Top 50 Dublin Bars to Visit

Best Bars in Dublin

In the spirit of St Patrick’s Day, we’ve put together the ultimate list of the best bars in Dublin. Drawing in tourists from all over the world, these Dublin pubs are a must-do!

What can we say about Dublin? Home to some of the most famous writers in history like James Joyce and Oscar Wilde, many of which frequented the Dublin pubs we’ve listed below! Whatever your reason for visiting the Irish capital is, you simply can’t miss out on these amazing boozers for a pint of Guinness or a glass of whiskey.

Temple Bar - Best Bars in Dublin

1. The Temple Bar Pub

This one doesn’t really need an introduction! Famous across the globe for being the Irish pub to champion all Irish pubs is Temple Bar Dublin. Named after the surrounding area, this iconic boozer is a staple for anybody visiting the Irish capital, no matter what your itinerary says! Being in the city centre right by the River Liffey, the area surrounding the bar is a lively and exciting neighbourhood dominated by Georgian-era buildings housing taverns, shops, cafés and much more. One thing is for certain though; this place gets very busy every day of the week, so plan your time wisely. It should go without saying, but we’ll say it anyway: You simply can’t afford to miss out on this legendary bar!

📌 47-48 Temple Bar » | Website »

The Brazen Head - Best Bars in Dublin

2. The Brazen Head

Originally built as a coaching inn dating back to 1754, The Brazen Head is noted for being the oldest pub in Ireland still in operation. Hosting live music every day of the week, here you’ll find a cosy and atmospheric venue inside, lit with ornate lamps and featuring Victorian décor throughout. At the back, you’ll find a cool & spacious beer garden courtyard. If you’re looking for an authentic Irish pub experience and want to enjoy somewhere when the sun’s shining, this Dublin bar is a no-brainer.

📌 20 Lower Bridge St » | Website »

The Hairy Lemon - Best Bars in Dublin

3. The Hairy Lemon

A legendary boozer at the heart of the city, The Hairy Lemon is an iconic Dublin pub once used for filming the 90’s Irish blockbuster film “The Commitments”. Inside, this bright yellow pub is covered top-to-bottom in historic memorabilia from Ireland’s past. Inside you’ll find a cosy and atmospheric bar as well as plenty of street-side seating for the warmer months of the year. As well as serving up pints, you’ll find a range of delicious cocktails and a selection of hot drinks on the menu here too.

📌 Stephen St Lower » | Website »

Mulligan’s - Best Bars in Dublin

4. Mulligan’s

A staple for drinkers in Dublin since 1782, Mulligan’s Dublin is a brilliant historic pub situated right by Butt Bridge that crosses the River Liffey. If you’re looking for a proper pint at a place that doesn’t do modern frills then you’ll feel right at home here. Noted for its charming atmosphere, this place is a firm favourite for Guinness enthusiasts of which many claim it serves “The best pint of Guinness in Dublin”. How true this is, we’re not sure… but one thing’s for certain; this isn’t a pub you can afford to miss out on visiting!

📌 8 Poolbeg St » | Website »

The Workman's Club - Best Bars in Dublin

5. The Workman's Club

One of the best places to catch regular live music in the city, The Workman’s Club is a popular and exciting Dublin bar in the Temple Bar district, right on the banks of the River Liffey next to the Grattan Bridge. Throughout the venue you’ll find colourful and arty décor both inside and out. As well as hosting up-and-coming local artists, The Workman’s Club has also hosted some big names in music too since opening up in 2010. Despite being one of the younger bars in this old city, this place has quickly become one of best and is definitely worth checking out if you’re in the area.

📌 10 Wellington Quay » | Website »

The Ginger Man - Best Bars in Dublin

6. The Ginger Man

On the doorstep of Trinity College is The Ginger Man Dublin, named after the iconic J.P. Donleavy novel. Speaking of links to literary heroes, this place is also around the corner from the historic home of Oscar Wilde! At the bar itself, you’ll find all of Ireland’s best pints on tap from Beamish ale to Dublin Blonde and Guinness (of course). No matter what time of the year it is, this place always makes an extra-effort when it comes to décor. Bringing in a lively crowd with great vibes every night of the week, The Ginger Man is definitely a pub worth checking out.

