WhatsApp Stag Do Group Chat Names

WhatsApp Group Chat Names for Stag Parties

Believe it or not but rallying the lads with hilarious WhatsApp group chat names is the perfect way build the excitement and hype for big celebrations!

Whether you’re heading on the biggest stag do ever, the ultimate hen party or just a great day out with your mates, nobody’s going to want to join a chat called “Day Out” or “Dave’s Stag Do”, are they? Make sure everyone is raring to go with one of these side-splittingly funny WhatsApp group chat names!

Stag Do Group Chat Names

  • "Menace 2 Sobriety"
  • "Stags Will be Stags"
  • "The Good, The Stag & The Ugly"
  • "What Happens in [location]..."
  • "Who Let the Stags Out?"
  • "Stag-U-Like"
  • "Stags, Assemble!"
  • "The Stagnificent [group size]"
  • "Countdown to Carnage"
  • "The Banter Brigade"
  • "Silence of the Stags"
  • "Soup of the Day: BEER"
  • "Stag Wars: The Bladdered Menace"
  • "Wish You Were Beer"
  • "Reservoir Stags"
  • "The Hangover: Part 4"
  • "The Stagfather"
  • "Stags on Tour"
  • "We Came, We Saw, We Drank"
  • "I Fought the Beer & the Beer Won"

Need Some More Ideas?

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