Wroclaw Stag Do

Wroclaw Stag Do

Why Choose a Stag Do in Wroclaw?

Opt for a stag do in Wroclaw for the best experiences in an alternative location. Known as the city of Market Square’s, Wroclaw is a party destination for the unique. Plus, this little city is secretly a party gem. The colourful city in Western Poland presents dozens of activities. Don’t forget to make the most of the cheap and cheerful nightlife for a special last night of freedom! Or build a full weekend and get the most out of Wroclaw.

Why Choose a Stag Do in Wroclaw?

There is a lot to Wroclaw that its visitors might not know about. Overall this Polish giant is inviting and impressive. The city has so much to offer in the way of culture, architecture and nightlife to keep you entertained for a whole Wroclaw stag do. Friendly and hidden, this city won’t hit you with tourist filled streets and ridiculously long queues, you’ll have time to see everything and do everything on your last night of freedom…no limitations!

What more could you ask for from your weekend away then banter, booze and a city that you can really appreciate visiting with your pals for years to come? As you explore the city you may come across a few small gnomes throughout the city. They came from a resistance movement back in the 80s but they Mayor decided he wanted to keep them going to this day! Keep an eye out and see how many you can spot.

Wroclaw is an extremely historic city with one of the best market squares around. Throughout your weekend in Wroclaw make sure you head over to the market square. Sit and enjoy a drink, a bite to eat or explore some of the shops that they have dotted around.

  • Country: Poland
  • Language: Polish
  • Currency: Zloty
  • Cost of a pint: 9 Zloty
  • Airport: Wroclaw Airport
  • Flight duration: 2 hrs

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Wroclaw 

1. Outdoor Paintballing

A competitive classic that will test your aim against your pals in a fully organised event with all the gear and paintballs included.

2. Nightclub Entry with Tables & Drinks

Make it a night out like no other with the nightclub entry with tables & drinks. The perfect end to your night out especially if you want to treat the groom!

3. Handgun Shooting

Try your hand at shooting a real handgun. Each of you will have 25 bullets each which means there is plenty of practise to perfect your shot.

4. Party Boat

An exclusive party boat for your group is the best way to celebrate during the weekend. this one-hour cruise will take you along the water with a bar and dance floor on board.

5. Bar Crawl with 5 Beers

Experience Wroclaw’s nightlife in a unique way with the bar crawl with 5 beers. Make your way around the best bars in Wroclaw and make some amazing memories.

6. AK-47 & Gun Shooting

Test your aim with a range of different guns in the AK-47 & Gun shooting experience. it is perfect for any lads who want to make memories and have fun with 30 bullets each!

7. Top Night Out

Have the ultimate Wroclaw night out with the top night out experience. there is a bar crawl and nightclub entry included along with some sexy strippers.

8. Brewery Tour & Beer Tasting

If you are a beer lover, you will love to see how it’s made in the brewery tour & beer tasting experience. sample 3 different beers and have a tour of a Polish micro-brewery!

9. Sexy Wake Up Call

What better way to wake the groom up during his final days of freedom then with a sexy wake up call? Invite a sexy female stripper into his hotel room for the best 15 minutes of his life!

10. Indoor Go Karting

A driving experience that all the lads will love, this Polish city doesn’t disappoint when it comes to its indoor go karting. Add some excitement into the stag weekend.

 Places to Eat in Wroclaw?

Places to Eat in Wroclaw?

Poland has a special cuisine that can’t be matched to anything else, and it has a few must-try dishes for anyone visiting the epic country. Your Wroclaw stag do simply wouldn’t be complete without exploring some delicious (and some gross) foods from the city’s original culture. Food and drink throughout the whole city centre comes in cheap (like most of Poland luckily), so you can fill yourself with beer from the infamous markets for about 3.15 zloty (approximately 65p).

If you aren’t wanting to try any of the Polish specialities, then there are still plenty of other cuisines available. In fact, Wroclaw has almost everything you can think of, from Thai, Indian, Spanish, Mexican. Throughout the city you will also be able to find some amazing Italian restaurants as its an extremely popular cuisine in Wroclaw. For some traditional Polish food, you may want to try out Konspira. With good prices and good food, you will be given huge portions of amazing dumplings, potato pancakes and meats.

Sometimes all you need is a good burger right? And for the best ones in Wroclaw head to Burger Ltd. This restaurant is where you can enjoy all your burger needs. You can also get it delivered which means if you are curing a hangover and don’t want to leave the hotel room you can still get your burger fix. And since there are so many Italians dotted around Wroclaw you’ve got to try out at least one. Pizzeria Margherita, an authentic Italian restaurant where you can enjoy a variety of different pizzas. You will find a great variety of toppings that make up all these pizzas.

