Cologne Stag Do

Cologne Stag Do

What to Expect for the Cologne Stag Do?

A 2000 year-old German city that can provide a lot when it comes to the Cologne stag do ideas. Whether you want something action-packed and fun or a drinking experience like no other you will be able to find everything you need. Germany is a place for good beer and good food too and that doesn’t change in Cologne. Cologne even has their own Kölsch beer! So if you and the lads love a good beer, shot or Bavarian feast then you are in luck.

What to Expect for the Cologne Stag Do?

A city that probably won’t have passed your mind when you started jotting down your ideas but a great destination is Cologne. Surprising to most Cologne has a reputation for a buzzing underrated nightlife and is the land of the beer gardens, beer cellars and breweries. You’re bound to experience a brilliant stag do in Germany’s fourth largest city.

At the core of this city are carnivals, cathedrals, beer and a successful football team, not only this Cologne is known for being one of the friendliest cities in Europe. This city is home to many students meaning cheap beers and bars open until morning…perfect right? Although Cologne is just the fourth largest city it refuses to be outshone by its larger neighbouring cities such as Hamburg, Berlin and Munich, especially when it comes to a premium stag weekend in Cologne. This shows the attitude and culture this city has making it a perfect destination for your weekend!

This cool and cultured city can provide you with a unique experience that you definitely won’t get anywhere else. As soon as you get into Cologne you will be blown away by its Cathedral, probably the most popular tourist attraction in the city. Another impressive view is the Hohenzollern Bridge, spanning across the Rhine River. This huge bridge is right near the Cathedral and can’t be missed.

  • Country: Germany
  • Language: German
  • Currency: Euros
  • Cost of a pint: €2.00
  • Airport: Cologne Bonn Airport
  • Flight duration: 1 hr 30 mins

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Cologne

With all the cologne stag activities available it can be hard figuring out the most popular, which is why we have put together this list.

1. Sporty Bike

Hop on to a sporty bike during your stag do and explore Cologne in a boozy way as you pedal your way through the city with your best mates whilst guzzling the 15 litres of beer on board.

2. Beerhalls Tour

Visit 3 famous beerhalls with the company of an English speaking guide whilst sipping on tasty beer at each venue as you learn how it has been made.

3. Kolsch Feast

Keep the lads fed and boozed up to the max during your weekend as you tuck into a 3 course Kolsch feast along with plenty beers and shots each throughout.

4. Pub Crawl with 5 Kolsh Beers

Treat yourselves to a guided bar crawl for 4 amazing hours as you receive 5 Kolsh beers each along the way, making it a great activity for pre drinks.

5. Party Bus

Hop on board one of the coolest and unique mode of transports with stylish seating, amazing sound and light systems and plenty drinks!

6. Traditional German Dinner

Try something new during your celebrations and delve into a traditional German meal at a reserved table that’s bound to cure any hangovers.

7. Top Night Out

This is all you need whilst in Cologne partying as you will go on a 5 hour bar crawl with welcome shots on arrival before heading to a lap dance club and one of the hottest nightclubs.

8. Escape Rooms

Get locked away in a themed room which you are challenged to escape from within a time limit by solving puzzles, cracking codes and unlocking various padlocks.

9. Hummer Limo Tour & Stripper

Feel like celebrities as you travel around Cologne in style in a limo as a sexy stripper performs a striptease on board along with plenty bubble to keep the party going.

10. Sexy Wake Up Call

Start the day off with a sexy European stripper by your side as she performs a sexy striptease show to wake you up.

But if none of these activities take your fancy we still have plenty of other Cologne stag do activities available for you to browse through.

Best Places to Eat in Cologne?

Best Places to Eat in Cologne?

Cologne is known mainly for one thing and one thing only, food. Germans generally love their meat and have come up with their own ways of preparing it. Places like Salon Schmitz which is known as an empire of food & drink and is located across historic row houses - offers all different types of foods and bars to have an explore around. In this city you will find more than 3000 pubs, cafes and restaurants serving everything and anything! Schnitzel to Cologne is the cities traditional food, served with dumplings and beer is usually how it goes.

Sometimes all you feel like is a good burger right lads? Hans Im Glück is the place to go for all things burgers. This swanky German burger chain can provide you with some incredible dishes, whether you fancy a beer, chicken, vegetarian or vegan burger you will find something suitable to your tastes. For your Chinese dishes try out GINGER restaurant, a dining experience where you can enjoy a selection of authentic Chinese dishes.

When in Germany its important you try out all the authentic German cuisine which is where Früh Em Jan von Werth comes into the mix. An authentic German restaurant that can provide you with all you need to really try out the food Cologne has to offer. Another great German restaurant is Haxenhaus, right next to the Rhine River you will be able to enjoy delicious food with some amazing views.