📌 39-40 Fenian St » | Website »

The Celt - Best Bars in Dublin

7. The Celt

It’s no surprise that Irish pubs and live music are a match made in heaven… and The Celt is no exception! Hosting local artists every night of the week, this neighbourhood-style Dublin pub sits on the bustling Talbot Street just a short walk away from the Dublin Spire. If you’re looking for no-nonsense pub grub as well as a fresh pint then this place ticks all the boxes. Inside, everything about this pub gives off that “olde world” vibe from the exposed brick walls to the quirky décor and candle-lit tables.

📌 81 Talbot St » | Website »

The Grand Social - Best Bars in Dublin

8. The Grand Social

Despite only being open since 2010, The Grand Social has quickly become one of the top live music pubs in the city, winning an award for being the best in Dublin in 2012. Hosting acts like Jake Bugg and Primal Scream over the years, this Dublin pub is a unique venue in the way it styles itself, as you’ll find plenty of unique and eye-catching boho circus décor inside. With two large bar spaces downstairs, this venue also boasts a large beer garden and a loft bar upstairs, giving you plenty of space to chat and chill out. In terms of location, this place also makes for a great base to explore the city centre and its landmarks, being only a stones throw away from the iconic Ha’penny Bridge.

📌 35 Liffey St » | Website »

Doyle's Pub - Best Bars in Dublin

9. Doyle's Pub

A classic 19th century pub on the doorstep of Trinity College, Doyle’s Dublin is a fantastic old boozer with classic Victorian features from the stripped-back floors to the exposed brick walls. Open every night of the week, this place is noted for its epic atmosphere and great pints on tap, serving all the local classics as well as international favourites like Moretti and Heineken. If you fancy a bite to eat with your booze, then Doyle’s is a top choice with its no-nonsense pub grub menu.

📌 9 College St » | Website »

The Stag's Head - Best Bars in Dublin

10. The Stag's Head

Another classic Dublin pub hailing from the Victorian Era, The Stags Head is a great venue in the Temple Bar area, situated right next door to its sister venue, The Stags Tail. Inside, you’ll find a stunning bar with ornate wood features, exposed floors and plenty of Irish memorabilia. The bar here is well-stocked to say the least, offering a range of spirits as well as a host of classic pints on tap. This epic Dublin pub sits on Dame Court, a cosy hidden gem tucked away behind the busy main streets.

📌 1 Dame Ct » | Website »

Things to See in Temple Bar Dublin

Being the Cultural Quarter of the Irish capital, it should come as no surprise that the Temple Bar area has some of the most iconic and well-known landmarks in the city:

1: Dublin Castle & Dubh Linn Garden

The former seat of power during British rule, the famous castle is probably the most visited landmark in the area… not including the namesake bar, of course! The gardens surrounding the circular Chapel Royal are a popular hangout spot in the summer months for tourists and locals.

2: Ha’penny Bridge

The city’s oldest river crossing, the Ha’penny Bridge takes its name from the toll that pedestrians had to pay to cross the River Liffey from north to south, being half a penny to use the bridge. Today, its one of the city’s best-known landmarks and still in use.

3: Molly Malone Statue

Paying homage to Ireland’s long musical history, the Molly Malone statue is dedicated to the main character from one of Ireland’s most popular traditional folk tunes, so popular that it’s become the unofficial anthem of this city.

The Long Hall - Best Bars in Dublin

11. The Long Hall Dublin

With a striking red-and-white exterior, The Long Hall Dublin is another stunning boozer that dates back to the Victorian age, noted for its perfectly preserved interior featuring red leather booth seating and ornate pint taps at the bar. Speaking of pints, expect to find all the best big-names here from the local favourite Beamish to international favourites like Coors and Heineken. If you’re looking to catch some of the interesting landmarks around the city centre, this is a great place to start as you’ll only be a few minutes away from Dubh Linn Garden and the city’s Castle.

