Stag Do in Benidorm

Stag Do in Benidorm

Meal & Stripper

Meal & Stripper

  • Delicious meal
  • Comes with drinks
  • Hire of stripper
  • Based within a great venue
Escape Rooms

Escape Rooms

  • Can you break out?
  • Riddles, puzzles & codes
  • Plenty alcohol included
  • Try two rooms in total
Bar Crawl & Drinks

Bar Crawl & Drinks

  • Epic stag bar crawl
  • Unlimited drinks
  • Best bar venues
  • Try local spirits
Casino Entry & Drinks

Casino Entry & Drinks

  • Try your gambling skills
  • Epic casino venue
  • Selection of games & tables
  • Comes with drinks
Return Airport Transfers

Return Airport Transfers

  • Hassle free transport
  • There and back
  • Air conditioned
  • Fast and flexible
Italian Meal

Italian Meal

  • Traditional Italian meal
  • Full 3 course dinner
  • Comes with 1 drink each
  • Based within Pinnochios
Dwarf Hire

Dwarf Hire

  • Ultimate stag prank
  • Choose dwarf outfit
  • Handcuffed to the stag
  • One hour duration
Water Park

Water Park

  • Time to get wet!
  • Epic water park fun
  • Lots of rides & slides
  • Ultimate fun in the sun
Segway Tour

Segway Tour

  • Explore the mountains
  • Easy to use Segway’s
  • Epic scenic routes
  • 2 hour tour
Banana Boat

Banana Boat

  • Epic water sports
  • Prepare to get very wet
  • Amazing for thrill seekers
  • Ultimate banana boat ride


  • Stag do staple
  • Gorgeous & sexy
  • Stripper performance
  • Includes some shots
Catamaran Cruise

Catamaran Cruise

  • Quality catamaran cruise
  • Tasty buffet lunch
  • Includes a drink each
  • Comes with transport
Flying Fish

Flying Fish

  • Fly through the air
  • Ultimate water sport
  • Hold on as tight as you can!
  • 15 minutes on the ride
Cable Skiing

Cable Skiing

  • Adrenaline pumping sport
  • Test your balance
  • Prepare to get wet
  • At Levante Beach
Go Karting

Go Karting

  • Thrilling races
  • Powerful go karts
  • Tasty BBQ meal
  • 2 beers per person


  • Football & golf mix
  • Unlimited access all day
  • 9 hole course to play
  • Epic stag do fun
Jet Ski

Jet Ski

  • Thrilling jet skis
  • Get very wet
  • Zoom across waves
  • Powerful machines
Indian Meal

Indian Meal

  • Tasty Indian cuisine
  • Traditional 2 course meal
  • Naan and rice included
  • A beer or wine each
Lesbian Show

Lesbian Show

  • Sexy girl on girl show
  • 15 min performance
  • Includes some shots
  • At The Square
Lap Club VIP Bottles

Lap Club VIP Bottles

  • Popular lap dance club
  • Amazing bottle packages
  • Heaps of mixers
  • Ultimate VIP experience
Spa & Buffet

Spa & Buffet

  • Amazing spa venue
  • Rejuvenating facilities
  • Fresh & tasty lunch
  • Includes some drinks
VIP Bottles & Entry

VIP Bottles & Entry

  • Popular beach venue
  • Epic bottle packages
  • Comes with plenty mixers
  • Stunning seafront views
VIP Meal

VIP Meal

  • Luxury 5 star meal
  • Full 3 course
  • Bottomless drinks
  • At Alcazar restaurant
One Way Airport Transfers

One Way Airport Transfers

  • Stress free travel
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Private for your group
  • Door to door service
Private Superyacht & Drinks

Private Superyacht & Drinks

  • Exclusive superyacht
  • Just for your group
  • Beer, sangria & soft drinks
  • Includes minibus
Travel Abroad With Funktion

Travel Abroad With Funktion

  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7

Why Go to Benidorm for Your Stag Do?

The seaside resort that everyone knows and loves will make a great destination. A Benidorm stag do is the perfect location if you want some great nightlife, cheap drinks and some memories you won’t get anywhere else! As well as being popular as a Medit­er­ra­nean holiday destination, there are plenty of amazing ideas, activities, packages and ideas that will make the celebrations memorable. After all, everyone knows that Benidorm is the place to go for tourists so you’ll definitely be well looked after during your stag weekend in Benidorm.

Why Go to Benidorm for Your Stag Do?

