Dublin Stag Do

Dublin Stag Do

5 a side Football

  • Football with the lads
  • Classic game of footy
  • Ball & bib hire
  • Pitch hire
  • £16.00

The Stag Challenge

  • Pick any Two activities
  • Bubble Football
  • Old School Sports Day
  • Goggle Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Turbo Cricket
  • Archery Battle Zone Tag
  • Electric Shock Football
  • £48.00

Smartphone Pub Treasure Hunt

  • Fully organised pub quiz hunt
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest technology
  • Team challenges, great questions
  • £13.00

Combat Archery Tag

  • Action packed day
  • Battle against each other
  • Bunkers and barriers
  • Latest Craze!
  • £33.00

Smartphone Stag Do Treasure Hunt

  • Self-run – start any time
  • Includes 3 pub challenges
  • Specifically designed for stags!
  • Challenges, clues and puzzles
  • £13.00

Bubble Football

  • Football carnage
  • inflatable bubble balls
  • Pitch & Event co-ordinator
  • Add a sexy referee
  • £29.00

Two Activities Special Offer Bundle

  • Nude Female Life Drawing
  • Bubble Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Beer Babes Bar Crawl
  • Was £59.90
  • Now £52.00
£7.90 off
till 29/10/2020

Goggle Football

  • Crazy goggle football goggles
  • Football bibs and headbands
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Challenges and 5 a-side
  • £29.00

Local Bar Guide

  • List of local bars
  • Save time researching
  • Party bars & chic cocktail bars
  • You choose where to go


  • Play many games
  • Dodge, duck & dive
  • Venue hire & referee
  • Team bibs included
  • £27.50

Nude Life Drawing

  • Draw a nude lady
  • Various poses
  • All drawing materials included
  • Private city centre venue
  • £27.00
Rating 5.0 of 5

Lip Sync Battle

  • Choose your song
  • Profes­si­onally chore­og­raphed routine
  • Split into two teams to battle
  • Private central venue
  • Was £34.95
  • Now £29.95
£5 off
till 29/10/2020

Old School Sports Day

  • Classic school sports games
  • Sports day bibs and headbands
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Prizes for the winning team
  • £33.00

Beer Babes Bar Crawl

  • Fully planned exclusive bar crawl
  • 2-4 Beer Wenches to chaperone your group
  • Bar entry into 4 bars
  • Included nightclub entry
  • £27.50
Rating 5.0 of 5

Smartphone City Treasure Hunt

  • Fully organised city treasure hunt
  • Self run – start any time
  • Great value, latest APP technology
  • Team challenges, clues and puzzles
  • £13.00

Footgolf Tournament

  • 18 holes of foot golf
  • Match play or Stag play (forfeits)
  • Event co-ordinator
  • All equipment & scorecards
  • £32.00
Rating 5.0 of 5

Travel Abroad With Funktion

  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7

Turbo Ten10 Cricket

  • Short Ten10 cricket match
  • Bats, balls, stumps
  • Event co-ordinator
  • Scorecard
  • £29.95

Life Drawing Stag Stitch-Up

  • Ultimate stag prank
  • Stag poses as nude model
  • Venue & tutor included
  • Plus drawing materials
  • £22.50

Electric Shock Football

  • Latest crazy football game
  • Electric shock each other
  • Hilarious fun
  • Venue hire included
  • £29.95

Foot Darts

  • Huge dart board
  • Loads of mini games
  • Hilarious forfeits
  • Bubbly for the winner
  • £30.00

Pizza Making

  • Welcome glass of prosecco
  • Learn to toss dough
  • Italian restaurant venues
  • Make your own individual pizza
  • £33.00

The Stag Challenge

  • Pick any Two activities
  • Bubble Football
  • Old School Sports Day
  • Goggle Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Turbo Cricket
  • Archery Battle Zone Tag
  • Electric Shock Football
  • £48.00

Two Activities Special Offer Bundle

  • Nude Female Life Drawing
  • Bubble Football
  • Dodgeball
  • Beer Babes Bar Crawl
  • Was £59.90
  • Now £52.00
£7.90 off
till 29/10/2020

Why Choose Dublin for Your Stag Do?