📌 51 S. Gt. George's St » | Website »

Grogans - Best Bars in Dublin

12. Grogans

Just round the corner from George’s Street Arcade is Grogans Dublin. Open every day of the week, this classic pub is known for its famous toasties. This corner bar stands out from the crowd with its ornate red frontage and cosy beer garden area lining the street-side. Open every day of the week, this bar features weird & wonderful artwork across their walls, contributed by local creators. If you’re looking for a place to get sat down for a relaxing drink without the background noise from overly-loud pub speakers and televisions then you’ll feel right at home here.

📌 15 William St S. » | Website »

Kehoes Pub - Best Bars in Dublin

13. Kehoes Pub

Another classic ornate pub right in the heart of the city is Kehoes, tucked amongst the compact side-streets and visited regularly by locals and tourists alike. Established in 1802, this famously historic pub retains most if not all of its original Victorian features like its enclosed snug. Upstairs you’ll find a cosy open seating area with plenty of charm, adequately named “the living room”. Open all day every day throughout the week, this too is a place to check out for a proper no-nonsense Irish pub experience.

📌 9 Anne St S. » | Website »

Porterhouse (Temple Bar) - Best Bars in Dublin

14. Porterhouse - Temple Bar

The first microbrewery so far on this list, Porterhouse Dublin is a fantastic local brewer with two venues in the city, the most popular being Porterhouse Temple Bar (you’ll find Porterhouse Central on the edge of the Trinity College campus). This venue sits right next to the River Liffey and the Grattan Bridge that passes over it. If you’re looking for independent and unique stouts & lagers, this place will fit the bill as they stock a whole host of their own beers and is actually noted for being the first pub-brewery in the city since opening up in 1996. Since then, the chain has expanded to London and even New York City. If you’re a fan of craft beers and want to see how well the Irish do it, this is the place to head to for a bit of expe­rim­en­ta­tion!

📌 16-18 Parliament St » | Website »

Hogans - Best Bars in Dublin

15. Hogans Dublin

Speaking of NYC, Hogans Dublin is one of those places that resembles a stylish New York bar despite being situated right in the heart of the Irish capital. With a predominantly young crowd enjoying its many beers and spirits throughout the week, this bar features great open windows with plenty of street-side seating out front too, making it the perfect place to people-watch as you enjoy a pint or two in the sunshine. Inside, you’ll find a stunning and somewhat typical décor similar to many other Victorian-era pubs in Dublin, but by no means no less impressive than some we’ve mentioned so far!

📌 S Gt. George's St » | Website »

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Bowes Lounge Bar - Best Bars in Dublin

16. Bowes Lounge Bar

Just a short walk from the O’Connell Bridge is Bowes Lounge Bar, just next to Doyle’s which we’ve mentioned here already. Founded in 1880, this classic Victorian pub serves everything from hearty lunches to great pints and tasty dinners, so there’s really never a bad time to pay a visit here. Inside you’ll find classic mahogany wood walls lined with the traditional red leather bench seats typically found in ornate pubs like this. As you’ll be amongst the lively streets of the Temple Bar area, this would make for a great place to start a bar crawl of the city’s most iconic boozers, this one included.

📌 31 Fleet St » | Website »

O'Reilly's Bar - Best Bars in Dublin

17. O'Reilly's Bar Dublin

Tucked beneath the Tara Street railway bridge is O’Reilly’s. Despite its outward appearance, you’ll be quite pleasantly surprised once you step inside this Dublin bar with how big it actually is inside! Pre-dating the railway station it sits below, this Victorian pub is famous for its Saturday rock nights that’s equally loved by tourists and locals alike. Staying open especially late on the weekends, this lively venue is a great place to start a wild night out, being right in the middle of the city, sitting on the south side of the river near the famous Custom House building.

📌 Tara St. Station » | Website »

The Confession Box - Best Bars in Dublin

18. The Confession Box

Just next to the St Mary’s Catholic Pro-Cathedral you’ll find The Confession Box Dublin. Its name is attributed to the Irish rebels that sought out religious confession in secret after being banned from the church by the English during the War of Independence. Today, you might not find any Irish rebels drinking here but what you will find is great craic and plenty of pints on tap to keep you happy. For those of you who enjoy a good Irish whiskey, you’re in luck as Jameson’s is more than well-stocked here. With regular traditional Irish music performances throughout the week, this pub is a great place to stop for a pint or two, especially if you enjoy a bit of historic trivia too!

