Best Bars in Amsterdam

Best Bars in Amsterdam

Planning on heading to Amsterdam anytime soon? Well we’ve come to the rescue and put together a list of the best bars for you to pop into whilst you’re there!

Amsterdam is known for being a bug of vibrance and entertainment, so why wouldn’t you want to go on a boozer there? There are heaps of amazing bars throughout the city but we’ve whittled them down to the top 15 contenders and explained just what you’ll get if you decide to pay them a visit. So, prepare to drink some Dutch courage and celebrate in style, especially on your last night of freedom!

15 Bars to Visit in Amsterdam

Best Bars in Amsterdam - Bar Bukowski

1. Bar Bukowski

Named after the famous writer Charles Bukowski, this well-loved bar is committed to serving up heaps of liquor and literature. Upon entry into the bar you get a warm welcome with a homely feel, hence why it is one of the most popular places for locals and tourists to grab some grub and down some drinks. The drinks menu is extensive, covering tap beer, pitchers of beer, gin, vodka and plenty other spirits, so you’ll find something you love here! As Bukowski once said, “there is always a reason to drink!”.

📌 Oosterpark 10 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - Brouwerij t IJ

2. Brouwerij 't IJ 

If you’re a lover of all things craft beer then Brouwerij t IJ is the place to be! This epic brewery is a little distance from the main area of Amsterdam and is located right next to a windmill – how very Dutch! All the beers are certified organic, so you’re guaranteed to get a fresh pint on arrival. If the weather is on your side and the sun is shining, head out into their large outdoor terrace area and soak up the amazing views! Head over to one of the best clubs in Amsterdam after you've been to a few of these bars.

📌 Funenkade 7 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - Cafe Belgique

3. Café Belgique

Here’s another one for the beer lovers out there. Café Belgique is a small quirky bar covered floor to ceiling with graffiti, posters and warm décor. There’s over 50 types of quality Belgian beers on hand at this venue, alongside 8 tasty beers on draught. This is the perfect bar to visit if you’re after a quiet drinks, as the venue is quite small and has limit seating available. So, if you want to escape from the tourist buzz of the city, head to Café Belgique. Check out the best hotels in Amsterdam so that you have an amazing place to stay during the weekend.

📌 Gravenstraat 2 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - Cafe Hoppe

4. Café Hoppe 

Known for being one of Amsterdam’s oldest cafes, Café Hoppe is the ultimate destination to head to if you’re after a traditional and quaint Dutch pub. Dating all the way back to 1670, this pub has been serving up jenevers, beers, liquors, wines and other tasty drinks for its visitors on the daily. It’s based right in the heart of Amsterdam and stays open between 1 and 2am, so you don’t have to worry about stumbling too far to find your hotel after a night of boozing.

📌 Spui 18-20 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - De Drie Fleshjes

5. De Drie Fleshjes

Another ‘brown café’ (traditional Dutch pub) to visit if you love a good beer is De Drie Fleshjes... That's "The Three Bottles" in English, in case you were wondering! It’s located just outside the Dam Square with its own tasting room where you can spoil yourself to some Dutch gin/ As you sip on your drinks you’ll be surrounded by wooden barrels and tobacco stained walls, giving off a true warm atmosphere. Watch the world go by on the outdoor terrace or stay in the warmth at the bar.

📌 Gravenstraat 18 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - De Druif

6. De Druif

Sticking to the brown café theme, De Druif has been pulling pints since 1631 when it got its liquor license, but the building itself has stood wince 1566. It was previously used as a distillery, with spirit barrels still littering the walls inside and as an embarkation café which sailors visited to resister to board ships. Soak up the sun on the peaceful outdoor terrace or stay close to the bar inside which is filled with heaps of bottled or tap beer along with other various drinks.

📌 Rapen­bur­ger­plein 83 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - Flying Dutchmen Cocktails

7. Flying Dutchmen Cocktails 

Focusing on old but golden cocktails, Flying Dutchmen Cocktails is an epic cocktail bar inside the Odeon building in the heart of the city that you don’t want to miss out on. It’s widely known that this bar is home to the largest barback in the Netherlands, with over 800 tasty and unique spirits residing there and is open until 4am every day, making it the last cocktail bar to close in the early morning. No matter your flavour or style with cocktails, you’ll find something just for you here. This bar has won plenty awards, so why not pop in and see what all the hype is about?

