What is a Stag Do? Your Top Questions Answered

What is a Stag Do?

A tradition that dates back over a thousand years the stag do is a celebration that takes form in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

We all know of this legendary occasion - Perhaps you’ve been invited to one before, or perhaps you’ve been tasked with planning a stag do for your best mate. Whatever the case may be, we’re going to look at exactly what is a stag do, how to organise one and go over some fantastic ideas you can think about booking to make it an unforgettable event!

What is a Stag Do?

In a nutshell, the stag do is a final celebration of “freedom” for the groom-to-be before his wedding day, and this isn’t an entirely modern idea.

In fact, the tradition can be traced back to Ancient Greece, where celebrations involved the groom-to-be and his mates getting up to a whole lot of drinking and feasting on fine foods - Not too dissimilar to the stag parties we see these days!

Why is it Called a Stag Do?

Suppose you’ve ever wondered “what does stag do mean”. In that case, the term “stag do” refers to the male deer, which has long been considered a symbol of agility, strength and leadership in folklore and mythology, particularly around Northern Europe.

The stag is also known in the animal kingdom for being the pack's leader, just like the groom-to-be on his last weekend of freedom!

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Who Pays for the Stag Do?

Regarding who pays for the stag do, it normally comes down to everyone who will be attending except for the groom-to-be. After all, it’s supposed to be the groom’s special night… so it wouldn’t make sense for him to splash out all the cash! It’s all good and well knowing how to plan a stag do but making sure you take the pressure off the main man is fundamental to making sure that he has the best time possible.

Does the Groom-to-be Pay for their Stag Do?

Often, the groom isn’t involved in paying for the stag do activities that’ll be going on during the last weekend of freedom. This is normally the case because the groom will be thinking about all his other financial obligations around the wedding.

It’s no secret that wedding days can cost upwards of thousands of pounds, even if you’re keeping it small. The last weekend of freedom is a chance for him to relax and enjoy some quality time with the boys, so the last thing he’ll want to do is spend more money.

How Much should a Stag Do Cost?

How Much Does a Stag Do Cost?

When working out how much everyone needs to pay, things can get a bit more difficult - but don’t panic just yet! By this point, you should have a few ideas that all the guys would enjoy. When you’ve decided exactly what you’re planning on doing, it would be wise to add up the total cost of your activity/­activities and divide it by the number of participants.

The figure you arrive at will then be the total cost per person for the occasion. We recommend discussing this with each of the lads to make sure everyone is comfortable with paying that amount.

For reference, here’s a snapshot of the average cost-per-person for our stag bookings in 2023:

£150 a person
Source - based on our stag do bookings during 2023

However, if you’re trying to figure out how to plan a stag do abroad, then you’ll need to factor in extra costs such as hotels, flights and airport transfers. Of course, you’ll want to check out the best stag do destinations before anything else. Still, you’ll also need to consider other factors such as physical distance, peak tourist times and the general cost of goods at the destination you’re looking at.

What Happens on a Stag Do?

This one is a little harder to answer, but ultimately, what happens on a stag do is completely up to you and the lads!

Whether you’re looking to embark on a classic night out full of booze, dancing and a gruelling hangover the next day or something more relaxing like a round of golf and an evening meal… the direction of the last night of freedom will come down to how well you’ve planned it.

As is true with the planning stage, it’s best to keep all the other lads in the loop to ensure everyone’s on board with the plan.

How Long is a Stag Do?

Deciding on how long the stag celebrations go on is completely up to you. The group often opts for one or two nights over a long weekend.

However, some more adventurous groups may even go away for a week or two, but that all depends on your budget and, ultimately, what the groom-to-be wants. It’s best to keep this in mind before booking anything, so check in with the rest of the lads to see what they think first.

What do Americans call a Stag Do?

What do Americans call a Stag Do?

Over in the states, the legendary celebrations before the wedding are known as “Bachelor Parties”. A word we’re familiar with here in the UK, the original definition of “Bachelor” was “a young knight-in-training”, but nowadays is mainly used to refer to a single male adult.

However, like us Brits, Americans love a good party when it comes to pre-wedding celebrations. Whilst many of us here will flock to the big cities or hop across the channel to Europe, those in the States tend to flock to wild and exciting locations like Las Vegas and New York for their last night of freedom.

What to Take on a Stag Do

Regardless of how long the celebrations last or where you’re going, there are a few essentials worth taking with you on the last night of freedom. The first thing to consider bringing with you (and probably the most important) is a small hangover kit. This doesn’t have to be much - Paracetamol, Vitamin C tablets, and a small can of Red Bull should do the trick!

Do Dads go on Stag Dos?

Yes, they certainly do! The great thing about the last night of freedom is that you can invite all the most important fellas in your life. Although there are a few things to consider if the groom’s dad is coming along - for example, he might be up for a pub crawl but probably won’t revel in the idea of spending a couple of hours in the local strip club!

How to Organise a Stag Do

Figuring out how to organise a stag do is hard work, but as long as you nail down the essentials first and ensure everyone’s happy with the location, cost and activities, you’ll be a winner! We hope this article has helped you begin the process, but if you’re after some more in-depth tips and tricks, check out our Best Man Guide to see if you’ve missed anything.

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