📌 88 Marlborough St » | Website »

O'Sheas of Talbot Street - Best Bars in Dublin

19. O'Sheas of Talbot Street

Packed full of old-world charm, O’Sheas of Talbot Street is another fantastic Dublin bar that’s managed to retain its stunning Victorian features inside. With a host of quirky décor across its walls, you’ll also find a quaint & spacious beer garden around the back with plenty of places to sit and watch the big TV screen showing live sports. Inside, this place plays host to local live music performers every night of the week and has plenty of pints behind the bar to keep you entertained.

📌 19 Talbot St » | Website »

The Brew Dock - Best Bars in Dublin

20. The Brew Dock

Named after the nearby George’s Dock, The Brew Dock is one of the best places to grab a craft beer in Dublin. Owned and operated by the Galway Brewery Co, this Dublin brewery doubles up as a microbrewery, crafting their own delicious beers right on site. The bar itself is a cosy and atmospheric venue with a welcoming vibe, with plenty of places to get sat down and lots of interesting & quirky artwork lining the walls, from local football memorabilia to cool prints. When it comes to the food, expect a proper no-nonsense hearty pub grub menu with all the classics; fish & chips, burgers, you name it.

📌 1 Amiens Rd » | Website »

The Wind Jammer - Best Bars in Dublin

21. The Wind Jammer

A more modern Dublin pub on this list, The Wind Jammer is a vibrant and lively boozer that can be easily spotted from the outside with its striking purple exterior. Inside you’ll find this place to be a welcoming and popular hotspot for both locals and visitors, staying open ‘til late every night of the week. In terms of location, this place is situated right by the River Liffey on the south side of the city centre, making it a great place to start exploring Dublin. Specialising in stouts, ales and whiskeys from across the country, this is a proper pub if you’re looking for a no-nonsense experience.

📌 111 Townsend St » | Website »

The Cobblestone - Best Bars in Dublin

22. The Cobblestone

Just a short walk from the Jameson Distillery is The Cobblestone Dublin. If you’re after lively and atmospheric vibes, this place will fit the bill as it plays host to live traditional Irish music performances every night of the week. Situated in the historic Smithfield area known for being the oldest neighbourhood in the city, this bar is the place to head to for a proper Dublin experience: great pints, great music and great craic!

📌 77 King St N. » | Website »

The Black Sheep - Best Bars in Dublin

23. The Black Sheep Dublin

A modern corner pub on the north side of the river, The Black Sheep Dublin is another awesome boozer ran by the local Galway Brewery Co. As well as selling their own weird & wonderful craft beers and ales, this place also provides some amazing global brews too from German classics to the old English favourites we all know and love. Like many pubs in the Irish capital, The Black Sheep provides some great street-side seating where you can enjoy a pint in the sun whilst watching the world go by. Inside, you’ll find a modern and contemporary bar that feels friendly and inviting. This place also hosts a great pub food menu, so if you’re feeling a bit peckish, this pub is a great shout.

📌 61 Capel St » | Website »

Slattery's Bar - Best Bars in Dublin

24. Slattery's Bar

One of the last early-morning pubs left in Ireland, let alone in the city, Slattery’s Dublin is not only famous for its eye-watering opening times (8.30am on some days!) but also its lively and exciting atmosphere, no matter what day of the week you visit. Boasting a stunning Victorian interior, the venue is split into two floors with a large bar on each. Dating back to the 1820s, this cosy Dublin pub has plenty of snugs and comfy places to get sat down to enjoy a pint and a bite to eat. Speaking of the food, if you’re in the mood for a traditional Irish breakfast, then you’re in luck as this place serves them up all day long!

