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  • £550.00

Activity Details

  • Explore the city
  • Prosecco on board
  • Group bicycle
  • Daytime fun

What Happens with the Prosecco Bike Hen Party Activity?

On the prosecco bike hen party, you will be able to enjoy a unique tour around your city of choice. Instead of seeing the sights by bus or foot you will be able to cycle around whilst drinking as much prosecco as you can. Whilst on your prosecco bike you will have a tour guide with you who will be pointing things out whilst making this experience as fun as it can be. You could also think of this as a relaxed group bike ride as you enjoy a boozy tour.

What’s Included

  • Plenty of prosecco
  • Tour guide to drive the prosecco bike
  • Work together to pedal the bike around your location
  • Exciting group bicycle ride
  • Some of the bikes have music systems
  • Every city manages the processo bike to conform to regional regulations and drinking laws

Where is the Prosecco Bike Tour Based?

All of our prosecco bike tours are based in European cities, our most popular prosecco bike tours are in Munich, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, Berlin, Bratislava and Budapest. Once you have chosen your city, the prosecco bike tour will be in and around the city centre.


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