The Irish capital and a great place to party, a stag do in Dublin can provide you with a lot more than just a pint of Guinness. There are so many amazing Dublin stag do ideas in Dublin, whether you want something sporty and active. Dublin is a city designed for visitors and with its ability to party on an inter­national scale we can see why it’s such a brilliant place to let loose on your stag weekend. So transfer your pounds to euro's and decide to book a stag weekend in Dublin.

Why Choose Dublin for Your Stag Do?

A hugely popular destination for both stag and hen parties, we think that you and the lads should seriously consider a Dublin stag do if you’re hoping to go abroad for your upcoming stag do celeb­ra­tions. The hometown of Oscar Wilde, U2 and of course, Guinness, this city of 1.5 million people could be the perfect place to celebrate in style before the groom-to-be gets hitched!

From The Brazen Head, the oldest pub in Ireland that dates back almost a thousand years to the historic Dublin Castle built for British rulers in Ireland all the way up to 1922. there’s a whole wealth of things to see and stag ideas in Dublin to make it a truly unfor­get­table stag do!

  • Country: Ireland
  • Language: Gaelic & English
  • Currency: Euros
  • Cost of a pint: €5
  • Airport: Dublin Airport
  • Flight duration: 1 hour

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Dublin

If you’ve just started planning the celeb­ra­tions, gather some quick inspiration with the top 10 stag activities in Dublin. This short and sweet list shows you some tried, tested and popular Dublin stag activities so you can start your organisation off on the right foot.

1. Beer Babes Bar Crawl

Explore Dublin on your own exclusive bar crawl with the company of 2-4 beer babes who will buy your drinks all night and play a variety of drinking games and challenges with you.

2. The Stag Challenge

Make your stag do memorable by adding two action packed and sporty activities into your day such as bubble football and dodgeball, perfect for creating a bespoke weekend.

3. Smartphone Stag Do Treasure Hunt

A self-run activity that will split the lads into teams and get them exploring the city hunting clues and completing pub challenges to gain points and work their way up the live leader board.

4. Archery Battle Zone Tag

An adrenaline pumping action packed activity that is the perfect mix between archery and dodgeball and will get the lads battling out in teams.

5. Nude Life Drawing

Unleash your creative juices as you and the lads attempt to sketch the nude female model who is cheekily posing in a variety of ways in front of you all.

6. Bubble Football

Use the luck of the Irish as you and the lads wrap up in giant inflatable balls and attempt to play a game of football by bashing, falling and bumping into one another.

7. Footgolf

A fun and entertaining mix between football and golf, you and the lads will attempt to kick a ball with precise aim in order to get it in one of the 18 holes.

8. Dodgeball

Get hearts racing in a fast paced and thrilling game of dodgeball with the lads as you battle it out in team with the aim to be the last man standing.

9. 5 a side Football

Add some friendly competition into your stag celebrations with a fun game of football in a mini tournament style structure with plenty entertaining mini games.

10. Pizza Making

Get your chefs hat on as you and the lads toss dough, pour sauce and add fresh toppings on to your own personalised pizza with a cheeky glass of prosecco to sip on.

Aside from these popular Dublin stag activities – there’s plenty more where that came from! The Irish capital is a popular destination for partying, so make sure to browse our complete list of stag party activities in Dublin too.

Where Are the Places to Eat in Dublin?

Where Are the Places to Eat in Dublin?

Dublin has become a vibrant city of food over the last decade and has been a must-stop on any proper European trip for this reason. Dublin dining has also extended beyond the traditional Irish fare, with first-rate Indian, Italian and Chinese restaurants taking their rightful place at the top.

