My Events Features

Simple to use, secure and 24hr online access

We offer the easiest and most comprehensive booking system on the web. Take the hassle out of confirming peoples attendance and collecting money with our VIP Events Area.

  • Invite your guests
  • Individual payment system
  • Automatic payment reminders for guests
  • Group management features
  • Countdown Clock
  • Personalised group name
  • Personalised welcome message
  • Online itinerary, venues, phone numbers
  • Group chat/ messages / emails
  • Compatible with all devices
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My Events Features

Hassle free organising, all completed online
Send out online invitations, confirm attendance
Individual payments for guests
Personalise your page, use the countdown clock
Send group emails, use instant chat, have 24hr access to your event Itinerary.
Attend multiple events and have access to them all
Secure and safe

Send out Invitations

All your guests can be sent the event invite at the click of a button, which will include all the details they need to confirm attendance and make payment direct to us. Phew....­hassle free event organising!

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Online Itinerary - 24hr Access

This page allows you and all your guests 24 hour access to every detail of your event, so theres no reason for anyone to be late or turn up at the wrong venue!

Group Chat Area

It's all in the name... with the added benefit of a link to Facebook (if you want it), the entire group can discuss privately your event. Whether its sharing those extra special details to make sure everyone is fully prepared or just generally getting the group into the party spirit!

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Send Group Emails Quickly & Easily

As the organiser, you can easily send out a group email to all or some selected guests.

Individual Payments

As the event organiser this page takes the hassle out of collecting money and having the difficult conversations about non payment, as well as allowing you to track guest activity.

Your guests receive payment reminders directly and when they are ready to pay can log on anytime and pay their individual balance by debit or credit card.They also have the ability to pay for each other when logging on.

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