Guide to Wroclaw Nightlife for Stag Weekends

The whole of Wroclaw is an enormous shrine to drink in. The nightlife to fill your weekend will definitely be the biggest surprise of the trip, with bars and nightclubs galore all over the city centre. Make sure you drink the Polish water, or vodka as we know it as. Wroclaw prides itself in how amazing their vodka is so it’s a no brainer not to include it into your night out.


Do you need a trip to the doctors? Head to Doctors’ Bar, a casual and cosy microbrewery that has everything you need out of a pub. Whether you want to start the evening with some food and beer that’s made in the microbrewery. Or you are just after a quick drink to start your pub crawl this will be perfect. For a classic Irish pub in the heart of Wroclaw try out Pub Guinness. A welcoming pub that can provide you with a variety of amazing drinks.

Another great pub round the corner from Doctors’ Bar and Pub Guinness and the place you can complete your pub crawl is Pub Felicità. Watch live sports and enjoy a drink or two with the lads. It’s a great area for you guys to enjoy during the evening.

Bars in Sofia

From pubs the automatic thing is to head over and see what all the bars in Wroclaw are like right? Try out AleBrowar, a bar that can provide you with bar games, great cocktails and AleBrowar beers. So if you are a lover of craft beers then this could be the perfect place for you. For a cocktail or two try out Cocktail Bar by Incognito. A little bit hidden away you won’t find it straight away, and once your inside you will have to describe what flavours you want in your drink and the bartenders will create them for you!

When you’ve explored a few bars what better way to get you prepared for the rest of the stag night out antics than with some shots? Try Czupito, a bar that is known for its amazing list of shots (over 200 different flavours) and at great prices. It’s the place to be if you are wanting to really get the celebrations started.


Since you are on a stag do in Wroclaw you want to make sure you end the night out in one of the best clubs in Wroclaw. Luckily for you there are quite a few to choose from. Grey Music Club is an extremely unique place for you to end the night. There are some top-class DJ’s and entertainment where you can enjoy some drinks and dance the night away with the lads. What better way to celebrate a stag night out right?

Another great and highly rated club is Insomnia. A club that welcomes everyone and anyone. Inside Insomnia you will find 2 floors to choose from. Upstairs where they play your classic club songs and chart music and then downstairs is more rap and R&B.

 What Are the Reasons to Visit Wroclaw?

What Are the Reasons to Visit Wroclaw?

St Elizabeth Church

A Gothic church in Wroclaw and an iconic structure in the city. For some unbeatable views of Wroclaw, we suggest climbing up one of the many church towers.

Its Bridges

There are over 100 bridges across Wroclaw and its nicknames ‘Venice of the North’ - it's spectacular!


As well as many bridges Wroclaw has three main islands in between the River Oder, Slodowa Island, Ostrów Tumski and Tamka.


From the tiny gnomes to the Pomnik Anonimowego Przechodnia, Wroclaw has some of the most unusual sculptures in their city centre. Look out for them as you’re exploring.

The Architecture

Throughout Wroclaw you will find some extremely impressive architecture, especially in the old town. with colourful buildings and cobblestoned streets.

Its Price

Wroclaw is pretty affordable when it comes to accommodation, food, drink and its attractions.

Advice to Get the Most Out of Your Wroclaw Stag Do

Advice to Get the Most Out of Your Wroclaw Stag Do

No matter what your plans are during your stag do in Wroclaw it’s important that you make the most out of your time in this Polish city. Get the most out of your Wroclaw trip with some of their amazing attractions. Explore the Old Town and see all of the history behind it, whilst your there make sure you go to the Market Square or Rynek as they call it. it’s the largest market square in Europe and definitely worth exploring.

Learn more about this impressive city by heading to the Wroclaw City Museum that is located inside the Royal Palace. Or check out Poland’s largest fountain that is 1 hectare long! Impressive right? All in all, no matter what you do during your weekend you will be making memories and enjoying yourself.

How to Get Around Wroclaw?

How to Get Around Wroclaw?

Throughout the whole of Wroclaw, you won’t have a problem finding your way about the public transport system. They have plenty of trains, trams and buses that will take you in and out of the city centre as well as to the airport. Most hotels are just outside of the city centre which is why public transport comes in handy to many visitors.

Wroclaw taxis are also an option but be warned, they are known for their effective but aggressive driving but it’s an experience in itself if you and the lads are up for it. Make sure you call for the taxi rather than getting one from one of the ranks as you could save up to 30% on your fare.

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