Dusseldorf Stag Do

Dusseldorf Stag Do

Beer Bike

Beer Bike

  • German Engineering!
  • 10l of beer
  • 16 people on one bike
  • Plenty of banter!
  • £687.50
Traditional German Dinner

Traditional German Dinner

  • Try some local Cuisine
  • 3 course German dinner
  • Bar inside the venue
  • Start the night right
  • £47.50
Brewery Tour & Dinner

Brewery Tour & Dinner

  • Visit multiple venues
  • Taste 6 beers
  • Includes German dinner
  • Great Afternoon Activity
  • £93.50
Laser Tag

Laser Tag

  • Variety of games
  • Modern laser guns
  • Attack & defend
  • Drink and snack
  • £47.00
Urban Golf

Urban Golf

  • Golf with a twist
  • Guide & equipment
  • Explore the city
  • In central area
  • £70.00
VIP Strip Club Entry

VIP Strip Club Entry

  • Hassle free entry
  • Vodka & soft drinks
  • Stage show included
  • Stay as long as you want
  • £73.00
Indoor Go Karting

Indoor Go Karting

  • Competitive racing
  • Indoor karting track
  • Fast and furious
  • Racing for 45 laps
  • £1176.50
Travel Abroad With Funktion

Travel Abroad With Funktion

  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7
4D Mini Golf

4D Mini Golf

  • Indoor mini golf
  • 3D glasses
  • Equipment included
  • 18-hole course
  • £25.00
Wake Up Stripper

Wake Up Stripper

  • Wakey-wakey Mr stag!
  • Exclusively for your group
  • Comes to your accommodation
  • Wakes the stag up
  • £482.00
Drinks & Stripper

Drinks & Stripper

  • 1 hour in city centre bar
  • Beer or sparkling wine
  • 15-minute strip show
  • City centre location
  • £70.00
Burgers & Strip Show

Burgers & Strip Show

  • Burger Meal
  • City centre restaurant
  • 10 minute strip show
  • Over-18s only
  • £48.50
Mexican Dinner with Stripper

Mexican Dinner with Stripper

  • Main course
  • 1 drink each
  • 10-minute show
  • Includes a shot each
  • £50.50

Why Visit Dusseldorf on the Stag Do?

Right in the heart of Germany is Dusseldorf. There are an incredible variety of Dusseldorf stag do ideas available that would be perfect for any group. From a classic beer bike to a Bavarian meal right the way to a roly poly stripper. There is something for everyone from the activities and packages to all of the accommodation. A classic lads weekend is easy with the Altstadt (The Old Town) for drinking, and Altbier to keep you refreshed while you celebrate.

Why Visit Dusseldorf on the Stag Do?

If you are planning on going to Germany for your celebration, then we suggest you highly consider a Dusseldorf stag do. It is full of an amazing nightlife scene, top activities for you to all get involved with and some great weather to go with it. In fact, it only rains on average of 9 days per month. Or if you plan on drinking the weekend away then you can spend an evening chilling out on the longest bar in the world!

Renowned for its jaw-dropping architecture, Dusseldorf is the hidden jewel of Germany when it comes to celebrating! One of the most modernised cities in Europe, this business district is thriving but tucked in between the city centre is cracking restaurants, bars and terrific nightclubs. The major difference between Dusseldorf and other German cities is how neat the districts are. If you’re into fashion, or art or the buzzing Altstadt (Old Town), you’ll meet people similar to you.

Quieter than the bigger cities with an expensive feel, you can enjoy the finer things in life on the clean streets without having to queue. We absolutely guarantee that you’ll feel like a VIP while still enjoying a ton of Dusseldorf ideas.

  • Country: Germany
  • Language: German
  • Currency: Euros
  • Cost of a pint: €3-4
  • Airport: Düsseldorf Airport DUS
  • Flight duration: 1hr 35 mins

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Dusseldorf

In the spirit of planning an epic weekend, we’ve collected the very best Dusseldorf stag activities on offer across the city. See some tried, tested and popular experiences to give you a bit of inspiration for your own celebrations.

1. Beer Bike

Take a tour of this beautiful city with a difference as you and the lads take a tour of the sights on a wacky beer bike with 10 litres of beer that can seat up to a staggering 16 people.

2. 4D Mini Golf

Make your way around a wacky 18-hole indoor minigolf course, except you'll be wearing a pair of 3D glasses to bring the room's UV visuals to life!