Guide to Cologne Nightlife for Stag Weekends

Cologne is much like the bigger cities that surround it when it comes to the nightlife front. It’s exciting, diverse and extremely unique and not like anywhere else you will have been before. Whether your dancing the night away or enjoying the cities fine traditional drink Kölsch – a light, hoppy beer that’s known all around as the singing beer.


The usual way to start a night out would be by heading to a pub or two right? Luckily for you there are so many amazing, welcoming pubs all around Cologne waiting to provide you with a bottle of Kölsch. First up is Jameson Irish Pub Köln, an Irish pub that will feel like a home away from home in Germany. This traditional pub can provide you with some amazing food, drink and atmosphere.

Another place to head would be Papa Joe’s Biersalon. A traditional German pub that has a great atmosphere, with a huge variety of food and drink. Another amazing place for your beers is Craftbeer Corner Coeln. There’s a huge variety of different beers and drinks that all the lads will love in this traditional pub.

Bars in Cologne

After pubs it is an unwritten rule that you have to explore what types of bars that Cologne has to offer. And there are a few, most of the bars are in a concentrated area which means if you want the ultimate bar crawl you are in the right place! Cubana Bar is the bar that boasts the best cocktail menu in Cologne. There is a laid back vibe all week and its known as a place where you can just sit back, relax and enjoy a drink or two.

Although Germany overall is a pretty warm country you can enjoy something a little chillier. In the Hilton Cologne you will find the IceBAR. A bar that has a huge variety of vodka and gin behind the bar to mix together the ultimate cocktails and drinks for you all. Just down the way from IceBAR is Harry’s New York Bar. A casual bar that provides some impressive cocktails and a large dancefloor to enjoy.


The best thing about Cologne nightlife is that all the clubs are so close together if you didn’t want to spend the whole night in one you could easily head off to another. A great nightclub to head to is Ebony club Köln. A nightclub that can provide you with some amazing high quality drinks and urban music like rap & hip-hop.

Another great club is Reineke Fuchs, a nightclub that opened back in 2012 and can provide you with some incredible sounds. Known for having a great atmosphere and a cosy interior you will be able to enjoy a range of different genres as well as see talented resident DJs. All in all, no matter where you end up during your night out you will be able to have an unforgettable night full of amazing drinks and music.

The Top Reasons to Visit Cologne?

The Top Reasons to Visit Cologne?

Cologne Cathedral

This itself is an incredible reason to visit Cologne. The cathedral is a UNESCO World Heritage Site due to its impressive architecture.

The Chocolate Factory

Learn all about everyones guilty pleasure in the chocolate factory museum. Take in the history with different installations including a model cocoa tree.

Rhine River Cruises

Enjoy a cruise across the Rhine River. Start off in Cologne and head all the way to Mainz as you see some incredible sights of the city and beyond.

Kölsch Beer

Kölsch beer is Cologne’s local brew is a must when it comes to drinks to order at the bar.

The Shopping

Cologne is home to Germany’s busiest shopping street. Is shopping is a love of yours why not experience shopping on Cologne’s Schildergasse.

Cable Cars

Instead of walking or driving across one of Cologne’s bridges why not enjoy some spectacular views from Cologne’s cable car cruises that go across the Rhine River

Bone Church

Yeah, you read that right. Cologne’s Basilica Church of St. Ursula has an interior completely decorated with human bones and skulls.

The Rhine River

Cologne sits nicely next to the Rhine River, the second longest European river. You will be able to enjoy views of the river right on the banks of Cologne.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Cologne Stag Do

How to Get the Most Out of Your Cologne Stag Do

In between all of the Cologne stag do activities and idea you have planned you will probably want some other things to do in between. First up is the grand gothic cathedral, you can see it wherever you are in Cologne. Head inside and climb to the top of the tower of the cathedral, the sights you see are worth the 3 euros it costs!

Or explore Cologne’s Old Town, it’s probably the area you will spend most of your time in. make sure you have a wonder around the old town and explore some of the cobblestone alleys. If you are after learning about Cologne’s history there are so many amazing museums that you can head into and learn about. From Schnütgen Museum to the Kolumba Museum and the Museum für Angewandte Kunst Köln. No matter what you end up doing during your Cologne stag do you will be able to have fun and create some amazing memories.

How to Get Around Cologne?

How to Get Around Cologne?

There are plenty of different ways of getting around Cologne during your weekend. The main ones are public transport, bikes and walking. You can hire a car although Cologne’s city centre is a low emission zone which means you need to ensure the car has an emission sticker before you head into the centre. The most effective way of getting from A to B would be with public transport.

There are plenty of buses, trams, U-Bahn and S-Bahn trains available throughout the whole of Cologne. A great and stress free way to use Cologne’s public transport is with a KölnCard. These can be purchased at Cologne’s Tourist Board Service Centre that is near the cathedral. As well as at the ticket machines and some hotels and hostels also sell them.

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