Frankfurt Stag Do

Frankfurt Stag Do

Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

  • Will you escape!
  • Different themed rooms
  • Themed challenges
  • Solve puzzles and clues
  • £46.00
American School Party Bus

American School Party Bus

  • Tour Frankfurt
  • Exclusive to your group
  • Amazing facilities
  • Great for large groups
  • £501.00
Private Party Boat

Private Party Boat

  • Private boat hire
  • Bring your own drinks
  • Sunbathe & chill out
  • Music system available
  • £623.50
Dragon Boat

Dragon Boat

  • Dragon boat tour
  • 3 hour duration
  • English speaking guide
  • Experienced boatman
  • £1795.50
Burger Meal

Burger Meal

  • Burger & fries
  • Cheesecake dessert
  • Central restaurants
  • Welcome guide
  • £39.50
Indoor Go Karting

Indoor Go Karting

  • Indoor racing track
  • Latest karts
  • Trophy for the winner
  • Long race time
  • £1088.00


  • Football meets golf
  • 18 holes played
  • Welcome guide
  • Great activity for all
  • £49.50
Outdoor Go Karting

Outdoor Go Karting

  • Outdoor racing track
  • Fast karts
  • Trophy for the winner
  • 45 min race
  • £1439.00
Stand Up Paddle Boarding

Stand Up Paddle Boarding

  • Single board per person
  • Water based fun
  • Suitable for all types
  • 2 hours activity
  • £88.00
Laser Tag

Laser Tag

  • Infrared laser games
  • Ultimate shooting thrill
  • 3 games to play
  • Includes soft drinks
  • £42.00
Gin Tasting

Gin Tasting

  • Try international gins
  • Total of 7 varieties
  • Tonics & snacks included
  • Learn history & distillation
  • £88.00
Travel Abroad With Funktion

Travel Abroad With Funktion

  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7
Deluxe Shooting Range

Deluxe Shooting Range

  • Ultimate shooting experience!
  • Choose 5 Weapons to shoot
  • Ammunition included
  • Safety briefing/­equipment provided
  • £201.00
3D Mini Golf

3D Mini Golf

  • Black-lit Minigolf!
  • 18-holes to play
  • Includes balls & clubs
  • 3D glasses included
  • £28.00
Football Darts

Football Darts

  • Huge dart board
  • Loads of mini games
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Velcro footballs included
  • £423.00


  • Test your aim
  • Recursive & Long Bows
  • Professional host
  • Coffee each
  • £78.50

What Do You Get from a Stag Do in Frankfurt?

A celebration weekend is supposed to be memorable, outrageous and damn right crazy. What better way to ensure that happens than with a Frankfurt stag do? Central Germany has a lot to offer, especially in Frankfurt. Whether you are wanting a wild night full of the best alcohol in Frankfurt or an action-packed weekend. There are plenty of ideas to suit every need. With amazing activities, packages and accommodation available you will be able to go all out with this entire experience. What better way to celebrate the soon to be weds final weekend of freedom then here?

What Do You Get from a Stag Do in Frankfurt?

Known for being the business and financial centre of Germany, Frankfurt is no stranger to welcoming thousands of tourists each year. The smaller city in Germany is an eye-catching destination for celebrations, with its futuristic skyline and the busiest airport in Germany. If you’re looking for a location that’s a bit outside the box, this is perfect! it is the perfect location to head to for a Frankfurt stag weekend if you want to let loose and really enjoy yourself.

Known fully as Frankfurt-on-the-Main because of its placement along the Main River, the city is interesting from every angle. On one side, the bustling inner city has one of the largest stock exchange’s in the world with the European Central Bank. But on the underbelly of Frankfurt you can find wild nightlife and hidden gems to sink your teeth into. The Alstradt (Old Town) is always getting some TLC with new bars, pubs and restaurants springing out of nowhere.

Frankfurt is a great option if you’re looking at Germany as a whole but won’t a destination that’s interesting, edgy and not too expensive. The German and other world beers here are mostly sold for under 5 euros, so you can invite all your best guy mates to celebrate. Last but not least, the weather is similar to ours back in the UK so you won’t be needing to empty your pockets out for a brand-new wardrobe.

  • Country: Germany
  • Language: German
  • Currency: Euro (€)
  • Cost of a pint: €4.00
  • Airport: Frankfurt am Main Airport
  • Flight duration: 1hr 40 mins

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Frankfurt

Before you head over to Germany, read this short and sweet list of the best Frankfurt stag activities to try while you’re there. This eclectic mix is sure to make the weekend one to remember!

1. Deluxe Shooting Range

Test your aim and learn how to fire a variety of high-powered firearms with an instructor to guide you - the ultimate stag do experience!

2. Escape Rooms

A brain-teasing daytime activity that requires your group to work together in order to escape a themed room before the time runs out!

