Festive Escape Room Christmas Team Activity

Festive Escape Room
  • Festive Escape Room
  • Festive Escape Room Activity

Activity Details

  • Escape Room: Christmas Edition
  • Can Santa escape in time
  • Festive clues, puzzles & challenges
  • Interactive fun host

What is the Festive Escape Room all about?

The Festive Escape Room team building event is a fully interactive, smartphone-based activity that sees you and your colleagues split up into smaller groups of 4-6 people to race against time completing a host of interactive tasks and questions. To start, you’ll meet your remote host who will run through the backstory of the event and how to play before you form your groups. Then, the countdown clock will begin, giving you just 45 minutes to escape the virtual room and save Christmas once and for all.

What’s Included

  • Fun Festive escape themed activity for remote workers
  • The remote host will set the scene with a tense briefing
  • Santa has forgotten his naughty/nice list
  • All doors and rooms are locked, can you get to him intime
  • Work your way through Santa's workshop by cracking a series of codes and brainteasers and escape to the runway
  • Return Santa’s list to him before the time runs out and he leaves the North Pole!
  • Your group will then split into smaller teams of 4-6 people
  • Seek out hidden clues & codes throughout. Tap & Reveal etc
  • Constant interactive challenges to aid communication, problem solving
  • You’ll need a couple of things. Access to a laptop with video conferencing software such as Zoom. A smart device with our app. Lastly, a stable internet connection
  • Duration is 45 minutes
  • We can accommodate groups up to 250 participants per session

What is the Story of the Festive Escape Room?

The Festive Escape Room Christmas team building experience puts you in a race against time to help Santa save Christmas! After a long shift in Santa’s Workshop, you realise that he’s only gone and left his Naughty & Nice list on his desk! With all the doors locked up for another year, it’s up to you to figure out how to escape the workshop and make your way to the runway to catch Santa before his sleigh leaves for good, tackling mind-boggling brainteasers, interactive puzzles, cryptic questions and more. The question is - Will you get the list back to Santa before he departs?


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