Why Choose a Stag Do in Germany?

Reasons to Have a Stag Do in Germany

One of our most popular stag destinations, it’s not hard to see why lads choose Germany stag do locations time and time again for their celebrations.

However, with all the great cities on offer around the country, it can be difficult to narrow down exactly where to go – so we’ve done the hard work for you! Check out some of the many reasons to have a stag do in Germany below.

Reasons To Have a Stag Do in Germany | Berlin


Berlin is the exciting and forward-thinking capital city of Germany, located right in the heart of Central Europe. Boasting beautiful open avenues and impressive architecture, there’s something for everyone in the German capital.

Berlin is a perfect location for your stag weekend in Germany. With around 1000 Bars & Clubs to choose from and a pint of beer costing around 3-5 Euros, you won’t be stuck to find a great location to enjoy the roaring nightlife Berlin has to offer. What better way to discover these great locations than by booking a bar crawl stag do in Berlin through us in this wonderful city?

Despite being the capital city, it hosts acres of open green spaces and is surrounded by lush forests and beautiful lakes, which means the city hosts a wide variety of fun active stag experiences for you and your group. Whether you’re looking for the true city experience or something more in-tune with nature, Berlin is the perfect destination for your stag do in Germany!

Did you Know?: We have over 50 Berlin stag do activities!

Reasons To Have a Stag Do in Germany | Hamburg


Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and equally as exciting as the capital. It hosts over 100 music venues, 40 theatres and 50 museums, and is a vibrant centre of culture and arts in the heart of Germany, leaving you with plenty of options for your Hamburg stag weekend! Along with the best Hamburg attractions for you to visit.

A pint of beer costs around 3-4 euros, and what better way is there to explore this wonderful city whilst enjoying a pint than booking a beer bike stag do for you and your party? If you don’t fancy the cycling, why not enjoy a traditional Hamburg Beer Hall crawl and take in the world-renowned historic architecture and atmosphere of these stunning locations?

Did you know?: We have over 40 Hamburg stag activities for you to choose from!

Reasons To Have a Stag Do in Germany | Munich


There are plenty of Munich stag do activities to choose from in this exciting South German city, which sits at the edge of the beautiful Alps. The Bavarian capital hosts and exciting nightlife with plenty of pubs and clubs located all around the city… not to mention the largest strip club in Europe!

There truly is something for everyone when it comes to a the last blowout in Munich, and you won’t be short of ideas for your final weekend of freedom.

Home to the world-famous Oktoberfest and amazing German beers, why not enjoy the full experience with a Munich brewery tour for your group and groom-to-be?

Reasons To Have a Stag Do in Germany | Cologne


A stag do in Cologne is one of Germany’s most underrated treasures. With impressive architecture, buzzing carnivals and a successful football team, it is also known as one of the friendliest cities in Europe.

The city hosts over 3000 pubs, cafés and restaurants, making it the perfect location for a top night out stag do in Cologne.

If you fancy something more active and a little less traditional, try your hand at an indoor paintball stag do, battle your friends with 200 paintballs each and put your hours of video game practice to the test.

If you’d prefer that the party came to you instead, consider booking a 2-hour party bus in Cologne, which will take you and your group around the city in an impressive mobile club, with stylish seating and an impressive sound system!

Reasons To Have a Stag Do in Germany | Dusseldorf


Dusseldorf is the stylish and unique centre of art and fashion industries, with and Schadowstrasse being the heart of the city’s high-end retail and fashion stores. If you and the lads enjoy a bit of retail therapy, then we would highly recommend a stag party Dusseldorf style when considering your stag do ideas in Germany.

Like the rest of Germany, this is a city that enjoys a diverse range of foods and local cuisine. Experience what the city has to offer with a traditional German dinner in Dusseldorf , which includes a 3 course German meal right in the heart of this beautiful city on the River Rhine.

Before you head out on your big night, try our American school party bus stag do in Dusseldorf and explore the city in true VIP fashion, where you and the lads have a choice between a 24 pack of beer or 2 bottles of sparkling wine, use this as the perfect way to see the sights in this amazing city before taking on the many bars and clubs it has to offer.

Reasons To Have a Stag Do in Germany | Frankfurt


If you’re looking for a buzzing city full of exciting stag activities, we think that a Frankfurt stag do is the best choice for the groom-to-be’s final days of freedom before the big day!

Located in Western Germany, the city has a similar climate to here in the UK, so you know what to expect if you’re looking to book some outdoor activities for your Frankfurt stag do.

Reasons To Have a Stag Do in Germany | Stuttgart


With flights just short of 2 hours long and cheap beer across the city, there’s no reason why you and the lads shouldn’t consider a Stuttgart stag do for your stag party in Germany!

The stunning Central European weather means that you’ll be spoilt for choice with outdoor stag activities. Channel your inner pro golfer by trying an urban golf in Stuttgart. Located in the heart of the city, you and the lads will have 3 hours on the course with all equipment provided for you, as well as a guide to help you out!

There are so many Stuttgart stag do activities to choose from! See here.

Take a glance at our huge variety of stag do, all of which can be changed to suit you and your group. For years, we’ve offered over 1,000's of stag do activities across 65+ locations in the UK and Europe. All experiences are tried and rated by other stags to help you narrow down your decision! If you’re still unsure, let our expert stag event managers help you with experience and expertise.

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