📌 Singel 460 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - Hannekes Boom

8. Hannekes Boom 

On arrival to this extraordinary venue on the waterfront, you will be greeted with a shack like building created from reclaimed wood and salvaged materials. This is quite a hidden gem within the city and is across the water from the Nemo science centre, with a fine selection of drinks available, tasty snacks, DJ nights and bohemian décor. This place comes to life in summer with its epic outdoor beer garden and rooftop bar with terrace. So, if you’re in Amsterdam and the sun is shining, this is where everyone will be!

📌 Dijksgracht 4 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - Hiding in Plain Sight

9. Hiding in Plain Sight 

For an intimate and award winning experience, head over to Hiding in Plain Sight. This small craft cocktail bar is based right in the city centre, so you can reach it on foot, tram, taxi or another other mode of transport. This interior gives off a roaring 20s vibe, with crystal glasses, ice coolers and huge chandeliers. The drinks menu itself is very unique so it’s the perfect place to go to if you’re wanting to try something new when it comes to cocktails! We also have an impressive list of all the best restaurants in Amsterdam that might take your fancy.

📌 Rapenburg 18 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - Lotti’s

10. Lotti’s Amsterdam

With a retractable glass ceiling and local DJ’s busting out great tunes on the weekend, Lotti’s in a hip and fun place to go for a cocktail or two whilst out in Amsterdam. This bar is based within The Hoxton hotel with exposed brick walls, comfy armchairs and leather sofas for you to sink into whilst downing your drinks. There’s even a photobooth inside the bar where you can capture some photos to remember the night by! The bar is well stocked with a nice variety of drinks, from cocktails to wine, all the way to beers and cider.

📌 Herengracht 255 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - Pllek

11. Pllek Amsterdam

If you fancy immersing yourself into panoramic views of the River IJ and all of its banks, then Pllek will offer the best seats for you. This bar is constructed from old shipping containers, maritime objects and recycled materials. The crowd drawn into this bar tend to be younger but older locals pop in and catch the stunning views of the city on the daily. The drinks menu includes cocktails, Dutch spirits, beer, cognac, whiskey and everything else you could think of!

📌 T.T. Neveritaweg 59 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - Sky Lounge

12. Sky Lounge 

Sky Lounge is an award winning and trendy rooftop bar which overlooks the entire city of Amsterdam. The panoramic views and extensive drinks menu are what draw in visitors every single day. They have created their own refined cocktails and serve up everything from wine to whiskeys at their epic bar. The drinks are a little more expensive than the average, but it’s most definitely worth it for the views! This venue will take your night to a higher level – literally! So, if you want to see Amsterdam as a whole whilst on your travels, then go to Sky Lounge.  

📌 Ooster­dok­sstraat 4 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - The Tara

13. The Tara 

A well-loved Dutch bar in the heart of Amsterdam, The Tara was originally an English pub but has now been transformed into a hub of Dutch courage. There’s five different rooms on offer in the large venue, with three bars to keep all the visitor’s drinks topped up! This is the perfect bar for large groups to celebrate in, especially if you’re wanting to watch live sports or enjoy some music whilst drinking. The drinks menu itself has everything you could need, with all the classics and some unique drinks to try whilst you’re there.

📌 Rokin 85 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - Vesper Bar

14. Vesper Bar 

If you’re in the Jordaan neighbourhood and are looking for a relaxed drink, then head over to Vesper Bar. This laid-back bar will spoil you to heaps of wines, beers and cocktails for you to choose from, ensuring the pickiest of drinkers have something there to their liking. Names after the Bond girl Vesper, you won’t be surprised to see James Bond memorabilia lined throughout the décor. You can even ask the approachable bartenders to whip together a bespoke cocktail just for you!

📌 Vinkenstraat 57 » | Website »

Best Bars in Amsterdam - Door 74

15. Door 74

A prohibition era style bar, Door 74 is definitely the place to be if you are looking for creative cocktails that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. It’s a hidden gem within the city, and most people simply walk past without even realising its there. With dark woods and art deco interior, you are bound to feel at home drinking in this epic bar. So, take your pick from the extensive drinks menu and enjoy fuelling up on Dutch courage.  

📌 Reguli­ers­dwarstr.­ 74 » | Website »

So, if you’re heading for a stag do in Amsterdam or just fancy a good drink whilst in the city, we hope this list will be handy on your travels! Still planning the stag do? Check out heaps of fun stag do activities for you and the lads to dive into.

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