to enjoy a night on the town with friends, make mocktails your best friend. You can even get alcohol-free beer and cider these days so you don’t feel like the odd one out!

Eat Ginger

People have been using natural ginger to cure their hangovers for centuries, and for the most part it’s proven pretty effective. Have a small piece of crystallised ginger to nibble on when you wake up with a headache, nausea and funny belly.

A Big Nap

Often a hangover can wake you up earlier than you would like. Once you’ve got yourself a glass of water, try and get back to sleep so the body can heal itself. Lack of sleep never helps anything, especially hangovers!

Add Antioxidants into Your Diet for the Day

A hangover technically speaking causes your body oxidative stress, so making a conscious effort to add antioxidant minerals will help calm your blood vessels down and add some minerals back into your body. These include, berries, carrots, spinach and the already mentioned ginger just to name a few.

Have You Tried All the Traditional Methods?


You can’t go wrong with a good bit of grub! Whether you go out for breakfast, a good ol’ brunch or get some eggs and sausages in the house – make sure you fill your belly after drinking. A hangover is the only time where carbs and fat are your best pal.


As well as fighting a hangover post-new year, there’s also some pre-emptive measures you can take too lessen the effects the following morning. First off all, don’t drink on an empty stomach. Eat well, ideally with a meal containing plenty of carbs or fats, like pasta or rice. Secondly, drink lots of water or soft drinks in between drinking alcohol. Avoid fizzy drinks as they speed up the absorption of alcohol into your system. 

Best Hangover Cures from Around the World

As crazy as they might seem, every country has a hangover cure that’s been passed down for generations. Whether they really work or it’s just a placebo effect they’re definitely wort a mention in this best ways to cure a hangover guide!

USA: Tomato juice and added raw eggs for protein.

Poland: Pickle Juice

Russia: A few relaxing hours in a sauna!

UK: The classic bacon butty (you knew this was coming)

China: Green tea to detox

France: Coffee and a croissant

Canada: Poutine

Bangladesh: Coconut Water straight from the source

Best Hen Party Hangover Kits?

If you’re celebrating your girly last night of freedom and want to ensure all the girls recover the morning after and aren’t too worse for wear, then a hen party hangover kit is definitely worth buying. We’ve collected some hen party survival kits for you, covering a range of budgets, contents, and themes, ensuring you find the hen do hangover kit that’s perfect for you. After all, you won’t find any better hen party hangover kit ideas all in one place than here!

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Hen Party Hangover Recovery Bag

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