The Top 12 Hangover Curing Breakfasts

Top 12 Hangover Curing Breakfasts

Preparing for a big night out such as a stag do? Make sure you’re prepared for the big headache you’ll wake up with too…

The Top 12 Best Breakfasts for a Hangover

As party planners, we have plenty of experience when it comes to killer hangovers! It’s a familiar feeling to wake up with a hefty hangover and no cure except paracetamol. Whether this is your situation right now or you just want to be prepared, these foods can be a life saver. Find the top hangover curing breakfasts that appeal to you and whip up a storm. To help you bounce back the morning after, read on.

Classic Hangover Foods

Full English Breakfast

 It might not be glamourous, but there’s nothing better to satisfy your hangover cravings than a greasy full English. Better still, you can easily find this tasty plate of meat and carbs with just a short trip to a local café, pub or restaurant.


If you can’t quite stomach the full works, eggs are also a traditional breakfast after a big night out. Fry them, poach them or make a cheeky eggs benedict to bring some life back into your body!

Just Coffee

A lot of the time people can’t stomach food first thing after a big night out. If that’s the case, black coffee or coffee with a little milk is a good, temporary way to kick start your day. Just make sure you find some food for lunch to nourish yourself.


Just like having a cold, soup can also fix a hangover of epic proportions. From chicken noodle soup to the classic tomato soup or even miso soup, the combination of nutrients will boost your electrolytes and liver function.

Weird Breakfasts for a Hangover

Coconut Water

It may not sound filling but coconut water provides much needed potassium back into your system after consuming alcohol. With more electrolytes than a bottle of Gatorade, it’s definitely worth a try if you’re sceptical!


Have you ever tried salmon and cream cheese on a bagel? If not, indulge on your next hangover! The bagel provides carbs, the cream cheese provides deliciousness and the salmon is packed with vitamin C and B.

Pickle Juice

 it might sound like the worst thing in the world, but dozens of people claim pickle juice is the way to go. Maybe it’s the sharp taste that makes you forget about your sore head?


This hangover curing breakfast is easy, quick and accessible. As soon as you wake up, chug a glass of milk and watch your hangover fade away. (also works with chocolate milk).

Healthy Hangover Food

Cucumber Sandwiches

This is both healthier than a bacon sandwich and budget friendly! Cut up a cucumber, add some mayo and pair with a glass of water for hangover curing effects.


If you’re a fan of the avocado craze, you’ll be happy to know that the healthy fats and potassium packed in these green wonders are great for kicking your hangover to the curb.


Did you know that binge drinking booze depletes the magnesium count in your body? To boost your magnesium and get rid of anxious feelings, try any form of beans.

Tomatoes & Milk

Cold cherry tomatoes and a glass of milk might sound like a weird combo, but for some it works. The balance of acid, calcium and dairy is known to regulate your stomach’s pH levels so you feel less nauseated.

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