3. Gin Tasting

If you’re a group of gin lovers, then you guys will love this tasting session where you can try 7 different types of gin and pairing snacks in a brilliant city centre venue.

4. American School Party Bus

Take a ride through Frankfurt in an old-school American school bus with a twist; This party on wheels has an on-board sound system, booze and great seating, making it a perfect add-on to your night out!

5. Footgolf

Take a break from the booze with a competitive mixture of football and golf in a specially modified course around Frankfurt!

6. Dragon Boat

An activity totally different from the rest! You and the guys can take a tour of the city’s waterways in a 3-hour dragon boat session that none of you will be sure to forget!

7. Paddle Boarding

Explore the city via the River Main with this fun water sport! Includes all the equipment you need to find your balance on the boards and enjoy the view.

8. Indoor Go Karting

For all you adrenaline junkies out there… Take to the track and race for victory in a fast-paced 45-minute race with the guys in some powerful go-karts.

9. Laser Tag

Channel your inner artist with this cheeky yet sophisticated activity where you’ll have the chance to draw a nude female model for 2 hours.

10. Private Party Boat

You and the lads will get an hour session on a private boat where you can relax, sunbathe, listen to music and drink with this activity that’s perfect for celebrating in style!

Frankfurt is a big city, and this means there’s plenty more Frankfurt stag do ideas where these came from! If none of the above experiences stand out, make sure to check out our full list.

Top Places to Eat in Frankfurt?

Top Places to Eat in Frankfurt?

A stag do in Frankfurt will of course include a lot of food and in between all of your Frankfurt stag do ideas we are sure you will have worked up an appetite. Luckily for you Germany and specifically Frankfurt is known for its delicious food.  So make sure you look out for some of these delicious dishes. First up a classic, the Frankfurter Würstchen. The pork sausages are comparatively long and cooked in boiling water for a few minutes before served with a slice of white bread and mustard and horseradish.

If you are after a local drink then why not try Äppelwoi, it is their take on cider. The taste is usually a lot tarter and sour compared to what you may be used to from the UK, but it’s refreshing once you’re used to it. And for a dessert look out for the Frankfurter Kranz, it is a ring shaped cake with three layers along with buttercream icing and strawberry or cherry jam.

Now that you know a little about the local cuisine, where’s best to eat in Frankfurt? There’s plenty of hotspots to head to if you’re belly is rumbling, and because Frankfurt is such a hit with tourists there’s a ton of options when it comes to cuisine. For something totally new, what about a bite to eat at the wholly famous African Queen restaurant? Serving Eritean (East African) traditional dishes, it’s sure to be a meal to remember. Plus, it’s in the city centre for ease! Not everyone likes to step out of their comfort zone when it comes to food, but Frankfurt accommodates with classics like Pizzeria 7 Bello on Niddastraße. What better way to line your stomachs before the night out than some tasty pizza?

It may be small, but Frankfurt is extremely proud of it’s Germany heritage, and that shows with the passion they throw into their food. If you want to fully immerse yourself in the culture, get some German grub at the highly-rated Ebbelwoi Unser. You’ll feel like family as you work in, and you’ll leave in a food coma to remember. For a quick bite that’s a bit further afield than the city centre, head to the uber cool Heroes Premium Burgers. Themed with iconic villains and high bar stools, you can get a cracking burger to eat in or outside.

Guide to Frankfurt Nightlife for Stag Weekends

Frankfurt’s nightlife is everything you could ever imagine for your stag do. And it is far from dull, it is mainly known for being home to over 40 000 students which as you can imagine means every night is a party night. There are a multitude of areas across the city that come alive when the sun goes down, meaning there’s a venue for every type of groom to be to dance the night away with a beer in hand!


An area that you can guarantee will always be busy, Bockenheim is the place that students love to congregate. This district surrounds the Frankfurt university, which means a lot of bars and nightclubs have popped up over the years to entertain big groups – perfect for a stag do! For a few drinks to kick off the night and toast to the groom, there’s no better place then Bockenheimer Weinkontor. Although it’s a mouthful, this chilled-out little bar has a massive menu of liquors to try in a relaxed atmosphere. The inside of this venue is pretty small, but the outdoor patio is what draws people in all year round.

For a place where you can catch up on the footy and have a rowdy round of beers, you’ll find a seat in Chucky’s Sportsbar. The most popular in Frankfurt’s Bockenheim district, the atmosphere is always loud and exciting and you might just end up staying until the end of night kebab! Chucky’s strips things back, but if you’d prefer somewhere with a wow factor then Ong Tao is the place for you. Primarily a Vietnamese restaurant, they also have a unique bar area that’s themed with Vietnam in mind and serves bespoke drinks and cocktails.

