The Complete Best Man Guide

The Premier Best Man Guide

Have you been bestowed the job of best man by your number one pal? Don’t worry! We’ve got all the stag do planning tips and guides for your best man duties and speech. Take the pressure off your shoulders and use a treasure trove of games, accessories ideas and hilarious pranks to make you the greatest best man of all time. Get inspired by all the best man guides and resources to help you out big time.

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What is a Best Man?

Although everyone knows of someone who has been a best man does anyone actually know what a best man is? A best man has a variety of different roles and duties that he has to do before, during and after the wedding. Overall the best man is the grooms right hand and his confidant throughout the whole of the wedding process. Anything the groom needs, he goes to the best man to help him sort or figure it out.

What Does the Best Man Do?

There are a variety of different things that the best man does throughout the engagement, wedding and post wedding.

  • Firstly get the stag night sorted
  • Assist the groomsmen with suits
  • Create an epic best man speech
  • Making sure the bride is okay on the wedding is also important as the Groom will be speaking to family.
  • Stand next to the groom throughout the wedding ceremony.
  • Maybe crack a few mother in law jokes.
  • Keep the ushers in their place.
  • Be a supportive friend.
  • Sign the marriage certificates as witness.
  • And of course the most important part, be there for all the photos that will be taken.

Become the Ultimate Planner

So, your oldest friend has just told you that for his wedding, you’re going to be the best man – now what? The excitement is real, the event thoughts are already circling in your head but it can be difficult to actually get started with the stag do planning.

From deciding which fun stag activities will suit your pal, to considering everyone’s budget and where you’ll all stay after a heavy night of drinking. The panic can creep in when you feel like you’ve forgotten something important, but that’s where we come in.

The Funktion Events team have tons of experience helping flustered lads organise the best last night of freedom of their lives. We’ve sent groups as big as 50 all over the UK and abroad to many European cities, keeping the everyone safe and fun.

We’ll sort the big stuff, giving you extra time to browse through our best man guide and sort out all the little extras like accessories and stag do games. Find out how to stay safe on the stag do with these helpful tips.

Collec­tively, all of these best man resources can help you with arranging dares, hilarious stag pranks, and just general best man duties.

Use our free pages and downloads to get all the guys belly-laughing for the entire weekend.

Best Man Duties

Best Man Duties

Need to know the duties for being a best man? This guide details everything you need to do before the wedding, during the ceremony and after the wedding.
Monopoly Pub Crawl

Monopoly Pub Crawl

Visit all the famous locations on the Monopoly board whilst downing plenty of pints with the Monopoly pub crawl. What better way to celebrate with the lads?
Thumb Master Drinking Game

Thumb Master Drinking Game

See who has the quickest reactions on your stag do with a fast paced game of thumb master. Pay attention to thumbs or prepare to drink a lot of alcohol!
Top 20 Stag Do Dares for 2021

Top 20 Stag Do Dares for 2021

Its recent custom on stag do to dare the stag or each other to do some hilarious or should I say, stupid things! Well this list contains our most outrageous and hilarious Stag Do Dares you can find!
Our Top 5 Stag Do Traditions

Our Top 5 Stag Do Traditions

So here’s my blog on ‘Stag Do Traditions’ or as I like to refer ‘The Blog Bible of Rules’ because let’s face it, hand on heart who can honestly say they have been on a stag weekend which has turned out to be just your standard weekend away?
Pub Golf Drinking Game

Pub Golf Drinking Game

Pick out your best gear and prepare to hit the pubs and bars with a sporty twist as you and the lads compete for glory with the pub golf drinking game!
Ring of Fire Drinking Game

Ring of Fire Drinking Game

Make sure you and the lads kick off your big night out with plenty of banter and boozy antics by starting the evening with the Ring of Fire drinking game!
Staying Safe on the Stag Do

Staying Safe on the Stag Do

If you and the lads are about to kick off the pre-wedding celeb­ra­tions, check out our list of tips and tricks that will help you stay safe on the stag do
The Best Man Speech Guide

The Best Man Speech Guide

We have put together an essential best man speech guide to help with structure, joke ideas, the do’s and don’ts, compliments and awesome closing lines. Download here...
Best Man Facts & Figures

Best Man Facts & Figures

Read how much time, effort and money a Best man spends to ensure his best mate has the greatest day of his life! Full of facts, figures and interesting points.