Best Man Facts & Figures

The Best Man: Facts & Figures

The ‘best man’ tradition is thought to have originated from the 16th century with the Germanic Goths.

Back then, the best man had the job of stealing the bride from her community or her disapproving family to keep her safe. He was usually the best swordsman and referred to as the ‘bride’s knights’ because they would help protect her before the nuptials.

Nowadays, there’s way less pressure! The best man is usually your best mate, the one you will hopefully trust to organise your stag do as well as put together a hugely embarrassing wedding speech. And if you are reading this, we bet you have been chosen to be the best man so congra­tula­tions. To ensure you stick with the status quo and are not shocked by the best man's duties to come, here are a few facts and figures to keep in mind.

Time Spent on the Role of Best Man

8-10 Hours…

Organising the stag do! It is definitely the part that all best men look forward to; you can spend a good chunk of time getting everyone together and planning the stag weekend antics.

12 Hours…

Writing the best man speech. Not all in one go but spread out the best man speech takes a long time to come together. This can be sped up by proper research and advice from our best man speech guide.

8 Hours…

It is assisting with the wedding. Whether it’s running errands, DIY decorations or emotional support for both the bride and groom – it’s all hands on deck before the big day, and you’re the main guy to call!

4-6 Hours…

Suit shopping. Your opinion will be key for the groom's suit, plus you need to try on your suit and make sure everyone looks dapper before the big day. Many lads make a day of it and go out drinking to celebrate their suits!

Best Man Facts & Figures - Time & Costs

Start Planning Your Stag Do

How Much Does the Best Man Role Cost?

You might want to skip over this section, but just keep in mind that these are average costings & you’re doing all this for your best pal, right?


On the stag do! It’s all good fun, and a measly £350 is worth it to make some memories with your mates. As long as you have enough notice, you can save up so you don’t feel a hole in your wallet during the last night of freedom.


On a wedding gift. If you know the couple well (which is likely if you’re the best man), it shouldn’t be too difficult to get a cracking present they’ll love.


On your attire. This can vary depending on whether you own a suit, are buying one, or are just hiring for the day. This includes new shoes, a shirt and a fancy tie to match the wedding theme.


On transport. Whether to and from the wedding or transport to get around all the stag weekend plans, this often falls to the best man's duties.

You Might Not Be Alone in Your Fears!

When talking to a bunch of guys that have already been/have been asked to be the best man, it’s clear that the same fears and expectations crop up. Put your mind at ease with the best man figures below:

A whopping 79% of men think the best man speech is the scariest part of having the honour of best man. Public speaking is a common fear in all walks of life.

Other common phobias include writing the best man speech (18.5%) and dancing with the bridesmaid at 5.1%!

*Soucre: figures from Funktion Events stag do customers between 2022-23

Top Tips for Future Best Men

As a stag do provider, we see many stressed best men come and go throughout the year. They often have titbits and advice that would have been useful before planning and enjoying a stag weekend.

1. Get yourself a stag do checklist so you don’t miss anything important

2. Put yourself in your best pal's shoes when writing the best man speech & planning the stag party

3. Know when to say no to avoid any unnecessary stress

4. Don’t drink!

5. Imagine everyone in the crowd in their underwear for the speech – old but gold advice

6. Just be yourself; there’s a reason you were given the role of best man

7. Your groom is the main priority, but take time to check on the bride, too

8. Don’t use too many props for the speech

9. Cue cards are a saviour!

10. Get help for stag do planning from the other groomsmen; there is no need to take that burden alone

Best Man Facts & Figures - Top Tips

Wrap Up

In a nutshell, the role of the best man has come a long way, from being the bride's knight to becoming the groom's wingman. It's all part of the gig, from organising the stag do, writing that unforgettable speech, helping with wedding prep, and suiting up in style. And yes, it might cost you a bit, but hey, it's all for your best mate's big day!

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