📌 129 Capel St » | Website »

The Old Stand - Best Bars in Dublin

25. The Old Stand

A Dublin institution for over 300 years, The Old Stand sits on the bustling Exchequer Street just a short walk away from the iconic Molly Malone Statue in the south side of the city. Popular with locals and visitors, this striking corner bar is lined with flower baskets around its exterior, making it easily noticeable when passing by. Inside, you’ll find a small yet atmospheric venue with a quaint bar, serving all the best local and international beers, spirits and more. If you’re looking to catch some live sports, you’re in luck as you’ll find a big screen TV above the main bar here. If you’re after some food too, then head here for an eclectic menu of classic pub grub and unique dishes.

📌 37 Exchequer St » | Website »

TP Smith's Pub - Best Bars in Dublin

26. TP Smith's Pub

A stripped-back venue with a modern vibe, TP Smith’s Pub is a fantastic, chilled out Dublin bar with a great atmosphere and location. Being situated right across the road from the famous Leprechaun Museum, this would make for a great starting point to explore the city centre and its many landmarks, including the Ha’penny Bridge just a short walk away in the other direction. A more modern Dublin pub than some of the others on this list, this place has a cool New York loft-style vibe inside with high industrial ceilings and exposed brickwork. With a decent selection of pints on offer and a great deal of spirits behind the bar for their speciality cocktails, TP Smith’s is a top choice.

📌 9-10 Jervis St » | Website »

Wigwam - Best Bars in Dublin

27. Wigwam Dublin

A modern and lively boozer that attracts a young crowd, Wigwam is a Dublin pub that has a little bit of everything for their patrons to enjoy. With ping pong tables, regular karaoke nights, quizzes and bingo, this is a great social pub in the heart of the city on the doorstep of the iconic Arnotts Department Store. With extra-late opening times at the weekend, this place transforms into a proper party venue at night, hosting regular live DJ sets playing house and techno on regular days of the week. When it comes to food, this place has a surprisingly well-stocked menu offering vegan and vegetarian choices alongside a host of pub food favourites.

📌 54 Middle Abbey St » | Website »

Brannigan's - Best Bars in Dublin

28. Brannigan's Dublin

Just around the corner from the Dublin Spire is Brannigans, a traditional and upbeat Dublin pub that has been a staple boozer in the city for over 150 years, first opening its doors in 1854. To this day, this place is still ran as a family-owned business and prides itself on stocking the best Irish ales, stouts and whiskeys. Winning the regional award for pub food two years in a row, it should come as no surprise that the pub grub here is immense, offering a host of traditional Irish dishes and firm pub food favourites. When it comes to the entertainment, this is a fantastic place to catch live sports from the Premier League to the Six Nations, as well as being only a short walk away from both the Gaelic Croke Park and Aviva Stadium.

📌 9 Cathedral St » | Website »

Murray's Pub - Best Bars in Dublin

29. Murray's Pub

At the top of O’Connell Street next to the Parnell Monument is Murray’s Pub Dublin, another fantastic place to watch live sports in the capital. With a contemporary and welcoming atmosphere inside, this old-school Dublin Pub has plenty of booths where you can get sat down to enjoy a pint whilst watching the football or rugby. With stripped-back floors and split-level floors, this bar resembles a bit of a winding maze with lots of cosy nooks and snugs where you can get sat down in comfort whilst enjoying your drinks.

📌 33-34 O'Connell St U. » | Website »

Sinnotts Bar - Best Bars in Dublin

30. Sinnotts Bar

Noted for being one of the best sports bars in Dublin, Sinnotts Bar is a lively haunt just next to Stephen’s Green shopping centre in the south side of the city. Famous for its bright and lively Victorian interior with high wood-beam ceilings, the venue is lined with classic red leather bench seats where you can get sat down to enjoy the live sports with a pint in hand. You’ll also find a plethora of Irish memorabilia here with the walls lined with prints from famous Irishmen like Oscar Wilde and William Joyce.

📌 King St S. » | Website »

What Makes Dublin Bars so Great?

When it comes to bars in Dublin, this city arguably tops the leaderboard compared to other cities in Ireland and the UK when it comes to great places to drink. Remember, Dublin was once the seat of power for British rule on the island of Ireland for hundreds of years, so there's no doubt that you'll be able to spot influences and similarities with our own pub culture.

