Who Is It?

Who is it?

An easy and hilarious way to make the hen night one to remember is with a variety of fun games.

If you’re looking for an interactive game that’s a little outside the box, the ‘Who is it’ hen party game is right up your street! Simple yet effective, you can play this game for free with just a group of your best girls and a cracking sense of humour. To help you finish this classic game, we’ve written down all the rules and instructions below, plus a few ideas to get the ball rolling. You can also easily turn ‘Who is it’ into a drinking game for a hen party at home!

How Do You Play the ‘Who is It?' Game?

The setup is simple, the rules are easy to follow, and the girls won’t get lost if they’ve had a few cocktails beforehand. See below for how to play the classic ‘Who is it’ game.

What You'll Need:

  • A group of people
  • A blindfold
  • A space big enough to get in a circle
  • Any props of your choice (optional)

How to Play:

1. Gather all the players in a circle to start the game. Then, choose one lucky hen to stand in the middle for the first round. Blindfold the chosen player and spin them around 10 times or more if you’re feeling mean!

2. The middle player must then walk over to the person in front of them and guess who it is without looking. The person needs to answer questions in strange voices to conceal their identity, act things out to throw the blindfolded player off and add props wherever they want.

3. For every incorrect guess the dizzy hen makes, she’ll get spun 3 more times as a forfeit! Once she’s guest correctly, it’s time for another person to get dizzy and so on, until everyone has had a turn/is laughing too much to go on.

TOP TIP: You can also turn ‘Who is it’ into a drinking game. Either every incorrect answer drink, or every correct answer, the person you’re guessing has to drink.

Hilarious Voices & Impersonations to Try:

1. Voice of the Opposite Sex

2. Baby Voice

3. Robot

4. Old Person

5. Alien Voice

6. Scottish Accent

7. Another Hen

8. Morgan Freeman

9. Cher

10. Cheryl Cole

When to Play ‘Who is It’?

There’s a time and a place for most games, and this one probably isn’t the best on the dancefloor of a busy nightclub! You’ll need space for this game, especially if you have a large hen group. ‘Who is it?’ is an especially good game for a hen party at home, as it provides cheap and cheerful entertainment and time to utilise your accommodation, hired apartment, airbnb, or hen party house. If you’re turning this hens night games into a drinking game, it’s a exciting way to get all the girls on their feet with a few drinks before the hen night out too.

Hen Party Game - Who is it

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