Top 20 Stag Do Dares

What Stag Do Dares Should I Choose?

What Stag Do Dares Should I Choose?

So, you have everything booked and you’re all ready to head off on your celebration. Its recent custom on a weekend like this to dare the stag or each other to do some hilarious or should I say, stupid things in the best stag destinations.

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Top 20 Stag Dares for 2020

This list contains the top 20 stag dares you can find! Don’t forget, who dares wins!

1. Be a Superhero – Wear your underwear over your trousers until the next bar!

2. Go Shopping – The Stag must buy a porn magazine, hand lotion and a box of tissues all at the same time without explaining himself or smirking. Straight face!

3. Surprise Stripper – When you see a hen group on your night out head over to them and shout “I am your surprise stripper” and strip to your boxers before running away.

4. Mummy’s Boy – In a crowded pub or bar, stand on a chair and shout “I love my Mummy!”

5. Arm Wrestle – Challenge a bouncer to an arm wrestle for a drink.

6. Busking – Dare someone to sing a whole song with a busker in the streets.

7. Muscle Man – Challenge a stranger to a press up competition for a drink.

8. Kinky Thoughts – Tell a girl in the bar your most secretive sexual fantasy.

9. Hi Everybody! – When you enter a bar you must say hello and who you are to everyone there. They can choose to do it all at once as a loud shout or to each individual person.

10. Giddy up Cowboy – Gather a group of strangers (Minimum 3) and teach them all how to line dance.

11. Yes Man – For the next 20 minutes, you can no longer say the word "No"

12. Bonjour Madame – Go up to a girl at the bar and try and chat her up in French. (If you can speak French then a French accent will do!)

13. Talk Dirty to Me– The stag must get 20 sexy ladies to sign his top with a dirty message

14. Confession – Make a heartfelt confession to a stranger that you used to be a woman

15. Uniform – Tell every police officer that you see that you “love a man in uniform”

16. Hold Me – Hold hands with a complete stranger

17. Copycat – Copy every single thing a member of the public is doing until they notice

18. Make-Up – Convince a girl to do your make-up for you!

19. Thanks for the Drink - Choose a random girls drink, down it and walk away like nothing happened

20. Fiancé – Find a woman with the same name as the bride to be and convince her to buy the stag a drink

Bonus challenge:

Give the stag a list of items he must collect before the end of the night. After collecting all the items he no longer needs to buy his own drinks.

Top 20 Stag Do Dares Checklist


For added fun, why not let the stag choose their own fate? Rather than asking him to go through this list, instead let him choose a number between 1-20, he has to do the related dare!

For every Dare the victim cannot complete a forfeit is set. See a list of 10 Ferocious Stag Do Forfeits.  You can either decide on a forfeit yourself or if you need some help thinking of some humiliating forfeits then click here to go through to our favourite stag do forfeits. And if you can already tell you'll have a sore head the morning after all these dares you will be happy to know we have a list of the top hangover curing breakfasts!

Use this dares list on the stag weekend. But if you want more see these epic stag do games and Pub Golf Drinking Game.

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