Over the centuries, many famous faces have passed through these boozers from Irish literary heroes to world-renowned politicians. With all that being said, Dublin bars are best known for live Irish music, including many places on this list! In fact, some bars in Dublin make an effort to host live music every day of the week.

Merchant's Arch - Best Bars in Dublin

31. Merchant's Arch

On the doorstep of Ha’penny Bridge in the Temple Bar district is Merchant’s Arch Dublin. Serving up fresh pints and pub grub since 1821, this venue has a laid-back and modern vibe inside where you’ll find regular live traditional Irish music performances throughout the week. Starting its life as a merchant guild hall, one of only two that still stand in the city, this bar was re-established in 2010 and hosts one of the best nights out in the city. With a split-level mezzanine layout, it’s a great place to kick back and take in the views of the historic river and its bridges.

📌 48-49 Wellington Q. » | Website »

Vat House Bar - Best Bars in Dublin

32. Vat House Bar

Taking its name from the nearby Guinness Brewery at St. James’ Gate, Vat House Bar Dublin is a staple boozer in the heart of Dublin’s cultural quarter, Temple Bar. In fact, the wooden features from the floors to the walls are re-purposed from the famous brewery itself! Open every day of the week, this place transforms into a bustling and lively venue at the weekends with late opening hours hosting punters ‘til the early hours of the morning. Hosting plenty of live music during the week as well, Vat House is a top choice no matter what your plans are.

📌 2 Anglesea St » | Website »

The Norseman - Best Bars in Dublin

33. The Norseman

With a name that nods to the city’s extensive Viking history, The Norseman is easily one of the oldest Dublin pubs with a license that dates back to the 1690s. Specialising in locally distilled whiskeys, this place has close ties to the historic Teeling and Jameson Distilleries. Inside, you’ll find a quaint yet bright and lively venue with plenty of space to get sat down as well as a restaurant space upstairs. If you’re a fan of local whiskeys or just fancy a couple of locally-brewed pints, this place has got you covered.

📌 28 Essex St E. » | Website »

Buskers on the Ball - Best Bars in Dublin

34. Buskers on the Ball

If you’re a fan of American-style sports bars then Buskers on the Ball will be your new favourite place to drink in Dublin. With a neon-lit bar stretching across the venue, inside you’ll find pool tables, ping pong and plenty of big-screen TVs to watch all the biggest and best live sporting fixtures from football to rugby and more. There’s also a huge screen set behind the bar so you won’t miss any of the action waiting for a drink either. There’s even a couple of racing arcade machines for those who want to tap into their inner child! Being the largest sports bar of its kind in the city, you simply can’t miss out on paying a visit here if you’re looking for a lively and unique vibe.

📌 13-17 Fleet St » | Website »

River Bar - Best Bars in Dublin

35. River Bar

It should come as no surprise that River Bar Dublin sits right next to the Liffey on the south side of the city, right next to the O’Connell Bridge at the heart of the capital. With a huge glass exterior, this place is hard to miss if you’re wandering around the area and looking for a decent pint! Inside, you’ll find the décor to be an eclectic mixture of modern and traditional with its high industrial ceilings above its wooden Victorian-style bar. Staying open extra-late on Fridays and Saturdays and serving up food daily ‘til 10pm, there’s never a bad time to stop off here on a Dublin night out!

📌 1 Burgh Quay »

JW Sweetman - Best Bars in Dublin

36. JW Sweetman

Right next door to the last entry on this list is JW Sweetman, a much older venue than its modern next-door neighbour dating back to the 1750s. Playing host to its own unique brewery, the JW Sweetman craft beers you’ll find here are unlike anything else you’ll find in Dublin, with a range of inter­nati­onally-inspired brews from a local-style porter to German-style Weissbier. Being so close to the river, it hosted sailors and dockworkers throughout the days of the British Empire. With all of their brews created on site, they are also known for their menu of traditional Irish food which keeps customers coming back to this bustling bar daily.

