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Activity Details

  • Business focused challenge
  • Competitive & creative
  • Teamwork is key
  • Expertly hosted

What is The Pitch Virtual Team Building Activity?

In this activity, you and your colleagues will be tasked with coming up with a brand new product idea, which you’ll get to pitch to the other groups! This event will kick off with a short introduction from your co-ordinator who will go over the basics. They’ll then split you up into smaller groups before the activity gets started. You’ll need to identify everyone’s strengths and weaknesses before assigning roles. With three stages involved, you will get to complete challenges and photo/video tasks, earning points for your team and pushing you further up the scoreboard. When it comes to the finale, who will pitch the best product and be voted the best of the bunch?

What’s Included

  • Create a business pitch even Lord Sugar couldn’t turn down
  • Virtual event with experienced host
  • Activity ran completely through your smartphones
  • Business challenge
  • Get into 4-6 player groups for a pitching hour
  • Identify each players strengths & weaknesses
  • Progress together through 3 stages of challenges
  • Put together a final pitch before time runs out
  • All groups will vote for the winning pitch!

How Does The Pitch Team Building Activity Work?

Using the latest smartphone technology, The Pitch team building activity takes place entirely on your mobile device with an easy-to-use and bespoke app. From assigning roles to completing tasks and challenges, the app will keep track of everything for you.

How Long Does The Pitch Team Building Activity Last For?

The Pitch team building activity lasts for approximately two hours. This gives you and your colleagues plenty of time to get the creative side of your brains together to come up with the best product & pitch of the day!

Why Choose The Pitch Team Building Activity?

If you’re looking to bring out the entrepreneurial spirit in your colleagues then this activity will be perfect for you and your workforce. This activity gives participants the framework and guidance they’ll need to come up with something amazing. It also gives people a chance to harness their creativity, as well as using & developing their own communication and collaboration skills.

Is The Pitch Team Building Activity UK-Based?

All of our activity hosts for The Pitch team building event are English-speaking, and as it takes place entirely online, colleagues from all over the world can connect and join in no matter where they are!

What Do We Need to Play The Pitch Team Building Event?

This event requires a stable internet connection and a laptop or desktop, as you will need to connect to a Zoom conference call. You’ll also need a capable smartphone in order to take part in the activity.

Alternatively, you could use Microsoft Teams but requires some work on your end – Read about using MS Teams here

The game supports most iOS and Android phones or tablets running:

  • iOS version 11.0 and above
  • Android version 4.4 and aboveApps can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play


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