Essential Guides to Stag Night Accessories

A rite of passage, stag do accessories are the best way to complete the celebrations in style. From hilarious stag night themes to personalised T-shirt nicknames and the classic fancy dress, you need to stand out from the crowd for the last night of freedom. Keep the groom to be in mind when you’re choosing stag party accessories, and surprise him with a theme or outfit that will get him laughing and make the stag weekend one to remember.

Stag Do Themes

Stag Do Themes

A theme for your stag do is the best way to make your night stand out and will be something that will make you and all the lads be talking for months after...
Stag Do T-Shirts

Stag Do T-Shirts

Add some perso­nali­sation into the stag celeb­ra­tions ­with some stag do t-shirts. This hilarious list will provide you with all the stag do nicknames you’d need!

Hilarious Stag Party Accessories

Primarily, the stag party is all about celebrating your best pal’s upcoming wedding. But mostly, it’s just a bit of fun for all the guys! And what’s more fun than making a fool of yourselves in public, and embarrassing your soon-to-be wed mate? There’s a variety of different stag do accessories to consider before you set off for the stag do activities, but the top 10 are clear.

Top 6 Most Popular Stag Do Accessories

1. The Mankini

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! What better way to send your friend off into married life than an embarrassing night on the town in only a mankini? The photos would be priceless.

2. Stag Antlers

Taking the stag party name literally, a cheeky pair of antlers will set you apart from the crowd and might even get you a few free drinks.

3. Something Girly

Fairy wings, wigs, feather boas and sparkles – these are just some of the things you can kit the guys out with to create some hilarious memories.

4. The Grooms Face...on a Mask!

The only thing better than one stag is several. Get your pal’s face printed on masks and surprise him with all his friends wearing his face, on their face.

5. Personalised T-Shirts

A hugely popular option, loads of groups create their own personalised T-shirts with an inside joke, classic nicknames or just the name & year of the stag do. We have a free printable guide for some naughty, silly and creative nicknames to use if you’re struggling for ideas.

6. Inflatable Everything

If you’re going out for the stag night, it just wouldn’t be the same with something inflatable and rude. Boobs and willies always make an appearance and are both great additions to any stag do dares you have planned!

6 Best Stag Do Accessories

When to Wear Your Stag Night Accessories?

The more obvious answer to this question is in the title – on the stag night! We’re pretty sure that you’ve seen a couple of stag groups on their jollies in the past, and they’re easy to recognise because of their attire. Stag do accessories should be funny, memorable and stand out from the crowd, so after dark is the perfect time to get your costumes and accessories out for a test drive. One word of advice – make sure all the pubs, bars and clubs you want to go to actually allow fancy dress inside to avoid disap­po­in­tment.

If you’ve planned the full works with a stag weekend away, you have free reign to wear the stag party accessories whenever you fancy. For example, if you’ve got a beer bike in Amsterdam planned, why not get the perfect picture opportunity and dress like fools! If you’re heading out from your hotel for a full day of drinking, put the accessories on and by the time you get home the next day you might have none left to pack into the suitcase.

Who Should Buy the Accessories?

Whether it’s a basic stag do sash or an expensive outfit to fit the celebratory theme, paying can always be an awkward topic. Depending on who’s invited to the stag weekend, it can be a lot to ask for each individual to pay for accessories that they might not even want to wear. A lot of the classic and traditional stag accessories you can buy in bulk for cheap, and we’d say that falls under the best man duties! For anything that’s theme specific, why not leave the dress code open to inter­pre­tation so people can wear what they want – it might even be funnier this way.