What is a Sten Do?

What is a Sten Do (BANNER)

We all know what stag dos and hen parties are… but what about a “Sten do”? We will go over exactly what this increasingly popular term means and why you should consider having one!

Sten Do Definition

A sten do is a joint party, when the bride and groom-to-be decide to celebrate together before the big day. Most commonly, sten dos are celebrated when the groom and bride-to-be both share the same friendship group, therefore making more sense to all celebrate together as a combined celebration rather than separately. With all that being said, this can be a great way to save a few pennies before the big day, too! Make sure you stay safe on the stag do with these helpful tips.

What is a Hag Do?

You may not have guessed, but a hag do is essentially another name for a sten do, another type of celebration that’s skyrocketed in popularity over the last few years. It is also used commonly as another name for gay and lesbian dos.

Why Have a Sten or Hag Do?

One thing we know for certain is that sten and hag dos are booming in popularity at the moment, becoming a massively popular choice for both same sex and different sex couples. Here are a few other reasons why we think so many couples are combining their pre-wedding celebrations.

Saving Money

There are many reasons why couples have sten or hag dos for their pre-wedding celebrations, one of which is to save a few pennies for the big day by sharing hen party entertainment ideas.

Same Friends

If the couple has been together for a long time, the chances are that they both have a lot of mutual friends. Having a sten do would make sense so nobody feels like they’re missing out.

Same Interests

If both the bride and groom-to-be enjoy the same interests and hobbies, then celebrating together is a great way to spend quality time away from the pre-wedding stresses.

Sten Do Ideas

A common misconception about Sten dos is that the fun will be watered down as the bride and groom-to-be celebrate together. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. While there will likely be more people to organise, making finding the right activities a bit harder, a sten do doesn’t limit groups in terms of activities. For those of you who are set on jointly celebrating your last night of freedom, we’ve listed some of the best sten do activities that you can jump straight into.

10 Activities Perfect for a Sten Do

1. Cocktail Making

Mix and shake drinks with everyone.  Suitable for guys and girls, which makes for a good choice for a sten do.

2. Old School Sports Day

Play plenty of retro old school games like tug of war, three legged race and the sack race.

3. Prosecco Bike

As a group, explore your chosen location in style on the back of a group bike that's stocked with bottles of prosecco!

4. It's a Knockout

Relive the hilariously classic TV show challenges from It’s a Knockout complete with original costumes from the BBC series.

5. Go Karting

For an adrenaline kick, try the classic go karting experience. No one needs prior skills, simply get behind the wheel and unleash your competitive streak!

6. Goofy Games

Run, jump and fight through some hilarious minigames and challenges… with giant inflatables!

7. Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

Explore the city using the latest smartphone & GPS technology with pub trivia questions, drinking hotspots, challenges and more!

8. Zorb Olympics

Bring out your inner athlete and compete with each other in a host of hilariously brilliant games whilst wrapped up in zorb bubble suits!

9. Afternoon Tease

Classy meets cheeky with a delicious spread of afternoon tea nibbles served by a naked butler!

10. Escape Rooms

Solve cryptic clues, complete challenges, and decipher riddles before time runs out to escape the room!

5 Great Locations for Sten and Hag Do's

Like any other celebration, your group doesn’t have to be restricted when deciding where to celebrate before the big day. With so much choice, why not shop around and check out some of these fantastic UK cities for your potential sten do location?

What is a Sten Do? - London

1. London

How can you go wrong with the capital? With more restaurants, bars, and hag do activities than you could imagine, London is a solid choice for groups of all shapes and sizes.

What is a Sten Do? - Bristol

2. Bristol

Bristol should definitely be near the top of your list, a hotspot for celebrations and known for its eclectic & individual style!

What is a Sten Do? - Manchester

3. Manchester

Known for its fantastic nightlife, music scene and endless cool bars & restaurants, Manchester is a no-brainer if you want to celebrate your hag do in the heart of Northern England.

What is a Sten Do? - Leeds

4. Leeds

The party hotspot of Yorkshire and a favourite for hen, stag and hag parties from all over the country, you really can’t go wrong with celebrating in Leeds.

What is a Sten Do? - Liverpool

5. Liverpool

A classic party city in the North West and home to some of the best nightlife venues in the country, Liverpool is a hotspot for celebrations for groups, no matter the occasion.

What is a Sten Do? - Brighton

6. Brighton

Famous for its cool and eclectic vibe, Brighton is a warm and welcoming place that makes for a fantastic sten do if you're hoping to party by the seaside! 

Sten Party Games

Whether you’re heading on a big group night out for your sten party celebrations or a night in with friends, there’s never a bad time to play some sten party games! Not only is it a great way to kick off the evening and get everybody chatting, but it can be a fantastic opportunity to break the ice between unfamiliar group members. Make sure you stay safe during the hen party with these tips.

1. Truth or Dare

In the staple “Get to know you” game, each person goes around the group choosing whether to answer a hen party truth question or complete a dare. This is a great way to break the ice at the start of your evening if need be!

2. Drunk Pictionary

It is a classic drinking game that everybody can get involved with; the premise of the game is simple; When one person draws, each person that guesses wrong has to drink. If somebody guesses correctly, everybody else has to drink.

3. Who Is It?

The funniest way to test how well the group knows each other! Take turns to wear the blindfold. And guess who it is. The person will then be spun around in circles before guessing who is in front of them.

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