Benidorm is a perfect destination with happy hours that last forever and an all year-round party. Let’s be honest, this city must be good if over a third of the residents aren’t Spanish! In the last 7 years this city has ditched the 80’s family holiday vibe and re-vamped this gorgeous looking city by adding some amazing enter­ta­inment, mouth-watering restaurants and developed Benidorm into one of Europe’s largest stag do desti­nations!­

Benidorm is exactly what you need to celebrate your last days of freedom right, with sun, sea and San Miguel. Although the skyscrapers of Benidorm are impressive, you will find plenty of things to do on Benidorm stag orientated, you will also notice that the natural environment is one you can’t find anywhere else with truly amazing beaches and mountains to go and explore during your stay. There are 2 main beaches you can head to if you are wanting to soak up some Spanish sun, Levante and Poniente Beach.

  • Country: Spain
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euros
  • Cost of a pint: €2.50
  • Airport: Alicante Inter­national  Airport
  • Flight duration: 2hrs 50mins

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Benidorm

Below you will find the list of the best Benidorm stag activities that we’re sure will be perfect to make your weekend memorable.

1. Go Karting

Enjoy some fast driving with the go karting. A fun, unique and epic experience that you and the lads will enjoy.

2. Dwarf Hire

What better way to surprise the groom than with the dwarf hire? Give the soon to be wed a new friend as you enjoy the stag night out.

3. Footgolf

With a mixture of golf and football into one amazing activity. You and the lads will be able to have some fun as you complete a different type of golf course.

4. Stripper

What weekend is complete without at least one stripper. Get the lads together and enjoy a 15-minute strip tease with a gorgeous stripper.

5. VIP Bottles & Entry

No night out will be complete without the VIP bottles & entry. When you’re finished with the bars head to the nightclub.

6. Airport Transfers

Make sure you're organised from start to finish with the airport transfers. Ensure you get to and from the hotel as successfully as possible.

7. Segway Tour

Tour your way around Benidorm with the Segway tour. What better way to see the sights then on a two wheeled machine?

8. Water Park

Splash and slide your way around one of the most amazing water parks in Benidorm. Cool down from the Spanish sun and have some fun.

9. Lesbian Show

A celebration needs to be memorable and what better way to do that then with the lesbian show. We’re sure all the lads will love this.

10. Spa & Buffet

What better way to cure a hangover than with a 3 hour spa experience and a tasty buffet lunch? You'll even have free drinks throughout the lunch!

But if these activities don’t take your fancy there are still plenty more available that will be perfect for your group.

Where Are the Places to Eat in Benidorm?

Where Are the Places to Eat in Benidorm?

Unsurprising to most, Benidorm has a wide variety of amazing cuisines that are on offer. Whether you are after some home comforts with some British dishes or you are wanting some delicious Italian dishes. There are plenty of restaurants, cafes and venues that can provide you with some amazing food to enjoy throughout. And one thing Benidorm does right is its Italian. Head to Pizzería Duetto if you want some cheap dishes, huge portions and a friendly restaurant that is definitely worth the visit.

For a variety of amazing dishes from ham, chorizo, Spanish cheeses etc. try out The Old Factory Bar. With some simple and attractive dishes to choose from you will be able to enjoy some amazing meals here. Along with a huge variety of drinks that you and the lads will be able to enjoy. For some delicious burgers (which we know all lads will enjoy during a hungover evening) head to XOXO Grill. Right in the centre of Benidorm you can enjoy some delicious burgers with the lads.

Now Benidorm isn’t really known for any major dishes apart from seafood. This town specialises in its freshly caught fish particularly octopus which they fry in paprika, salt, olive oil and serve with chips. But one thing Benidorm does offer is an amazing traditional English breakfast, the perfect hangover cure right? If you’re unsure on where to explore for food, then just take a stroll down the main strip there’s no doubt you’ll come across a few restaurants.

Guide to Benidorm Nightlife for Stag Weekends

Benidorm is a city that never sleeps rightfully earning it the title of Spain’s answer to New York. Even in the morning whilst enjoying your breakfast you will most likely hear music from a bar down the road. All jokes aside, Benidorm’s enter­ta­inment really comes alive at night with some of the best you will have found in a seaside resort. But before you jet off, have a look at some of the best nightlife areas for your weekend.

The Square

This area is known as Benidorm’s English Square and can make all tourists feel right at home. Throughout this square you will be able to find some amazing pubs and bars. When the sun goes down, the Square transforms into the ultimate nightlife area for tourists and locals alike. Everyone heads here to enjoy some good music, cheap drinks and amazing atmosphere that you won’t get anywhere else.

If you are wanting to enjoy some live music and enter­ta­inment try out RockerFellas. Throughout the week they have different tribute acts, shows and enter­ta­inment for everyone to enjoy. As well as a variety of drinks in their bar. If you are wanting to start the night in a unique way, then this is a great place to head. Another great place to head is Morgan’s Tavern, also known as Neptune’s Bar from the hit series Benidorm. Although it has a different name this bar is a real place in the heart of the Square in Benidorm.

