Stag Do Fancy Dress

Stag Do Fancy Dress

Bring on the banter with these fantastic stag do costumes as you and the lads embark on the groom-to-be’s big night out!

No matter if it’s just for him or you’re all in it together, here’s some of the best stag do fancy dress ideas to help you decide. When it comes to the last night of freedom, you can’t let the stag get away without being dressed for the occasion! After all, a stag do is the perfect occasion to get dressed up and party like there’s no tomorrow. Even though you're online shopping, don't panic as the majority of costumes are 'One Size Fits All'. That means there's no excuse to get that perfect stag do costume straight in your shopping basket! So whether you’re looking for funny, embarrassing or downright awful, we think we’ve got you covered.

Inflatable Stag Do Costumes

Going all-out with a big and bold inflatable stag costume and make sure the groom really stands out on his big night out! Don’t worry about getting out of breath trying to blow these things up, as inflatable stag do outfits are fitted with self-inflating fans (usually requires batteries)

Inflatable Uncle Sam Costume - £26.99

Inflatable Uncle Sam Costume - Amazon

Inflatable Alien Costume - £44.99

Inflatable Alien Costume - Amazon

Inflatable Dinosaur Costume - £39.99

Inflatable Deluxe Dinosaur Riding Costume - Amazon

Inflatable Astronaut Costume - £29.99

Inflatable Astronaut Costume - Amazon

Embarrassing Stag Do Outfits

There’s no reason to make sure it’s a night to remember for all the lads by going all-out on the costumes, as there’s a whole host of embarrassing stag costumes out there to choose from! Whether it’s the classic mankini to imitating the bride herself, we would recommend checking ahead with the venue/s you plan on visiting on the stag do just to be sure!

Bride-to-Be Stag Do Outfit - £24.47

Bride-to-Be Outfit - Amazon

Inflatable Egg Plant Suit - £38.99

Giant Inflatable Egg Plant Emoji Outfit - Amazon

Classic Mankini - £4.78

Stag Do Mankini - Amazon

60's Rock Chick Outfit - £19.98

Funny Rock Guy with Wig Outfit - Amazon

Stag Do Food Costumes

The ladies will know who the real snack is when you get him all dressed up in his stag do food costume! Get the groom-to-be looking like a tasty taco, or maybe even a gigantic eggplant (if you know, you know).  This might be a good route to go down if you’re planning on heading to venues that are stricter on offensive fancy dress costumes!

Mexican Taco Costume - £22.84

Novelty Mexican Taco Fancy Dress Outfit - Amazon

Gigantic Hot Dog Costume - £17.60

Giant Hot Dog Costume - Amazon

"Red Hot" Chilli Pepper Suit - £19.99

Smiffys Chilli Pepper Costume - Amazon

Red Lobster Costume - £23.99

Lobster Fancy Dress Costume - Amazon

Group Stag Do Outfits

Especially if you’re heading out to a busy city for your boozy celebrations, opting for group stag do outfits is a great idea if you want to easily spot each other amongst the crowds! Even though you can use most stag do costumes as a group, some work better than others, such as these below:

Naughty Nun Outfit with Cross - £14

Nun Fancy Dress Costume - Amazon

Sexy Cheerleader Outfit - £15.95

Novelty Red Hot Cheerleader Outfit - Amazon

Bavarian Lederhosen Outfit - £20.43

Bavarian Lederhosen Outfit - Amazon

Mario Plumber Outfit - £16

Plumber Fancy Dress Costume - Amazon

Celebrity Stag Do Costumes

Bring along some famous faces on the night with these brilliant celebrity stag do costumes. Whether you’re looking to ‘break free’ as Freddy Mercury or fancy a trip round town with the world’s favourite dictator, these stag do outfits are bound to stand out amongst the rest.

70s Elvis Rock'n'Roll Outfit - £33.49

Elvis Fancy Dress Costume - Amazon

Dictator Ride-On Costume - £44.99

Ride On Kim Jong Un Costume - Amazon

Freddy Mercury Costume - £38.59

Rock Star Housewife Fancy Dress Costume - Amazon

Groovy 'Austin Powers' Costume - £29.99

Groovy Dancer Austin Powers Costume - Amazon

More Stag Do Outfit Ideas

Still undecided? No worries! There’s a great deal of choice out there, ranging from the wacky to just plain weird. We’ve covered a few stag do fancy dress ideas, but if you need any more inspiration, check out these ones too:

Escaped Prisoners/­Convict - £11.54

Black & White Convict Fancy Dress Costume - Amazon

Male Infrared Full Body Suit - £35.99

Multicoloured Infrared Full Body Suit - Amazon

Ghostbusters Overalls & Prop - £35.44

Ghostbusters Costume - Amazon

Purple Tartan Golfing Outfit - £31.99

Tartan Purple Golfer Fancy Dress Costume - Amazon

'Studmeister' Beer Bottle - £21.48

Studmeister Beer Bottle Costume - Amazon

70's "Big Daddy" Pimp Suit - £28.99

70s Red Pimp Fancy Dress Costume - Amazon

Power Rangers Full Body Suit - £26.98

Power Ranger Mighty Morph Skin - Amazon

"Where's Wally?" Outfit - £11.99

Where's Wally Fancy Dress Costume - Amazon

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