Unusual Team Building Activities

Looking for something wacky and out-of-the-ordinary for your next away day? Lucky for you, we have an abundance of unusual team building activities that will be sure to make your day a fun and memorable occasion! From the slightly strange to the totally outrageous, take a look at some of the best unusual team building activities on the market right here.

Our Favourite Unusual Team Building Activities

Without further ado, here is a list of the best unusual team building activities that you and your team can book for your next away day:

How to Plan Unusual Team Building Activities

Planning unusual team building activities requires a good amount of creativity and attention to detail, but don't panic - We're here to help! First off, you should consider the goals and objectives you want to achieve with the activity.

For example, are you looking to improve teamwork, problem-solving or communication skills? Once you have identified your objectives, take a deep dive into our unique team activities and take the time to identify those that align with what you're trying to achieve.

It's also important to consider the size of your team, their interests and collective abilities when selecting an activity. When it comes to planning the logistics of the activity, you should also ensure that what you have chosen it both accessible and fits within your budget.

Our Top 10 Unusual Team Building Activities

Unusual Team Building Activities in the UK

Looking for some unique team building activities in the UK to enhance your team's skills and boost morale? Look no further! We've compiled a list of some of the best places to arrange unusual team building activities in the UK that are sure to challenge and engage your team.

London Unusual Team Building


London is an great place to host team building activities due to its diverse range of attractions and activities, from historic landmarks and cultural institutions to innovative restaurants and unique experiences.

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Manchester Unusual Team Building


Manchester is brilliant place for hosting unusual team building activities due to its thriving arts and music scene, sporting heritage, and vibrant culture, making it a unique and exciting location for team building events.

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Birmingham Unusual Team Building


Birmingham is worth considering to host some unusual team building activities as it provides visitors with a great deal of unique and quirky places to explore, it's mixture of historic and modern architecture as well as plenty of stuff to see and do during the day.

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Bristol Unusual Team Building


Bristol is a fantastic place to consider hosting unusual team building activities due to its vibrant street art scene, rich maritime history and diverse range of independent businesses, offering unique and memorable experiences for team building events.

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In conclusion, unusual team building activities offer an exciting way to bring teams together, promote teamwork, and improve productivity. These activities break away from traditional team building exercises, offering unique and engaging experiences that encourage creativity and problem-solving.

From crime scene investigations to outdoor escape rooms, there is no shortage of different team building activities to choose from. By planning an unusual team building activity that aligns with your team's interests and goals, you can create a positive and memorable experience that will help your team grow and thrive.

FAQs: Unusual Team Building Activities

What are unusual team building activities?

Unusual team building activities are non-traditional activities that focus on promoting teamwork, communication, problem-solving, and creativity in a fun and interactive way.

Why do unusual team building activities?

Unusual team building activities offer a unique way to enhance team performance, build relationships, and boost morale, breaking away from the monotony of traditional team building exercises.

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