The city is famous for Barmbrack which is a bread that contains sultanas and raisins, associated with Halloween celebrations in Ireland. Another popular local delicacy is Gur Cake, a name that references children who skipped school (Known as “Gurriers”) who would buy the cake, often made up of leftovers and sold cheaper than most other bakery items!

For that all-important stag do meal in Dublin, you and the lads have so much choice when it comes to finding the perfect place to indulge in a delicious meal! A popular hotspot in the city is a Mexican restaurant called 777, a Mexican cantina that doubles up as a tequila cocktail bar that serves some of the tastiest dishes from Central America. If you’re after a more traditional Irish dining experience, then Boxty House restaurant right next to the River Liffey and the famous Ha’penny Bridge is a fantastic choice with their seasonal menu serving everything from potato pancakes to a brilliant range of vegetarian options.

Guide to Dublin Nightlife for Stag Weekends

There is over 600 licensed boozers in Dublin, so you’ll be spoilt for choice on where to go for a drink on your stag do. With Dublin having one of the most youthful populations in Europe with 50% of the population averaging younger than 25 years’ old, it means the clubs and pubs are always heaving and the night is always buzzing so you’ll never be disap­po­inted! Whether you and the lads want to enjoy a classic Irish pub in one of the city’s many authentic pubs or you’re planning on going all-out for a big night out in the Irish capital, there’s a few areas we think you should check out for the best venues!

Temple Bar District

When it comes to finding the biggest and best drinking hotspots in the city, then the first place to call at should be the Temple Bar District, home to the famous bar that bares the same name and a host of some of the best nightclubs that this city has to offer.

If you find yourselves in the area and want to find a venue to dance until the early hours of the morning, then why not give Club M a try? Known for being the longest running club in Dublin, this venues has had many years of practise with two floors with top DJ’s and hundreds of lights and lasers.

First up on the list is The Workman’s Club. A versatile live music venue that hosts club nights until the early hours of the morning 7 days a week, this fantastic venue is a hotspot for locals and tourists alike looking for a variety of music genres and conveniently located on Wellington Quay, right next to the River Liffey and the famous Temple Bar.

If you and the lads are looking for a throwback club with all your favourite old school tunes, then head over to Pop City and the only 90s themed nightclub in the whole of Dublin. Get your dancing shoes on and get ready to party like it’s 1999 with a night of classic tunes and timeless club bangers that everybody knows and loves.

Harcourt Street & St. Kevin’s District

Alter­natively, there’s the famous Copper Face Jacks, a Harcourt Street nightclub known all over Ireland as being one of the country’s best hotspots for unfor­get­table nights out and partying. Situated beneath the Jackson Court Hotel right next to the shopping area of Grafton Street, this legendary Irish nightclub is open 7 nights a week, so there’s no need to worry about missing out on a big Dublin night out with the lads!

If you’re after a classy cocktail bar to enjoy a few chilled drinks, then head over to D Two on the corner of Harcourt Street and hatch Street Upper. A bustling bar with some of the best cocktails in the city, this bar’s casual environment and lively atmosphere is matched with a fantastic heated secret garden and club nights until the early hours throughout the weekend. So if you and the lads want to stop by for a few quiet drinks before heading to the bigger clubs or you fancy spending the whole night here, either is a great option.

Just a stones’ throw away from D Two is probably one of the classiest bars in the city! Odeon Dublin is a lively late night venue with regular house DJ sets at the sophis­ticated Bourbon Bar upstairs throughout the week, this is a brilliant venue for both staying the entire night or a place to enjoy a few classy drinks before moving on to the bigger clubs.

A short walk away nearer to the River Liffey is The Bernard Shaw. Situated on Richmond Street South, this characterful bar doubles up as an Italian pizza café, so whether you want to stop off for lunch with the guys and enjoy a beer or two with your food or you’re looking for a lively late-night venue with great music and atmosphere, The Bernard Shaw is a great mixture of both!

What Are the Reasons to Visit Dublin?

What Are the Reasons to Visit Dublin?

