Seville Stag Do

Seville Stag Do

Tapas Tour

Tapas Tour

  • Discover the city
  • Traditional Spanish dishes
  • Tasty tapas throughout
  • Comes with drinks
  • £62.50
Dwarf Stripper

Dwarf Stripper

  • Ultimate stag prank
  • Hilarious experience
  • Dwarf striptease
  • 30 minute session
  • £435.00
Boat Party

Boat Party

  • Boat party
  • Along Guadalquivir river
  • Great tunes throughout
  • Bar on board
  • £75.00
Hard Rock Cafe Dinner

Hard Rock Cafe Dinner

  • Delicious American food
  • Great set menu choices
  • Comes with drink & dessert
  • Popular venue
  • £43.50


  • Sexy stripper girl
  • 15 minute dance
  • At hotel or a bar
  • Classic stag addition
  • £310.50
Return Airport Transfers

Return Airport Transfers

  • Stress free travel
  • Private driver
  • Air-con minibus
  • Transfer both ways
  • £36.50
Segway Tour

Segway Tour

  • Powerful Segway’s
  • 1 hour tour
  • Discover the city
  • Photo opportunities
  • £43.50
Bar Crawl & Club Entry

Bar Crawl & Club Entry

  • Epic bar crawl
  • Includes nightclub entry
  • Fun English speaking guide
  • Party all night
  • £25.00


  • Ultimate kayak experience
  • Lasts for 2.5 hours
  • English speaking guide
  • Prepare to get wet!
  • £56.00
Luxury Spa & Massage

Luxury Spa & Massage

  • Pure relaxation
  • Aromatherapy massage
  • Saunas, steam baths etc
  • Amazing spa circuit
  • £56.00
High Ropes Course

High Ropes Course

  • Thrilling adventure
  • Rope climbs, zip wires etc
  • Adrenaline junkie heaven
  • Full adventure circuit
  • £61.00
Outdoor Go Karting

Outdoor Go Karting

  • Thrilling F1 racing
  • Outdoor track
  • Championship race
  • Modern karts
  • £50.00


  • Epic attack & defend games
  • Comes with all equipment
  • 200 paintballs per person
  • Intense paintball fun
  • £35.00
Golf - 18 Holes

Golf - 18 Holes

  • Professional green
  • 18 hole course
  • Equipment rental
  • Great day out
  • £224.00
Water Park

Water Park

  • Epic water park
  • Full day activity
  • Thrilling slides & rides
  • Restaurants & cafes
  • £37.50
Tapas Dinner

Tapas Dinner

  • Traditional Spanish cuisine
  • Delicious tapas options
  • Cold & hot choices
  • Sangria cocktails & wine
  • £56.00
Travel Abroad With Funktion

Travel Abroad With Funktion

  • ABTA Financially protected
  • Reps based in all destinations
  • Local Rep phone numbers
  • Emergency Out of Office 24 / 7
One Way Airport Transfers

One Way Airport Transfers

  • Private transfer
  • Pick up service
  • Air-con minibus
  • Door to door

What to Expect from a Stag Do in Seville?

Go against the grain for your weekend abroad and try the jaw-dropping Andalusia capital Seville. This underrated Spanish city is where you’ll find oozing culture and art alongside memorable do activities. Stick with traditions and live like a local with accommodation built from Spanish architecture or have a classic last night of freedom with unbelievable nightlife. Seville is bound to take you by surprise with the amount of experiences on offer, as well as landmarks and traditions that you might just take home with you!

What to Expect from a Stag Do in Seville?

Captivating and altogether surprising, a Seville stag do might not be your first port of call when organising a weekend of celebrations. Once you look into all the perks of the Andalusian capital, we’re sure you’re be sold by Gothic architecture and tasty tapas. But dig a little deeper and you’ll reveal excellent activities and experiences for a jam-packed weekend in Spain. If you’re searching for a trust taste of Spain and it’s culture, stray away from the classic coastal cities and celebrate the upcoming nuptials in Seville!

Home of Flamenco dancing, this city is proud of it’s heritage and puts it’s traditions and history on show for the world to see. This makes for an extremely interesting visit, no matter how short. Spend the day exploring the largest Gothic cathedral in the world or reveal your nerdier side and find yourself in Alcazar Palace – aka the Water Gardens of Dorne in Game of Thrones. If all the culture and experiences aren’t quite appealing enough, the price will be. At a measly 2 euros per pint (including the locally brewed beer ‘Cruzcampo’), it’s impossible not to consider this stunning city for a Seville stag do.

  • Country: Spain
  • Language: Spanish
  • Currency: Euros
  • Cost of a pint: €2-4
  • Airport: Seville Airport SVQ
  • Flight duration: 2h 50min

Top 10 Stag Do Activities in Seville

1. Luxury Spa & Massage

Unwind and take a break from all the laughter as you rotate around pools, saunas, steam baths and bi-thermic showers before indulging in a 15-minute professional massage using aromatherapy.

