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Stag Do Pranks for the Stag Weekend

Stag party staples are always booze, the lads, and the pranks! They add some laughter to the weekend and break up the stag do activities that you’ll have planned.

15 Stag Do Prank Ideas for the Weekend!

A celebration wouldn’t be the same if there weren’t any stag do pranks and stag do games thrown around now and again. Everything from the old school tying the groom to a lamppost to shaving off his eyebrows. We think stag do pranks are simply awesome!

1. Fake Kidnap

All you need is a vehicle and a pair of cuffs to get this stag party prank down to a T. Surprise the groom on a night out with a blindfold, chuck him into a boot and revel in his reaction!

2. The Wrong Stripper

Watch the pleasure on your best pal's face when you tell him you’ve booked a sexy female stripper, only to reveal a male stripper for the show! This also works the other way if you’re organising some stag pranks for an LGBT stag weekend.

3. UV Paint

Subtle yet effective, get your hands on the stags outfit for the evening and go to town with the UV Paint. Penises, rude words and hilarious nicknames are at the top of the priority list.

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4. The Bungee Jump

This is one of the best pranks around at the moment. All you have to do is ensure the groom is blindfolded and handcuffed. Now, when driving somewhere, tell him you’re just making a quick stop and walking him near a pond (without him knowing). Get him to stand still and start wrapping a rope around his legs. He’ll be very quick to realise (think) you are making him do a bungee jump blindfolded. At this point remove the handcuffs, but make sure he doesn’t remove the blindfold. Unbeknown to him, he would only be falling from 3 feet high and straight into the water.

5. The Mankini

An absolute classic, if you’re in charge of the stag do theme, treat the stag to a very revealing mankini for the last night of freedom.

6. Break a Leg!

If the man of the hour is first to fall asleep, wrap up his leg in a fake cast and come up with a hilarious story of how he broke it.

7. An Airport Surprise

If you’re going on a stag, do it abroad; take a moment to slip a surprise into the stag carry-on before you go. Imagine his face when he has to explain the inflatable penis to the airport security guard! Or maybe have a fake police woman conduct an airport transfer strip.

8. Shavin’ Too Close

This one takes it to the extreme, so ensure the stag do is well before the wedding lads! Shave, wax or even pluck an eyebrow off your groom while he’s getting some beauty sleep.

9. Fake Tan Clan

Instead of using face paint to embarrass the groom use fake tan and only do half of his face. Half of him will look like a carrot and the laughter in the group will not stop!

10. The Marsbar

When the stag ultimately passes out, and you have to take him back to the hotel, shove a Marsbar between his but cheeks. When he wakes up, he’ll “crap” himself.

11. The Classic Lamppost Tie

You’ve seen it done before, but tying/taping your groom to be to a lamppost in a fairly public place never gets old does it, lads?


Another old school classic. Convince the groom to have a drink with some Viagra (bear in mind that Viagra can have serious side effects). This will see that for the rest of the night he’ll have his tent pitched! Works great with stag do prank No. 15!

13. Hot Sauce Prank

All you need is a sneaky bottle of hot sauce, and you can slide this stag night prank into the whole weekend with various food, drinks and even a toothbrush.

14. Handcuffed

If you take a pair of handcuffs on the last night of freedom, you never know what to expect. Add a bit of danger to the celebrations and see where the stag ends. What about a dwarf handcuffed to him all night?

15. Drag Queen Prank

You’ve asked the groom, and he is okay with having a stripper. However, you’re not going to make life so easy for him. So what you’ve done is hired a very, very manly drag queen stripper! Oh, and don’t forget, stag. Do prank No.8. A bit of Viagra for the show will make sure he never forgets it!

15 Stag Do Prank Ideas for the Weekend

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Still looking for stag pranks? Here's a few more


All the groom needs to know is that you have bought the finest fake hair so he can finally have the moustache/beard he wanted. What you don’t tell him until the next morning is that the hair is everyone’s… private hair.


Everyone in the group attempts to grow the best possible moustache shaped like handlebars. This makes everyone’s face look funnier, and no one can take you seriously! If someone can't grow a moustache, see the stag do prank above!


Watching is believing! This stag group has put a lot of effort into arranging this fake bungee jump stag prank where the groom believes he is 100 feet in the air. 


There you go, lads! Here is a list of our favourite Stag Do Pranks, if you have any pranks that you have done or know of that aren’t in this list then let us know in the comments below! Want to check out some awesome Stag Do Games as well? 

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