📌 1-2 Burgh Quay » | Website »

Cassidy's - Best Bars in Dublin

37. Cassidy's Bar Dublin

With a history dating back to 1856, Cassidy’s Bar is another exceptional boozer just around the corner from the last two entries on this list. In fact, the name comes from the Cassidy family who still own & operate the pub, being the cousins of former US president Bill Clinton who actually visited here during his visit in 1995. Inside the venue you’ll find the walls absolutely packed full of unique and interesting artwork, giving this bar a hip vibe that draws in a younger crowd. On the bar, you’ll find a huge range of both well-known and locally brewed beers, so whether you’re feeling adventurous or not, the choice is there for you.

📌 27 Westmoreland St » | Website »

The Boar's Head - Best Bars in Dublin

38. The Boar's Head Dublin

Situated right by Dublin Market you’ll find The Boar’s Head. An old-style pub like many of its counterparts in the city centre, this family-owned pub has a perfect conversational atmosphere, so if you’re easily frustrated with drinking in loud boozers then you’ll be more than happy enjoying a pint or two here. Throughout the week you’ll find regular live music acts performing traditional Irish tunes for punters to enjoy, bringing that classic atmosphere that tourists from all over the world come to Dublin for!

📌 149 Capel St » | Website »

The Living Room - Best Bars in Dublin

39. The Living Room

Heralded as the number one sports bar in the city, The Living Room Dublin is certainly one to be rivalled! Open every day of the week, this Dublin sports bar hosts an impressive amount of big-screen TV’s, around 50 in total! Outside in their courtyard-style beer garden you’ll find a large 40ft screen for the big events like the World Cup or Euros. With food served throughout the day, this place transforms into one of the liveliest nightlife hotspots in the capital by night, staying open ‘til the early hours of the morning at the end of the week.

📌 Cathal Brugha St » | Website »

The Bleeding Horse - Best Bars in Dublin

40. The Bleeding Horse

With a history going back to the 1750s, The Bleeding Horse Dublin is a legendary pub that’s solidified itself not only with the drinkers of the city but with Dublin’s history in itself. Mentioned in famous Irish novels including Ulysses by James Joyce, there has been a pub here since the 17th century, with the exact year unknown. With an exposed brick exterior, inside you’ll find a moody-lit bar with classic Victorian seating and tables, as well as a host of local and international beers behind the bar.

📌 24-25 Camden St U. » | Website »

Davy Byrne's Pub - Best Bars in Dublin

41. Davy Byrne's Pub

Another legendary Dublin pub that’s firmly placed itself in the history books is Davy Byrne’s Pub. It was in James Joyce’s Ulysses that the main character stops here for a glass of wine and a cheese sandwich, which has become a tradition for fans of the novel who pass by this boozer. On Bloomsday, Ireland’s celebratory day for the famous writer, this pub is absolutely packed with tourists and locals alike. Inside, the pub has an upmarket, ornate style that sets it apart from the rest. For those of you who enjoy a bit of history with their pubs, this one is a bit of a no-brainer!

📌 21 Duke St » | Website »

Doheny & Nesbitt - Best Bars in Dublin

42. Doheny & Nesbitt

Claiming to be the most photographed pub in the city, Doheny & Nesbitt is an institution amongst popular Dublin pubs, especially for the more famous crowd. Being situated right next to the Prime Minister’s office and the national parliament, this place is synonymous with politicians and those who work in the press & media. Dating back hundreds of years and opening up as a pub in the mid-1800s, this place has adapted over the years, mixing modern aspects like big-screen TVs for live sport with old features, such as their full replica of a Victorian bar to the back of the venue.

📌 4-5 L. Baggot St » | Website »

M.J.O'Neill's - Best Bars in Dublin

43. M.J.O'Neill's

A small and cosy Dublin pub in the heart of the Temple Bar district, M.J.O’Neill’s (or O’Neill’s for short) is the ideal place to enjoy a quiet pint without all the hustle and bustle whilst still enjoying the old-world charm that radiates in this neighbourhood. Dating back to the early 1700s, inside you’ll find long bench-style seating around a cosy main area, with a TV playing live sports when the big fixtures are on. With a food menu that’s hard to rival too, you certainly won’t be disappointed with this legendary boozer in the heart of Dublin.

