The Stag Do & How to Survive it

How To Survive The Stag Do

We all know that celebrations like this are not for the faint hearted. There will be lots of alcohol involved and things the Mrs probably won’t be happy about…

To avoid the hangovers of the morning after a stag do, we’ve put together a little handy survival guide filled to the brim with useful tips to make your weekend one to remember for all of the good reasons rather than bad. This guide will put any doubt to the back of your mind and ensure you can still have plenty boozy fun on your weekend whilst waking up with no regrets that last a lifetime!

Setting The Limits

As wild and frantic people may hope for them to be, you sometimes need to set some boundaries to ensure there’s no regrets the next day. We all know it’s the job of the best man to plan the stag do, so at this point, he basically becomes enemy number one! You can expect way too much alcohol, risqué activities that may involve nudity and some (a lot) of humiliation. To guarantee that all those involved have a good time, its pretty important to set some limits.

Talk To The Best Man

Nobody wants to have to sit down with the Mrs and explain something that’s going to land you in the doghouse. So, give yourself the best chance you’ve got when it comes to it . Have a chat with the organiser of the weekend, the best man. Set the boundaries that suit you to a T! There’s no saying that the best man will adhere to your limits or stay within them, but there’s no harm in trying, right?

Remember The Grudges

Many people believe in karma, which states what goes around comes around. So, if you’re handing the planning duties over to your best man, then you may want to consider any bad things you may have done to him on his stag do or generally in life, just in case he fancies a little bit of revenge! You can try to prejudge and prepare for what’s about to come, but we suggest playing nice in the run-up to save your own back!

Bend The Truth

If you have overheard a plan or have a gut feeling that your stag do will go south as your boundaries are not being heard, simply slip out a cheeky white lie to put the best man back on your side. Simply state that your soon to be father-in-law is coming along, therefore you can’t have your eyebrows shaved off or a stripper all over you out of respect for your future family relationship!

Be Sophisticated

Not all husbands-to-be’s want to have the typical raunchy additions like roly poly strippers, stitch ups and arrests included in their celebrations. So, why not have a word with the best man and hint that you’d like to spend the weekend in a much classier way? Perhaps opt for a few games of paintballing or test your aim with a thrilling clay pigeon shooting experience.

No Paparazzi Please

Everyone has now got a phone with a perfectly decent quality camera… This means every moment will be snapped, frozen in time and plastered everywhere. The last thing you want is for any future employees, banks, not so favourite family members and even the police (which shouldn’t be a worry as you shouldn’t do anything illegal!) to stumble across such embarrassing pictures or videos on social media. Set a rule that no one can take any photos at any point or simply ask for them not to be posted anywhere, whatever floats your boat!

Don't Get Married With A Hangover

Nobody acts the same whilst hanging from the wild antics the previous night held. So, it’s wise not to host the night before the wedding day. Make the best man aware that this is the case and that should be a reasonable distance away from the big day – long enough for the permanent marker to fade and shaved eyebrows to grow back! After all, the more you plan the last weekend of freedom ahead of time, the more likely you are to find something you love and bag a good deal!

The Booze Bible

There’s no doubt in both our minds and yours that a shed load of alcohol is going to be guzzled into your body. However, drinking to such heavy limits doesn’t come with any risks. Nothing could be much worse than you overdoing it on your weekend and ending up blacking out or ending up in the hospital. If you don’t trust your willpower or just don’t fancy having the dreaded hangover the next day, you could always opt for an alcohol-free celebration!  

The Risks

We’re not here to be Debbie Downers, but we all know and should consider the risks of weekend benders filled to the brim with booze. Consuming high rates of alcohol within a short period can be super risky, with the danger of a heart attack increasing, your bladder having a mind of its own and the vast majority of people becoming super obnoxious, which puts a target on your back when surrounded by others under the influence. To put everyone’s mind at ease, you should all make yourself aware of the recovery position! So, if one of the lads passes out on a pub floor, you’ll know what to do.

Hangover Cures

Waking up the next day with the room still spinning and a mouth much drier than your pants after losing control of your bladder isn’t the best way to start a day. You’ll need some effective hangover cures to help you through the major hangover struggles, so check out our essential tips and tricks for a hangover. Many people recommend painkillers, filling breakfast or more sleep, but we think getting out into the fresh air and adrenaline pumping with some epic stag do activities will be the best cure.