3. Brewery Tour & Dinner

If you’re big fans of beer, then you and the lads will love this 4-hour Dusseldorf brewery tour, where you’ll get to taste 5 beers before tucking into a German dinner after all that walking!

4. Indoor Go Karting

Get your adrenaline fix and unleash your competitive side as you and the lads jump into your own powerful go-karts to race around a fantastic indoor track!

5. Laser Tag

Bring out your competitive spirit as you take to the arena, load up your laser rifles and take aim at your opponents in this fast-paced experience.

6. Traditional German Dinner

Try some of the local cuisine with a mouth-watering three-course traditional German meal to keep you guys fuelled up and ready for the rest of your activities in Dusseldorf!

7. Mexican Dinner with Stripper

Give the lads the opportunity to tuck into a mouth-watering Mexican meal whilst feasting their eyes on a gorgeous stripper!

8. Wake Up Stripper

The classic activity! Treat the groom to an unforgettable 15 minutes of heaven first thing in the morning! Stripper comes to your hotel/­­accommodation.

9. Urban Golf

Test your aim and get competitive as you and the lads embark on an urban golf tour led by an experienced, English-speaking guide.

10. VIP Strip Club Entry

The ultimate stag do experience, bring the groom and the rest of the lads along for an unforgettable night at one of Dusseldorf’s best strip clubs!

It’s not just these activities that you can enjoy if you’re heading to Germany. Make sure to research the full list of opportunities before you jet off.

Best Places to Eat in Dusseldorf?

Best Places to Eat in Dusseldorf?

Dusseldorf is famous for its diverse and delicious food offerings; you will find almost any type of cuisine that you can think of. But since you are on a Dusseldorf stag do we assume you will want to try some of the cities traditional dishes! Before we go onto the food though we thought you would be interested in the fact that Dusseldorf has its own brew, the Altbier! It can be found in many of the local bars and pubs.

Some traditional dishes include Halve Hahn this simple, small, vegetarian dish consists of half a slice of rye bread with a dollop of butter and cheese. It is served with onions, pickle and mustard. Westfälischer Pickert, or ‘Westphalian potato pancake’, has been a popular dish in NRW since the 18th century. The dough for the pancake is made from potatoes, eggs and flour and is cooked over a pan. Veggies and pancakes are all well and good, but what if the lads are massive meat-lover? Dusseldorf isn’t all bratwursts, head to the infamous Schweine Janes for some fantastic meat dishes. Watch your chicken, pork and beef be cooked to perfection on their rotisserie, and then dine like kings without dropping loads of pennies!

If you’re looking for a crowd-pleaser, you can’t go wrong with Italian food. You’ll find pasta, pizza and garlic bread in the small and quirky Spaghetti und Stars restaurant. A little pricier, you can fantastic service and filling dishes to line your stomachs for all the antics you might have planned. Alternatively, venture just onto the outskirts of the city centre to find Bob & Mary Hamburger place for a quick bite to eat. Located on Hammer Street, you won’t be sorry for the extra taxi fare to this highly popular burger joint!

Guide to Dusseldorf Nightlife for Stag Weekends

Dusseldorf’s nightlife is like no other, just like the Dusseldorf stag activities, there are hundreds of pubs, bars and clubs that crowd the streets after dark. As well as being along the Rhine River, it makes a stunning backdrop as you and the lads are creating some memories. Especially Dusseldorf Altstadt, it has rightfully gained its reputation for being the longest bar in the world so during your weekend in Dusseldorf you have to explore it! And trust us it will be worth your time.

Altstadt (The Old Town)

The Old Town is probably one of the most popular nightlife districts, and it will definitely be a hit for the beer lovers out there. Im Goldenen Ring is Dusseldorf’s own microbrewery right in the Old Town, serving a traditional pub look with innovative beer flavours. However, the number one favourite for the locals is the Braurerei Uerige, the oldest and probably the best bar in the Old Town! Built in 1516, there’s a reason this famous pub has latest so long in such a competitive area.

Obviously, the city and this district does German beer really well. However, there’s plenty of pubs and gastropubs to drop into for a craft ale or two. Holy Craft Beer Bar literally shows all it’s cards in the name, you’ll find a great atmosphere and even better craft beers inside. Alternatively, soak up a more rock music vibe with pub games in Papidoux just up the road on Liefergasse.