📌 2 Suffolk St » | Website »

O'Donoghue's Pub - Best Bars in Dublin

44. O'Donoghue's Pub

Located on the historic Merrion Row, O’Donoghue’s Bar Dublin has a long and proud history when it comes to Irish music, hosting the first gigs for The Dubliners back in the 1960s and hosting local frontman Phil Lynott from Thin Lizzy. Originally a grocery store, there have been many happy punters here since the early 1700s and continues to be one of the best and well-known pubs anywhere in the city. With a huge range of spirits and whiskeys behind the bar as well as plenty of well-known beers, there’s no faulting this place when it comes to quality.

📌 15 Merrion Row » | Website »

Toner's Pub - Best Bars in Dublin

45. Toner’s Pub

A Dublin pub that harks back to 1734, Toner’s Dublin has had its fair share of famous faces through its doors, most notably Steve Carrell and Will Ferrell who both enjoyed a pint of Guinness here during the premiere of Anchorman 2. With a bold black and red exterior, this place hosts a huge space in its outdoor beer garden, used for live performances including the one-and-only Shaggy in years gone by. We can’t guarantee that you’ll spot any celebrities here on your visit, but if you’re looking for somewhere with a great atmosphere and a great beer garden on a sunny day, this place ticks all the boxes.

📌 139 L. Baggot St » | Website »

The Old Spot - Best Bars in Dublin

46. The Old Spot Dublin

Venturing slightly out of the city centre towards the Port of Dublin you’ll find The Old Spot, a bright blue corner bar that’s renowned for its pub food, being awarded a Michelin star in 2020. With a great deal of space to get sat down in the main bar, there’s also a quaint room upstairs for more formal dining and drinking. On the bar, there’s a good mixture of both local and international beers, as well as a great selection of spirits and whiskeys too. It’s also a stone’s throw away from the Aviva Stadium, making it a great place to drink on match days as well!

📌 14 Bath Ave » | Website »

Gasworks Bar - Best Bars in Dublin

47. Gasworks Bar Dublin

A modern and contemporary place to grab some great food and drinks is Gasworks Bar, located just around the corner from the last entry on this list. Operated by the Galway Brewing Co, their bar is stocked full of their fantastic brews plus the international favourites we all know and love. When it comes to food, this Dublin pub is unmatched with its hearty burgers, sandwiches and other pub classics. Perfect for watching live sport, their large beer garden has plenty of room for you to celebrate whilst watching the football or rugby.

📌 Grand Central St U. »

The Merry Cobbler - Best Bars in Dublin

48. The Merry Cobbler

A cosy old-school pub dating back to the 1850s, The Merry Cobbler is situated in the Irishtown area in the east of the city, not far from the Port of Dublin. With cosy corners where you can get sat down comfortably with a pint or two, this Dublin pub also offers an eclectic and globally-inspired food menu that’s hard to match. And, of course, if you’re looking for local whiskeys to enjoy or simply just an Irish stout, there’s no going wrong with visiting this awesome boozer.

📌 78-82 Irishtown Rd » | Website »

The Oarsman - Best Bars in Dublin

49. The Oarsman Dublin

Just a stone’s throw from the Grand Canal basin in the Ringsend area is The Oarsman Dublin. With views overlooking the historic St Patrick’s Cathedral situated just across the road, the moody-lit Dublin pub has a bold and distinct Georgian exterior. Whether you’re after hearty pub grub, great pints or live sports, this place covers all bases with a range of big burgers, local stouts and a huge TV screen that rolls down when the rugby or football is playing.

📌 8-10 Bridge St » | Website »

The Palace Bar - Best Bars in Dublin

50. The Palace Bar

The last, but certainly not the least on the list is The Palace Bar, situated in none other than the Temple Bar district (who would’ve thought?). All jokes aside, we had to finish off this list with a classic Victorian pub, which is exactly what you’ll get at this lively venue. Boasting stunning stained glass windows and ornate wooden features, this place hosts regular live Irish music nights all through the week as well as offering extra-late opening times at the end of the week. If a Temple Bar pub crawl is on your list of things to do, The Palace Bar Dublin is a must-do.

📌 21 Fleet St » | Website »

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