Know Your Limits

Drinking with your mates can be super fun if you don’t take it too far and end up in the right state. Some people never learn how to handle their drink or come to terms with their limits, but if you don’t want your stag do to end bitterly, then it needs to be done. There’s nothing wrong with having a glass of water for a break or drinking slower than the rest. Whatever makes you comfortable and still being able to walk will always be the best option.

How To Survive the Stag Do Drinking Tip & Tricks

Drinking Tips & Tricks

If you want to slow down on drinking during your celebration but feel pressure to keep up with the rest of the lads, there is no need to worry. Below, you will find a collection of handy tips and tricks for drinking, which will help you pace yourself, handle the booze better and help reduce the horrible effects of a hangover the next day, all whilst still heaving heaps of fun.

Line Your Stomach

We all know that drinking on an empty stomach is asking for a bad ending. With no food in your stomach, your body will absorb alcohol much faster than normal, meaning you’ll get drunk quicker and are more likely to end up passed out. So, make sure you fit a pre-drink meal into the celebrations such as a Modern British Meal and ensure you and the lads make it through the night.

Drink Tactically

Alcohol severely dehydrates our bodies when consumed, hence why hangovers hit so hard. We don’t want to nag, but having a glass of water or two in between your pints might get you a little grief from the rest of the lads, but you’ll be the one laughing when there’s no hangover to be seen the next morning. You can easily cover it up as a cheeky straight vodka or mix it with some flat lemonade.

Stick To One Drink

Shots, beers, cocktails, spirits, and everything else behind the bar will likely end up in your system. It’s a known fact that mixing your drinks is a one-way ticket to being paralytically drunk and bagging yourself a hangover from hell. Different drinks have different chemical ingredients in them, meaning your body has to work pretty damn hard to process them as you’re busting out your best moves on the dancefloor. Sticking to one drink will prevent this from happening. A great way of doing this is opting for a boozy activity such as a gin masterclass or beer tasting!

Go Light

If we’ve got one way of saving you from becoming an absolute drunken mess, our advice would be to avoid dark-coloured drinks! That’s right. We’re talking whiskey and red wine: bourbon and plenty of other drinks on the darker side. Dark beverages are more likely to cause hangovers and contain more toxins and impurities, therefore making you feel much rougher than if you opt for a cheeky vodka or delicious gin whilst out and about.

Head In The Toilet

Everyone’s heard of the tactical vomit, right? They work surprisingly well! Although it may not be the most glamourous thing to happen, it will keep you going when it all gets a bit too much. Just make sure you head to a toilet as soon as you feel the urge. Otherwise, you’ll end up performing a scene from The Exorcist in the middle of the dancefloor for everyone to see. Rinse out your mouth, pop in chewing gum to refresh and act like nothing ever happened.

The Switcheroo

Being the groom-to-be means that all the lads will bombard you with drinks the entire night. If it becomes a problem and you think you can’t handle more than what you already have, its time to bring out the old switcheroo act. Pretend to knock back the shot and pull your usual shot face as you throw it over your shoulder, water a plant, or fill up someone else’s drink with your unwanted booze.

White Stuff

No, we’re not talking about the white stuff you may be thinking about… We’re talking about milk. Simply drinking a glass of milk before heading out into town to get obliterated will stop your stomach lining from becoming so irritated from all of the alcohol. This will help you drink for longer and handle your drinks more easily than you would without, so there’s no harm in trying it out. Unfortunately, milky/creamy shots or cocktails don’t have the same benefits; nice try, though!

Police Encounters

The police are always on hand to keep everyone safe, regardless of the situation. Sometimes, when out and everyone’s had one too many drinks, things that wouldn’t happen when you’re sober tend to come out to play. We’re talking obnoxious personas, indecent exposure and many more negative things. If the police catch you, you may end up in serious trouble especially if you’ve decided to head abroad for your celebrations.

Still, in the midst of your stag do? Check out our epic collection of awesome stag do activities and ideas you and the lads will love! Why not throw in some cheeky stag do games, dares and challenges along the way?

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