Pub Golf Drinking Game

Pub Golf Drinking Game

Determine who the drinking champion is by taking the guys along on an hilarious themed night out by grabbing your clubs, flat caps and patterned vests to play the pub golf drinking game!

A stag do classic, the pub golf drinking game is a simple yet brilliantly funny way to bring a unique twist to your big night out if you are looking for some stag do games. Maybe you can’t decide on a theme for your evening or you’re just looking for a way to bring some rules, dares and challenges to enjoy with the lads! This extremely popular game is played all over the country and overseas by stag parties, so there’s no reason why you and the lads shouldn’t give this awesome game a try!

What is Pub Golf?

Not quite a sport like you might imagine, pub golf is played when a stag do group head out to the pubs and bars wearing golfing attire. With a pre-determined set of rules, nine pubs will need to be chosen as your “holes” for the night. If you think you can handle it, then you could always opt to go all the way with 18! Anyone breaking the rules or not following protocol will have to face the conse­qu­ences! Great for Cardiff Stag Weekends!

You Will Need:

1. Golfing Gear

2. Pub Golf Course (9 holes or 18)

3. Score Cards

Pub Golf Accessories

How to Play the Pub Golf Drinking Game

As long as you’ve got some golfing gear and an iron stomach, you’re all set and ready to get playing! When you and the guys arrive at the first venue, the game will begin. To avoid any possible confusion, someone in the group should be elected to take a copy of the rules with them on the night. This way, you can make sure that everyone plays fairly! Just like in a real game of golf, the less mistakes made means the lower the score… and the lad with the lowest score by the end of the night will be named the pub champion! On the flipside, anybody caught breaking the rules will have points added to their score as well as taking a forfeit!

Pub Golf Rules

1. Your pub golf course will consist of nine or eighteen holes/pubs

2. The holes will need to be visited in an order you have previously put together

3. Choose a drink and par for each hole/pub you will be visiting

4. The par will be the number of drinks/­sips/­gulps that are required for you to finish the drink

5. Every drink/­sip/­gulp you take will be noted and marked down as your final score for that hole

6. Everyone’s score will be put down onto the score card before you move onto the next hole

7. The person at the end of the evening with the lowest score will be crowned the pub golf champion

Pub Golf Forfeits

1. Choose which holes/pubs will be considered as ‘water hazards’, if a player needs to go the toilet whilst at the water hazard they will have to add 1 point onto their score

2. Choose some for ‘bunker hazards’ too, if a player doesn’t drink their drink in par, they will have to down a shot to get out of the bunker as well as adding 1 point onto their score

3. If you spill your drink or another players drink you will have to add 3 points onto your score

4. Cheating is strictly forbidden and if you catch someone lying about how many drinks/­sips/­gulps they do add 5 points onto the score

5. An 18-hole pub golf course can be pretty challenging, if someone ends up throwing up they will have to add 10 points onto their score

When is the Best Time to Play & Pub Golf Ideas?

Pub Golf is a fantastic idea if you’re stuck on deciding what theme to go for on your night out on the town. As nightclubs are known for being notoriously uncertain on their dress codes, it would be a better idea to play this game if you’re only sticking to the pubs and bars. So before you head out to celebrate with some boozy antics, make sure you have a specific list of bars/pubs you’re going to visit on the night!

We have a great list of the top hangover curing breakfasts that we'd suggest you reading through so you have some ideas for the morning after pub golf.

Pub golf is a classic drinking game, but we have plenty more where that came from if you want to add some different stag do games to the celeb­ra­tions. As well as amazing stag do activities that all the lads will enjoy.

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