Altstadt is known as “the world’s longest bar” because of the amount of venues that line the streets, so why not drop into a few while you’re visiting? We highly suggest that you make the Old Town the place for a pub crawl and dare you to try and start at one end and get to the other before you need a greasy kebab to soak everything up!


Nigthclubs in Dusseldorf absolutely dominate the city when the sun goes down, and there’s so many that they needed they’re own section! You may not be able to fit all the clubs into one weekend in Dusseldorf, but if you know all the names you can try your hardest to get around as many as possible. One of the most popular places to visit after 11pm on the weekend is The Nachtresidenz Düsseldorf nightclub. A longstanding and loved venue for locals and tourists, this nightclub has a reputation for holding unforgettable events to pair with your groom to be’s last night of freedom.

For a more chilled vibe and expensive, special drinks; try The View Skylounge. This venue is admittedly more of a relaxed bar than a nightclub, but it had to be mentioned for the insane views of the business districts arena. If you’d prefer a view of a dancefloor packed with people, The Eight is definitely more your scene. This nightclub always has a young crowd enjoying live music and dancers, with a summer terrace in case you need to catch your breath.

 What Are the Reasons to Visit Dusseldorf?

What Are the Reasons to Visit Dusseldorf?

A Quieter Retreat

Dusseldorf is a great city in Germany for all your needs. Get away from the busy streets, dive into the action or just enjoy some green space. You have the best of both worlds with this hidden gem!

Modern Architecture

This smaller location has really kept up with the times, and besides the Old Town the buildings in Dusseldorf are photogenic and jaw-dropping.

Beer, Beer & Beer!

Like most German cities, beer is the main alcoholic drink across the city. However, you’ve not been to Dusseldorf without trying their home brewed Altbier.

Arts & Culture

In just the little city alone, you can find 26 museums and over 100 galleries to soak up some proper German culture, feel inspired or just explore away your hangover.


For all your designer polos and any splash the cash purchases you want to make, Konigsallee is the place for you. On this street you’ll find Prada, Armani, Louis Vuitton and more!

The River Rhine

You may not be by the seaside when you’re visiting Dusseldorf, but the River Rhine and it’s embarkment is a treat.

Rhineland Carnival

If you’ve planned your trip in November, you might catch the crazy Rhineland Carnival. This celebration runs for 6 days, spilling from indoors out onto the streets with colour, costume and music for all.

Advice for Getting the Most Out of Your Stag Do in Dusseldorf

Advice for Getting the Most Out of Your Stag Do in Dusseldorf

The main word that the world would use to describe Dusseldorf is quirky. The buildings, nightlife, restaurants, architecture and even stag do activities in Dusseldorf are different from anything else. The inner city really takes street art to the next level, leaving behind amateur graffiti for purpose built art all over the streets. In Rheinu­fer­pro­menade on the docks you can find work by David Chipperfield, Claude Vasconi and of course Frank Gehry. If your groom to be is a fan of creativity, he’ll go mad for a few snaps of this place!

One that all the lads can get behind, treat yourself to a look around the classic Remise Dusseldorf centre. Is your best mate a super fan of super cars? Old cars, classic cars and some of the rarest vehicles in the world can be found in Classic Remise. Less of a museum, these beauties are stored to be cleaned up and sold to the highest bidder. From vintage Mercedes-Benz, BMW’s, Aston Martins and Ferraris you can peruse the stunning cars at your own pace. And did we mention, entry is free of charge?

How to Get Around Dusseldorf?

How to Get Around Dusseldorf?

It might be a big claim, but we’d say that Dusseldorf is one of the easiest cities to get around without a car. Firstly, the destination is pretty small in comparisons to the likes of Hamburg and Berlin. If you want to rent a car while you’re there, download the Car2Go app and get involved with car-sharing on your visit. However, if you don’t want to get behind the wheel there’s plenty of trams, trains and cabs you can utilise. Just like Amsterdam, Dusseldorf residents and visitors often travel around the city by renting a bike. This way, you can see a lot of the beauty of Dusseldorf without much cost.

For longer (or more comfortable) journeys around and outside the city centre, Dusseldorf offers a great network of trams and trains. All of this is directed by the Rhein Bahn, so the fares are cheap as chips so you can save your euros for beer. There’s also a Dusseldorf Card on offer so you can get unlimited travel during your stay for a fixed price, taking all your transport worries away.

Why Choose Us for Your Dusseldorf Stag Do?

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