Best Clubs in Berlin

Best Clubs in Berlin

Berlin has undoubtably become the unofficial party capital of Europe over the last decade or so with over a third of all visitors arriving from across the globe for just the nightlife aspect alone.

From secretive EDM hideouts at old power stations to riverside paradises on the edge of the city. We’ve put together the greatest places to have your last night of freedom, with small and large venues in mind. Included are some of the Europe’s (if not the world’s) best places to party! Here’s the 10 best nightclubs in Berlin…

Best Clubs in Berlin - Berghain

1. Berghain

Many respected DJs have been known to say that Berghain is the best nightclub in the world. This once local boozer infamous for its sex-parties has transformed into a world-wide phenomenon and attracts people from all over the world looking for the ultimate party scene. People have even been known to attend parties here like it’s a staple religious service to what’s commonly known as a “Sunday’s Mass”. Held in an old power station, Berghain is Berlin’s most exclusive nightclub and many can struggle to even enter, especially with the world’s most notorious bouncer overseeing the front door, Sven Marquardt. That being said, if you do manage to get in, what awaits you is totally worth it with crowds reaching 1,500 strong with techno music slamming through the atmosphere into the early hours.

📌 Am Wriezener bhf. » | Website »

Best Clubs in Berlin - SchwuZ

2. SchwuZ

Schwuz is one of Berlin’s oldest nightclubs opening in 1971 and comprises of three dance rooms each named ‘Cathedral’, ‘Bunker’ and ‘Salon’. Each unique room plays a different genre of music ranging from 80s cheese and techno to modern pop hits and indie rock. Well known as a popular LGBT+ hideout, you should expect an interesting and diverse environment located in an old brewery complex. Drinks are reasonably priced and the staff are friendly meaning you’ll feel more welcome here than other places in the city. Live shows are also commonplace at this venue so you can always head on over if you want to dance the night away to a live band. There’s also a humongous sized disco ball in one of the dance rooms which is worth a view on its own.

📌 Rollbergstraße 26 » | Website »

Best Clubs in Berlin - Anomalie Art Club

3. Anomalie Art Club

If huge crowds and the craziest of parties aren’t your scene then do not fret- this venue is a lot more unheard of meaning it’s the perfect place to be if this is the case. The lightning effects and artistic visuals found decorating the walls really make this place stand out from other venues and give its name some meaning. There’s events and guest DJs throughout the year and the prices aren’t too bad either, there’s even a great outdoor beer garden for you to get some fresh air too. Off the beaten track a little means you might struggle to get there compared to more centrally located clubs.

📌 Storkower Str. 123 » | Website »

Best Clubs in Berlin - About Blank

4. About Blank

The very unusually named ://about blank is right next to Berlin’s Ostkreuz S-Bahn station meaning you can leap right into the party following a short trip by rail. You get exactly what you’d expect from Berlin clubs with a fantastically large outdoor space to enjoy during the summer months, cheap booze and two dark, smoky dance floors blasting out techno mixes. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing of all the venues but that adds to the gritty character of the place. It’s less touristy too so you can enjoy a more authentic Berlin nightlife experience.

📌 Markgrafendamm 24c » | Website »

Best Clubs in Berlin - Club Der Visionaere

5. Club Der Visionaere

Are you the type of group who want to party during sunny afternoons on the banks of a picturesque river? Then Club Der Visionaere is a winner, gents. More of a chilled-out bar with music than an upbeat nightclub, this venue is a lot more suited to smaller and quieter stag groups that would love to enjoy some beers whilst sat outside on the wooden deck overlooking the canal with a weeping willow looming over them. If you’re in the city during the weekend, which is a high possibility, then its been known for this club to hold continuous events from Friday through to Monday.

📌 Am Flutgraben » | Website »

Best Clubs in Berlin - Sisyphos

6. Sage Club

This hip 3-floor club is filled with quirky and exotic décor that certainly makes any night out there a memorable one. If you’re into your rock n’ roll, metal and indie, you’ll love the main hall as these genres are what play all night long. The dragonfloor literally has a huge dragon which spits fire over people’s heads on the dancefloor and specialises In hardcore rock. However, if you prefer some other kind of music then the third room plays trap, hip hop, punk and soul. Two live bands often perform on stage and drinks are pretty cheap.

📌 Kopenicker Str. 76 » | Website »

Best Clubs in Berlin - Tresor Berlin

7. Tresor Berlin

Tresor adds to the plentiful underground techno nightclubs that make the city’s nightlife thrive. This adult playground is very suitably named as Tresor literally means ‘safe’ or ‘vault’ in German and indeed it is. Much like Berghain, Tresor is housed in a former power plant which creates a dark and gritty vibe, almost reminiscent of a horror film set. There’s quite a few different dance floors each with their own music bouncing off the walls and pounding into your ears. It was set up just after the collapse of the Berlin wall which makes it one of the most respected and authentic German nightlife experiences there is.

📌 Köpenicker Str. 70 » | Website »

Best Clubs in Berlin - Watergate

8. Watergate

Filled with floor-to-ceiling windows, epic light effects and an unbeatable sound system, Watergate is the pinnacle of Berlin’s nightlife. Techno and dance played by expert and renowned DJ’s within a fancy venue is all you need to experience the ultimate night of party. Watergate has all that and then some. There are fantastic panoramic views of the River Spree while you dance and LED lighting spread the length of the two rooms, there’s even a terrace that lets you get an even better view of the breath-taking surroundings but beware, the place as a whole isn’t too spacious so if you’re claustrophobes, you best avoid. However, if you can overcome this then Watergate is probably the single best place to party in Berlin.

📌 Falcke­nste­instraß­e 49 » | Website »

Best Clubs in Berlin - Matrix Club

9. Matrix Club

One of the largest party venues in Berlin, Matrix is spread across 4 spacious dance floors and an outdoor area. With a far less strict door policy compared to other Berlin clubs, it can be much easier to get into Matrix even if you’re a large group of drunken lads on your stag do. Once you pass underneath the flashy LED sign and into the club itself, you’ll find a lively scene with the usual mixture of techno, R&B, house and pop music. Prices are about average and you’re best arriving on or after midnight for the busiest period.

📌 Warschauer Pl. 18 » | Website »

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