Cheap Stag Do Ideas, Activities and Packages in London

Cheap Stag Do Ideass in London

Heading to the capital with the lads on a budget? You can still have an amazing stag do without breaking the bank account with these cheap stag do activities and ideas in London!

Being the largest and most populous city in the country, the capital has long been a favourite destination for those looking to host an unbelievable celebration before the wedding. However, if you’re pinching the pennies and want to have an excellent time without spending a fortune, then it’s worth taking a look at all the best cheap stag do ideas London has to offer.

Top Cheap Stag Do Ideas and Activities in London

If you’re in charge of planning the stag do and are looking for fun and inventive ways to spend time with the lads on the last weekend of freedom, then these cheap stag do activities in London will be sure to do the trick!

1. Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

From £16pp

Make your way around some of the best boozers London has to offer whilst working in teams to solve a host of local trivia questions, tackle interactive photo & video challenges and sink a few pints!

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Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Life Drawing Stag Stitch-Up

2. Life Drawing Stag Stitch-Up

From £22.50pp

Bring the guys along for a fun and creative class where the stag will be expecting to draw a female model… until he founds out that HE will be the subject of the class!

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3. Bubble Football

From £27pp

Nothing like your usual game of 5-a-side, you and the lads will instead be wrapped up inside a giant inflatable bubble suit for this hilarious experience - Plenty of rolling, bouncing and fits of laughter guaranteed.

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Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Bubble Football

Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Escape Rooms

4. Escape Rooms

From £28pp

Rack your brains and work against the clock to solve a variety of tricky questions, cryptic clues and puzzles in a bid to escape before time runs out.

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5. Goggle Football

From £27pp

Take to the pitch for a game of footy with a wacky twist - That’s right, for the duration of the game you and the lads will be rigged up with these mind-bending goggles to throw you off!

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Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Goggle Football

Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Nude Life Drawing

6. Life Drawing

From £29pp

Let out your creative side and get sat down at a private city centre venue for a cheeky experience learning how to draw the human figure, with a female model as your subject.

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7. Dodgeball

From £28pp

Unleash your competitiveness with this classic schoolyard activity, hosted at a private sports venue with all of your equipment included on the day. Also includes a referee to manage the game.

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Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Dodgeball

Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Party Bus

8. Silent Disco Tour

From £19pp

Sing, dance and party around London with the latest hi-tech headphones connected to the guide and music.  Unusual and super value stag do activity in London.

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9. Beer Babes Bar Crawl

From £30pp

Make your way around some fantastic bars joined by two sexy hostesses - They’ll collect the kitty for the drinks, play games with the group and make it an evening to remember.

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Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Beer Babes Bar Crawl

Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Old School Sports Day

10. Old School Sports Day

From £27pp

Turn back the clocks and take part in a range of school sports day challenges! From classic games like the egg & spoon race to relay races, your guaranteed to have a brilliant time.

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11. Combat Archery Tag

From £33pp

Bring out your competitive spirit for this awesome hybrid sport - Trade up the dodgeballs for bows and foam arrows as you run, duck and dodge your opponents whilst trying to take them out!

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Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Combat Archery Tag

Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Electric Shock Football

12. Electric Shock Football

From £33pp

Take to the pitch for a game of 5-a-side like no other - Whilst you play, a member of the other team will be in control of your team’s ankle tags, shocking you wherever and whenever they please.

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13. Beer Tasting

From £33pp

Learn about the art of brewing whilst enjoying a variety of weird and wonderful beers at a fantastic city centre venue - Also includes a delicious burger meal.

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Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Beer Tasting

Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Foot Darts

14. Foot Darts

From £36pp

Compete against each other in a host of Bullseye-themed games as you and the lads take it in turns to launch giant Velcro footballs at the huge inflatable dart board.

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15. Striptease Life Drawing

From £37.50pp

Get together and learn how to draw the human body with a female model as your subject… but not before she undresses and performs a hot n’ heavy strip routine for you all to enjoy!

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Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - Striptease Nude Life Drawing

Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London - The Stag Challenge

16. The Stag Challenge

From £49.50pp

Double up and choose two activities from our pre-set list and save a few pennies at the same time.

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Top Cheap Stag Do Packages in London

Considering the fact that the activities you arrange for the last weekend of freedom are likely to take up a large portion of your budget, we understand that getting good value for money is important. As well as the fact that London is one of the most expensive cities in the UK, these cheap stag do packages will allow you to have a jam-packed weekend full of fun and excitement and a night of accommodation without breaking the bank.

1. Get on the Beers

From £123pp

If plenty of booze and banter is what you’re looking for, this package combines a fantastic beer tasting experience with a fun and adventurous pub crawl treasure hunt!

Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London Packages - Get On The Beers

2. Beers & Babes

From £137pp

This fantastic package has everything you need for an unforgettable weekend before the wedding - a fantastic beer babes bar crawl alongside life drawing and beer with babes, the ultimate party starter.

Cheap Stag Do Ideas in London Packages - Beers & Babes

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