When the early morning kicks in and the bars close, Café Koz will open it’s doors to anyone and everyone for an evening of music and laid-back vibes. The graffiti-covered venue is a unique place that is all amount liberal thinking. A cross between a jazz club and music venue, Café Koz really stands out from the crowd in this area of Frankfurt.

Café Koz gives you an idea of why Bockenheimer got it’s name as Jazzgasse (Jazz Alley), but there’s plenty of other venues that play into that theme too. For live music on the weekend, there’s no better place than Jazzkeller. The leading music venue in the whole of Frankfurt city, it’s a treat that doesn’t coast much but is sure to leave a lasting impression on all the lads.


Everyone has heard of the red light district that draws tourists to Amsterdam, but have you seen Frankfurt’s own red light district? The Kaiserstrasse area is renowned for being the urban, sex capital on the inner city and is perfect for a stag do in Frankfurt. When it comes to choosing a place to spend your night, sometimes it’s best to follow the sheep and go somewhere you know it going to be good. La Mex Lounge is exactly that, with top reviews, expert cocktail and enough space for a big group of guys to drink each other under the table.

Just up the road from La Mex Lounge is Red Light District Frankfurt nightclub, which is described by many as an adult playground when night time rolls around. A strip club, nightclub and bar all rolled into one, it’s a classic stop for any party visiting the German city. Possibly the opposite of that buzzing nightclub is Mercedes Reyes Cigarlounge. If you’re looking to get away from the loud music and big crowds, head to this petite venue for a strong cocktail and impressive hand-rolled cigars.


All of the nightlife districts across Frankfurt have one unique selling point, which means you’ll have to visit all three if you want the full Frankfurt experience! For Sachsenhausen, it’s main magnet for groups of guys is the variety of nightclubs. It’s the place to party well into the early hours of the morning, so if you’re groom to be is a night owl than this is the place for you. For small and compact that still packs a punch, Clubkeller is a riot for drinking and dancing. The basement venue has occasional live music, plus a smoking room to catch a breather in between throwing some shapes.

For edgy techno music and a massive dancefloor, it doesn’t get much better than Ponyhof! This longstanding nightclub always has a DJ on, and more than enough room for all your lads to celebrate your best pals upcoming nuptials. Last but by no means least, we couldn’t write a Frankfurt nightlife guide without mentioning Voices nightclub. This venue doubles as a dance club and karaoke bar, so whether you’re groom to be is a massive fan of singing his lungs out or you’re looking for a hilarious prank, this place is perfect.

What Are the Reasons to Visit Frankfurt?

What Are the Reasons to Visit Frankfurt?

Always Improving

These days, Frankfurt really care about your experience in the city. They’ve taken pride in the old architecture that stills stands after the war, but built new and innovative experiences to fill the weekend too.

Main River

The city is picturesque on it’s own, but with the River Main you can enjoy great views, water sports and boat tours or cruises around the city.

Sachsenhausen Cider Taverns

Swap your beer for cider with Frankfurt’s well-loved Apfelwein cider. It’s deliciously crisp, and can be found in cosy taverns all over the city centre, especially in the Sachsenhausen district.

Something Different

Tons of groups go to Germany every year, but if you want to stand out from the crowd while still enjoying a short flight then Frankfurt is the answer.

Cheaper Than the Capital

It might go without saying, but you can easily immerse yourself in traditional German culture without the high price tag of Berlin – and still have a great time!

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Stag Do in Frankfurt?

Tips to Get the Most Out of Your Stag Do in Frankfurt?

There’s plenty to keep you busy during the night time when you’re in Frankfurt, with bustling nightlife that’s sprawled around the inner city. But what about when the sun is shining? The small city gives the larger German cities a run for their money with the amount of landmarks and things to do in Frankfurt. Not just including the scrumptious bratwursts, there’s a lot of activities that will entertain a group of guys for hours on end.

One major attraction for the German location is the Main Tower. Situated in Neue Mainzer Street, you can see this massive structure from mile away. In the day, grab yourself a ticket to climb the tower for the best views in the whole city on the observation deck. Alternatively, there’s plenty of cultural things to do for your stag do in Frankfurt, like the Alte Oper – the ancient theatre that’s impressively well looked after. Or, marvel at some modern art at the Museum Embankment along the river.

How to Get Around Frankfurt?

How to Get Around Frankfurt?

Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main Transport Association (RMV) pride themselves on looking after locals and visitors as they traverse around the city centre. Public transport in Frankfurt has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with trams and trains being the main mode for cheap and easy travel in the inner city. You can catch a tram from hundreds of stops around Frankfurt, running all day with night busses covering from 1am to 4am for any party-goers to get home safe.

Alternatively, head to underground and choose from the S-bahn and U-bahn train lines to take you all over the city, plus into the outskirts of Frankfurt too. If you’re staying for a long weekend, we suggest you download the RMV app to buy tickets and navigate your way around the city far easier.

Why Use Us for Your Stag Party in Frankfurt?

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