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  • £36.00
Rating 5.0 of 5

Activity Details

  • Huge dartboard
  • Loads of mini games
  • Hilarious forfeits
  • Event co-ordinator

What to Expect on a Football Darts Stag Do?

Just like the classic pub game but using your feet and lots of Velcro, you and the guys will take it in turns to step up to the mark and boot the ball at the dartboard. On the day, your event co-ordinator will go over the rules of the game before splitting you up into teams. From there, you’ll take it in turns to take shots at the giant inflatable dartboard, with forfeits for the losers! As well as a host of minigames in-between, this is a great activity that the lads will love.

What’s Included

  • Play extreme football darts
  • Giant inflatable dartboard
  • Loads of Velcro footballs
  • Team bibs included
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Forfeits given out
  • All venue hire included
  • Play fun many mini games such as closest to bully, highest score, dizzy bully, bullytekers and bully dodge!

What to Wear for a Football Darts Stag Do?

We highly recommend wearing sportswear or gym clothes for this particular event as it will involve a fair amount of exercise… especially if you’re really trying to perfect your shot!

What Games do you Play on a Football Darts Stag Do?

To make things interesting, you lads will get to play a variety of classic darts minigames we all know and love such as 301, Around the World and Closest to the Bull. The scores will be totalled up at the end, where prizes and forfeits will be issued!

Where is a Football Darts Stag Do Hosted?

As a rule, we usually host a football darts stag do outdoors, often at a 5-a-side pitch outside the closest town/city centre. However, this is weather-dependent as we cannot set up the board in high winds or heavy rain. Although, we can look to host your event indoors at a sports hall or facility, which you can discuss with the team when enquiring.

What Mini Games can you Play?

  • Closest to Bully - Each person must take turns to hit the bullseye and after each turn, the ball closest to the target stays there until the round ends and the winner is announced!
  • Highest Score - Take turns individually or in teams to see who can score the highest points and win!
  • Bullytekers - Split into groups, you must create your very own trickshot, which will end up on the target and the event coordinator will pick the winning team.
  • Dizzy Bully - Each person must make themselves dizzy and then attempt to kick the ball and hit the target!
  • Bully Dodge - The stag must stand in front of the target, while the rest of the lads kick the balls trying to aim at him.


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    Overall Experience
Rating 5.0
Robert Soper
11th February 2017
The weekend was really good, thoroughly enjoyed the activities and will definitely be looking to come again sometime next year to try out some other things you guys have to offer.

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