The Ultimate Stag Do Decorations Collection to Party!

Stag Do Decorations

The mission to embarrass your soon to be wed buddy isn’t over yet, lads!

Alongside the go-to stag do accessories, décor is a cracking way to make your stag blush through hilarious references, phallic stag do party decorations and more. We’ve made your job a bit easier by combing the internet for the best of the best stag do decorations the world wide web has to offer. These decorations will make the stag do one to remember, espeically if you pair them with our stag do activities!

What stag do decorations are out there?

The list of stag do décor is ever-growing, and as the limits of the last night of freedom expand so does the options. No matter what kind of celebration you’re planning, you can find every colour, theme and bespoke personalisation for the perfect stag do decorations. Below you can see some of the most popular options, but there’s also plenty of LGBTQ+ stag do decorations if you want to support your loved ones. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s a ton of risqué stag decorations that your groom to be will be talking about for years to come.

Where to use stag party decorations?

Groups often use stag do decorations for pre-drinks before the big night out. This is a great option to ease your party into the celebrations ahead, and really set the tone for the evening. Alternatively, a lot more groups choose to have an at-home party instead these days. This means that decorating your home or venue is a must. Top tip – if you’re hiring a venue, make sure you contact them ahead of time to see whether you can dress the place in your crude stag do décor before you buy everything!

Stag Do Banners

The easiest way to incorporate some decorations into your celebration is through a couple of stag do banners and streamers flying about the place! There is a whole array of different stag party banners on offer, including traditional colouring, personalisation options and themed banners just to name a few. See below a couple of our favourite picks from the internet, and see if any are worthy of your shopping basket ahead of the last night of freedom.

Stag Do Personalised Banner - £12

Stag Do Personalised Party Banner - ToffieUK

Same Vagina Forever Banner - £9

Same Vagina Forever - PartyBloopers

Stag Party Themed Bunting - £4.50

Stag Party Themed Bunting - Amazon

She Said No Stripper - £8.99

She Said No Strippers - Amazon

Stag Do Balloons

Is a party really complete without balloons? It might seem like a small thing, but stag do balloons are one of those small stag do decorations that will really complete the occasion. Balloons are also great for pictures – and maybe even an impromptu kickabout after a few pints?

Custom Stag Do Balloons - £9.49

Custom Stag Do Balloons - Eighty80Love

Silver Confetti Filled Balloons - £3.49

Silver Confetti Filled Party Balloons - Ginger Ray

Game Over Marriage Balloons - £6.95

Game Over Marriage Balloons - BanterBalloons

Party Decorations Set - £6.59

Beer Party Decorations Set  -  Amazon

Stag Do Glasses

The number one activity seen at a stag weekend is…..drinking. Are you surprised? You’ll definitely need some stag do glasses or stag drinkware to go with your last night of freedom, so make sure you buy for the occasion. You could opt for sturdy stag do drinking glasses that can act as mementos for the guests, or choose disposable stag-themed cups that you can just chuck away in the morning when you’re inevitably hungover.

Personalised Shot Glasses - £3.50

Personalised Shot Glasses - TOPersonalisedGifts

Wooden Beer Bottle Opener - £7.99

Wooden Beer Bottle Opener - BeeCreativeOnline

Stag Do Personalised Shot Glasses - £3.35

Personalised Stag Do Shot Glasses - TOPersonalisedGifts

Personalised Stag Do Badge - £2

Personalised Stag Do Badge - Not on the High Street

Stag Do Favours

Although not for everyone, some stags like to complete the celebrations with a memento such as stag do favours. These can act as stag do decorations whilst you’re partying and will also be a little present your guests take home to thank them for their company.

Stag Do Socks - £3.95

Stag Do Socks - NameitStudio

Stag Do Wristbands - £8.80

Stag Do Wristbands - Esaych

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