The History

From being the heart of British rule in Ireland for centuries to being the capital of the independent republic it is today, Dublin is packed full of iconic landmarks and is teeming with history.

The People

The Irish are known for their warm and welcoming charm and great banter (or “craic”), which will become evident as soon as you arrive.

The Short Flight Times!

Being so close to the UK, flights from any major UK airport to the Irish capital take up to just 90 minutes! Ireland also shares the same time zone as the UK, so don’t worry about changing those clocks.


Famously associated with Ireland, you and the lads can even take the tour of the famous building that towers over Dublin’s skyline.

Unique Stag Do Activities

With a range of indoor, outdoor and totally one-of-a-kind activities to choose from, you and the lads won’t be stuck when it comes to making the most out of your visit!

Getting the Most Out of Your Stag Do in Dublin?

Getting the Most Out of Your Stag Do in Dublin?

Like any capital city across Europe, there’s a ridiculous number of famous landmarks, tourist attractions, bars, clubs, restaurants and so much more to see and do in Dublin. So, if you and the lads are coming to Dublin for a short stay, you will want to make sure that you pack your days full of activities and things to do to keep you occupied and make the most of your time!

One great place to start in this beautiful city is the River Liffey that runs straight through the heart of Dublin, with many of the city’s popular hotspots located along its banks. For example, one hugely popular area you definitely don’t want to miss during your visit is the world-renowned Ha’penny Bridge, an iconic symbol of Dublin. Replacing the dilapidated ferries that originally transported citizens across the river, there was one a half penny toll for anybody crossing this footbridge, giving it it’s well known nickname.

Another beautifully iconic landmark in the city that you’re not bound to miss is the impressive Dublin Castle, a well-maintained Norman castle built over 800 years ago that remains in fantastic condition to this day. Used as a symbol of power during the centuries of British rule in Ireland, it now stands as an important complex for the Irish government and is usually where major state visits from foreign leaders take place. Its extensive 11 acre grounds and stunning architecture brings in tourists from all over the world.

 How to Get Around Dublin?

How to Get Around Dublin?

One thing to know about Dublin is that it’s huge! With a population of over 1.5 million people, you would expect that this city’s transport links are what you’d expect from any other European capital. Luckily, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to making your way around the city. With an efficient tram system (LUAS) that can take you from one side of Dublin to the other, there’s also an extensive network of bus routes and multiple train stations within the city itself.

If you’re arriving by air, Dublin Airport is situated just a short distance north of the city centre and buses regularly run passengers to-and-from the city centre. If you happen to be arriving by ferry, you will be taken right into the heart of the city as you will be arriving into Dublin Port. From here, the easiest way to get into the city centre would be from the nearby The Point tram station.

Alter­natively, when it comes to getting to and from activities or any other time-specific plans, there is a variety of local taxi companies operating in the city as well as UBER. We would recommend pre-booking your transpor­ta­tion to make sure that everything runs smoothly and without inter­rup­tion!

Why Choose Us for Your Dublin Stag Do?

Besides being ranked 1st out of 263 UK Stag and Hen Party Organisers on Freeindex, our experience and dedication to organising high-quality, unfor­get­table stag and hen parties since 2007 has earned us thousands of 5 star reviews on Trustpilot, a leading independent & honest review website. Aside from all that good stuff, we’re also a fully ABTA bonded stag do company with the latest online events area for individual payments and itinerary updates. So if you need to organise your trip with the lads but can’t meet up in person to go over the details, our clever My Events area will cut out the headache and confusion for you.

Reviews for Dublin

Rating 5.0
Lewis Black
13th April 2019
Yes, we had a fantastic time thanks. Everything ran to plan and the Groom had a fantastic time!

All of the activities were different and seemed to go down well with the Group. The Life Drawing was something different and a great Stag Do activity! Don't have any pictures i'm afraid; too carried away with everything going on to take any of note!
Rating 5.0
Matt Jones
23rd June 2017
It went really well thank you. Would definitely recommend to others in the future.