Pizza Making Team Event

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Activity Details

  • Create and make pizza’s
  • Learn to toss dough
  • Fun, games & competitions
  • Prosecco, dough balls, nibbles

Pizza Making Team Building - How Does it Work?

A pizza making team building experience will take your colleagues out of the office to learn all about pizza ovens, the freshest authentic Italian ingredients like garlic, tomato sauce and classic Pizzaiolo cooking.­ This 1.5-2 hour pizza making workshop will start with an introduction before diving into making pizza with a few light-hearted competitions thrown in between. When you arrive to a central Italian restaurant, learn how to toss and roll dough by hand, add toppings and season your pizzas. Play pizza games and enjoy some dough balls and nibbles at your reserved table.

What’s Included

  • Fantastic event learning to make pizzas
  • Comes with a glass of Prosecco
  • Enjoy some garlic bread / balls
  • Learn to become a Pizzaiola Chef with a demons­tra­tion on how to stretch the dough base
  • Recom­men­dations and best way to layer toppings
  • Play games, battle head to head
  • Learn to toss dough before creating your very own pizza creation
  • Pick and choose from plenty of fresh ingredients
  • Once you've designed your pizza then relax at some reserved table in the restaurant while your pizzas are cooking
  • Your creations will be served at your table
  • Additional food and drinks can be purchased on the day

What Type of Pizzas Will You Make on this Pizza Team Event?

During your pizza party everyone will start with a base of classic ingredients of a Pizza Margherita; mozzarella, tomato puree and fresh basil. From there, get creative with a variety of pizza toppings like pepperoni, peppers, mushrooms and spices. All the pizzas will go in a woodfired oven until cooked to perfection, no matter how loaded your pizza base is.

How to Knead the Perfect Pizza Dough for Your Cooking Team Building?

Your pizzaiolo chef will prepare your dough the traditional Neapolitan way before you get your hands on the pizza kneading process. To knead the perfect pizza dough, make sure your surface is well-floured so the mixture doesn’t stick to the table or your hands. Then, work the pizza dough in rolling, stretching motions until the surface is smooth and you can’t poke a hole in it.

Try This Fun Event & Make Pizzas With Your Team!

The pizza making party team building events are a hugely popular choice for businesses across the UK. Offering a short, sweet and unique session filled with delicious food. As well as fun pizza games and competitions to test your employees within an out-of-work environment. Your whole event will be led by your own Pizzaiolo Chef. They will be on hand to take you through a few dough tossing demons­tra­tions, and make sure you cook your pizzas to perfection. Everyone within your group will have the chance to create their own classic Italian dish, flipping the dough, spreading the tomato base and adding all the toppings they like the look of to their creation.

As well as the main event, our team pizza making parties also gives your employees the chance to sit down and really get to know each other in a more relaxed atmosphere than the workplace. Enjoy a glass of Prosecco each, plus a few small nibbles and doughballs to whet your appetites before you taste test each other’s pizzas. All of this experience takes place in a relaxed restaurant atmosphere, meaning it’s a fantastic choice whether you want an event to break the ice for a newly formed team. Or you’re looking to treat your long-standing colleagues to something fun and different.

The Following are Featured in the Pizza Making Team Building Event

Learn some basics of being a Pizzaiolo Chef

What better way to learn about the art of pizza making than trying to become an Pizzaiolo Chef.  You will be taught how to make pizza's and stretch dough bases whilst using fresh Italian ingredients.

Fully organised event

It can be quite tricky trying to ensure that the event you plan runs smoothly. Which is why pizza making is so good, book an event with us and it will be fully organised for you.

All ingredients and equipment included

Don't worry about bringing your own pizza oven, garlic, mozzarella and pizza dough. All the ingredients and pizza equipement will be included in your event.

Venue Hire Included

Wherever you plan on having your pizza making event you will be able to enjoy venue hire!

Public liability insurance

There can be plenty of worries when it comes to planning a event for your business. But with public liability insurance you will have nothing to worry about. Your booking is safe with us!

Event staff to ensure everything runs smoothly

We have experienced event staff on hand throughout your event to make sure that everything runs as it should. This means your group will be able to get the most out of your event.

Tried & tested by many businesses

We have so many great businesses each year that book and love the pizza making activity.

Enjoy your pizza creations at your private table

And once your pizzas are cooked in the pizza ovens you will be able to enjoy them in your reserved area.

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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Justine Morris
5th October 2021
The event was fun and we all enjoyed it. Thank you for organising it all.
Rating 5.0
David Mason
14th September 2021
We had a really good night thank you – we were very well looked after.
I’ll keep your details for the next time.
Rating 5.0
Nick Warner
8th September 2021
Yes, the event went really well, thank you. The feedback from the team was very positive, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

It was a good event that ran smoothly and helped us achieve our team day aims.
Rating 5.0
Hollie Ailsby-Fish
12th March 2020
Fantastic event yesterday, we were well looked after, had great fun and Panda the host was very knowled­ge­able and helpful (she’s a true credit to Pizza Express).
We will definitely be looking to do future events and I’ll take a look at your website for further ideas.
Rating 5.0
Tracy Kenny
5th March 2020
we all thoroughly enjoyed the event. The guy that took us was fantastic!! We had a brilliant night.
Rating 5.0
Gabby Yordnova
5th March 2020
The event was more than fantastic! Thank you for organising it!
Rating 5.0
Claudio Pettannice
11th February 2020
Everything went smoothly and the team enjoyed it!
Rating 5.0
Tim Macartney
5th February 2020
The team had a blast!
Rating 5.0
Louise Ashton-Roberts
30th January 2020
We had a great time thank you.
Rating 5.0
Joe Ladlow
17th January 2020
The event went really well and the team enjoyed the activity