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Archery Battle Zone Tag
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Rating 4.9 of 5

Activity Details

  • Dodgeball but with arrows
  • Battle against each other
  • Bunkers and barriers
  • Latest Archery Craze!

Bring everyone together in the adrenaline pumping archery battle zone tag team building experience, a popular option for a group looking for something energetic and new. Push aside all the traditional activities and try this, which gives everyone in the team an opportunity to get behind the bow and become a sharpshooter for the day. With elements of teamwork and a healthy dose of friendly competition, you can rest assured that everyone will get involved in this unique day, a fully organised event for you all.

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What’s Included

  • Like playing dodgeball but with Bows & Arrows
  • Event co-ordinator included
  • Split into equal teams
  • Each team has up to 5 specially designed bunkers where 5 target cones are placed in front of each bunker, each holding a ball.
  • You get points for eliminating players and hitting the target cones.
  • If a player catches an arrow, they can bring one of their eliminated players back in to the game.
  • The session is made up of multiple games
  • There are up to 15-20 bows in play at any time
  • All the bows and specialised arrows are included
  • All equipment is supplied
  • Indoor & outdoor sport venues are used

Event Format

On the day, your activity will start off with a short briefing from your activity co-ordinator, who will explain how the day will run before splitting you up into two teams.

From here, you’ll get to put on your protective masks and bibs and pick up your bows and arrows before taking to the court to do battle! During the game, each team will have five bunkers each with five cones in front of them holding a ball on-top; hitting these will bag extra points for your team. If you get hit by an opposing player’s arrow, you’re out! However, if one of your teammates grabs an opposing arrow, they can bring back one of their eliminated teammates.

At the end of the activity, the team with the highest amount of points scored will be crowned the winners of the day.

The archery battle zone tag team building event will kick off with a quick briefing, demonstration and some safety pointers before you begin learning the new skill. When your events co-ordinator has run through all the important aspects, it’s time to practice your aim as you get to know your bow and arrow a little better. Then, your whole team will split into smaller groups and go head to head on an archery assault course with a twist. Get into your positions within your bunker and get ready to eliminate the other players in a fun and memorable shoot out experience.

You will need to duck and dive between the obstacles, trying to shoot the other players and hit the target cones to earn points for your team. To keep things interesting, this event will be made up of an array of mini games that will keep the teams on their toes and get everyone bringing their A game in order to win by the end of the day. If you’re looking for a day that is not only effective for the whole team, but also fully organised with everything included on the day, this one of a kind archery battle zone tag team building experience might be just what you’re looking for to break the ice.


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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Kaj Bansal
7th November 2023
The event was great, everyone had a good time!
Rating 5.0
Marta Giblanco
15th December 2019
We really enjoyed the game. Everyone was very excited and it was a complete success. The guy who was there (sorry, I can't remember his name) was very kind and helpful as well. We had a great time.
Rating 4.0
Laura Ellis
27th September 2019
Everything did run smoothly and we had great fun. Only downside was the weather and no inside option was available.

Thank you for organising!
Rating 5.0
Penny Penati
21st June 2019
The event was so much fun. The guy that lead it was great, lots of energy. Definitely made up for the running late bit (not his fault, Ascot was on!). It was superb, thank you so much!
Rating 5.0
Carl Jordan
15th August 2018
The event was really good, well organized etc. and we dropped lucky with the weather!! I’m sure we’ll be in touch again over the coming months to get something else booked in. Happy with the way it all went.
Really clear communications from first enquiry through to a check in before the event itself. The event (Battle Tag Archery) was really good fun and very well organised on the day. No hesitation in recommending and will use this company again.
Rating 5.0
Vanda Simoes
26th July 2018
Just to let you know that everyone loved the archery tag battle beside the bruises today.
Rating 5.0
Nicola Cunningham
28th September 2017
We had a great day, thanks so much. The team really enjoyed themselves and both venues were excellent.
Rating 5.0
Reanna Francis
12th September 2017
The feedback from the rest of the team was extremely positive!