What Are The Best Man Duties?

If you've found yourself on this page, you have been given the honour of being your best pals best man - Congra­tula­tions!­ As many people know, once you have been graced with this title, you will have some extremely important and vital best man duties. These duties will be useful for a number of different things. From the stag do, to the wedding preparations and being the support that the groom to be needs.

Most Important Best Man Duties:

1. Be the groom’s confidant

2. Help with all the wedding planning

3. Plan the ultimate stag do

4. Write a hilarious best man speech

5. Add some fun aspects into the whole wedding process

6. Include some pranks (keep the groom on his toes)

7. Make sure all the groomsmen are organised

8. Help with any last minute plans

9. Prepare for emergencies on the way to the ceremony

10. Get the groom to the ceremony on time

11. Keep the rings safe

12. Help with questions from any photographers, caterers, DJs etc.

13. Deliver your speech to the audience

14. Help hand out any presents that the groom may have for bridesmaids etc.

15. Compliment the bride/­bridesmaids

16. Get everyone on the dancefloor

17. Collect the wedding gifts and cards at the end of the wedding

18. Make sure the groom doesn’t get too drunk

19. Get any momentous prepared of the wedding for the bride and groom

20. Welcome the happy couple home after they’ve had their honeymoon.

20 Most Important Best Man Duties

Timeline of the Best Man Duties

The duties of the best man are split up into a timeline. There are three key areas that you have to make sure you cover to ensure you have succeeded! These areas are duties you need to do before the wedding, during the wedding and after the wedding. To make things a lot simpler for you, we’ve split them up into the key sections.

Before the Wedding

All the things you do before the wedding are essential as they could make or break the wedding and everything on the run up to the big day. You need to make sure the groom is organised. A stag do is booked and stag party dares ready. Keep the planning process fun. Organise the groomsmen. Prepare for any issues before the ceremony, such as knowing how to tie a windsor knot!

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During the Wedding

Once you’ve done all that and you’re on your way to the wedding you need to make sure that you get to the ceremony on time. Keep the rings safe until they are needed. Talk to all the photographers, caterers, DJs etc. who may have any questions. Deliver the best man speech and compliment the bride/­bridesmaids whilst throwing in a Mother-in-law joke or two! Get the party started. Collect any wedding gifts and cards at the end of the wedding. And most importantly, make sure the groom doesn’t get too drunk.

After the Wedding

Although you may think your job as best man is done after the wedding night is over. There are a few important best man duties after the wedding that you will need to complete. The first being to collect any momentous that you have from the wedding for the bride and groom. And lastly welcome them home after they’ve came home from their honeymoon. Once all this has done your job as best man is complete.

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