As well as bars and enter­ta­inment, you can also find some amazing Irish bars in the Square. Like Shamrock Irish Pub. This is an extremely popular place to head if you are wanting some amazing drinks, great atmosphere and somewhere where all the locals and tourist enjoy.

Old Town

If you want to take in some of the sights of Benidorm that don’t include the beach, take a trip to Benidorm’s Old Town. Known for its amazing archi­tec­ture, cobbled streets and an authentic Spanish atmosphere. As well as all of this beauty you will also find a number of amazing places that you can head to enjoy a drink or two (or three). Enjoy some amazing views as you head to Mojito Bar Playa Pequeña. A place where you can sit, enjoy the view and drink up from the wide selection of amazing drinks available.

If you want somewhere that can meet your sports, karaoke and drinking needs try out Vincent’s Old Town bar. A great place that has an amazing atmosphere that all of the lads will love. Or, try out The Pig n Whistle Pub. A traditional British pub that is right in the heart of Benidorm’s old town. Here you can enjoy some amazing drinks, bar games, karaoke and more!

Nightclubs in Benidorm

No night out is complete without a trip to a nightclub right? And Benidorm has some great ones to choose from. Of course most of the bars and pubs are open until the early hours of the morning but if you are wanting to be out until as early as 8am in the morning then a trip to a nightclub is definitely necessary. There are two main places to head if you are wanting that type of night out. Bahamas Disco and Hippodrome, both of these venues are on opposite sides of the street and have plenty of amazing, extremely cheap drinks on offer that all the lads will definitely take advantage of.

Reasons to Visit Benidorm

Reasons to Visit Benidorm

The Nightlife

Unsur­pri­singly to most, the nightlife in Benidorm is second to none. There are so many amazing areas to head with great priced drinks.

Perfect for All Budgets

If you have a budget you need to stick to, then Benidorm is perfect. There are so many amazing things that you and the lads can add to the weekend all in your budget.


Yes, you can get this everywhere, but Benidorm was basically the place that started the all-inclusive holidays!

Medit­er­ra­nean Manhattan

Benidorm is known as Europe’s answer to New York, this purpose-built seaside resort has almost everything you could ever need.

The Weather

Whilst you are in Benidorm you will be graced by some amazing weather. No matter what time of year you will be able to successfully catch a tan.

Amazing Activities

Benidorm has so many amazing activities you will be spoilt for choice on exactly what to include into the weekend.

Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Benidorm Stag Party

Tips for Getting the Most from Your Benidorm Stag Party

Most of what Benidorm as a whole is known for is sitting enjoying some sun on the beach. But of course as well as this during the weekend you will find so many other ways you can get the most out of your Benidorm party. If you are wanting to add something in between all of the activities, you have planned you will be pleased to know that there are plenty of unique day trips and experiences for you and the lads to enjoy. Head to the Mundomar Wildlife Park and watch a show, catch some thrills at the Terra Mitica Theme Park or relax and enjoy a stroll through the old town.

As well as all of these things to do, if you really look at Benidorm as a whole, you will realise how much natural beauty the city has. With all the amazing mountainous ranges, seaside’s and incredible sights. You will be spoilt for choice on what parts of the city to feast your eyes on.

How to Get Around Benidorm?

How to Get Around Benidorm?

Luckily enough thanks to Benidorm being an extremely popular tourist destination you will be able to get around Benidorm pretty easily. The city has evolved over time due to its high tourist demand. Throughout the city you will be able to find great transport at even greater prices. But of course as many people know, Benidorm is a seaside resort which means you can explore most of the area by foot. All around the centre of Benidorm there will be loads of areas that are pedes­tri­anised. If you are wanting to head between Benidorm and Alicante we would suggest you use the tram.

As well as the tram that the city has available there is also a bus that runs around Benidorm. All of the buses in the city are clean and stick to a schedule that runs most days in the year. And the best part about this is that a bus ticket will only cost you a few euros.

Why Opt for Us When Planning a Stag Do in Benidorm?

When you have decided on a Benidorm stag do its important that you can trust the people who are helping you plan it. After all planning can be a lot of work especially if you have never organised one before. Funktion Events are ranked 1st out of 263 UK Stag and Hen Party Organisers on Freeindex. Not only this but read 1000's of 5 star reviews on Trustpilot, which is a leading independent honest review website. As well as this we are a fully ABTA bonded company with the latest online events area for individual payments and itinerary updates.