2. Hard Rock Café Dinner

Get sat down to enjoy a delicious meal at one of the world's most iconic cafés, a staple for all rock-lovers out there.

3. Kayaking

A fun and energetic experience that will have you and the lads take the waters and learn a fun new sport. What better way to cure a hangover than with an addition like this?

4. Paintballing

Test your aim as the group goes head-to-head in a fun paintballing experience. With all the equipment and gear included you just need to make sure you duck and dodge around.

5. Segway Tour

Explore the city in a unique way with these two wheeled machines. They’re easy to get the hang of and they’re a great way for you to see all the sights of Seville.

6. Stripper

The soon to be wed needs a send-off that he will remember and what better way to do exactly that than with a stripper? A treat for all the lads before heading on the night out.

7. Water Park

Splash and slide your way through an extremely popular experience. in between soaking up the sun make sure you jump onto some of the impressive water slides in Seville.

8. Outdoor Go Karting

Drift your way through this fun experience and go head-to-head with the lads. See who out of all the group ends up with the first-place position.

9. Tapas Tour

Seville is known for its tapas. So what better way to enjoy a taste of the culture than with a tapas tour. Taste your way around Seville with your own private tour guide.

10. Golf - 18 Holes

Ah, golf, a peaceful sport that almost every lad’s loves getting involved in. So enjoy the warmer weather as you complete an 18-hole course during the weekend.

The Top Places to Eat in Seville

The Top Places to Eat in Seville

It’s easy to narrow down the top places to eat in Seville, and you might be staggered by the choice of cuisine. It’s not just home to delicate tapas and sharing paella, there’s a whole host of different flavours to suit all taste buds in different eateries around the city. Restaurants like Az-Zait for fine dining in style and Pizzeria da Gabri for all your pizza needs are perfect examples that you don’t need to eat strictly Spanish food during your visit.

Of course, there’s plenty of places to go if you want a tapas fix! The Andalusian capital is world-renowned for its homage to the traditional Spanish way of eating, and it’s an easy way to line a group of lads’ stomachs before any activities you might have planned. For laid-back taste’s with high ratings from the locals, try Espacio Eslava tapas restaurant. This small café offers all your traditional flavours with a heavy focus on fish dishes. Alternatively, combine a late-night bar vibe with your delicious tapas at La Brunilda Tapas bar. In Seville it’s common to leave your last meal of the day until 9-10pm, and this tapas bar is open until 11:30pm so you can relax while you dine.

As well as eating late, Seville has some tried and true tapas dishes that originated in the city and have been eaten regularly ever since. You may have eaten tapas in multiple places across the world, but why not broaden your horizons with some Seville-special dishes? The crème de la crème of Seville tapas is Secreto Ibérico – perfect for any meat lovers! For any veggies out there, we highly suggest you order and try Espinacas con Garbanzos, a combination of chickpeas and spinach that will blow your mind.

Guide to Seville Nightlife for Stag Weekends

It might not be a first choice for a roaring last night of freedom, but there’s no reason it shouldn’t be. A Seville stag night can compare to some of the best party islands in Europe, and better still – at half the price! Being an underrated city has the perk of much cheaper prices, meaning you can have an excellent weekend to remember without breaking the bank and annoying the Mrs. There’s multiple areas to consider while you’re partying in this city, but if you’re savvy you might be able to have a dabble everywhere.

Calle Betis

You’ll find Calle Betis on the verge of the Guadalquivir River, bustling from early evening until the wee hours of the morning. This street has a more chilled atmosphere than some of the nightlife areas in Seville but is an excellent place to start the night with a bit of tapas and local beer. Right on the river, restuarants like T de Triana are famed for pairing classic tapas cuisine with stunning views and another thing Seville is famous for – flamenco shows! Watch sensual Spanish dancers, tuck into tiny dishes and wash everything down with cheap beers and wines for a true Seville experience.

As for bars, there’s an overwhelming amount to choose from for just one single street. Calle Betis boasts some of the most popular late-night watering holes in the city, mainly because of the river drawing people in. One café come bar that’s worth visiting if you like strong cocktails is Press Triana, a more modern style venue with both indoor and outdoor seating depending on the weather. For something a bit more traditionally Spanish try La Tertulia for Cruzcampo beer and a welcoming atmosphere. And if all else fails? You can always find an Irish Pub, and the one on Calle Betis is Pheonix Pub and is always bustling.

El Arenal

Known as the place for ‘trendy tapas’, El Arenal is where a younger crowd like to spend their evenings drinking and dancing. Found right alongside Seville’s largest bullring and the gothic cathedral, it creates quite a unique backdrop for some of the stylish and modern cocktail bars around this area. You may not be able to visit all the venues in this area in one night, but you can certainly give it a go! One must-try bar in El Arenal is Cervecería Internacional, a place full of beers from all over the world, a wooden plated bar and plenty of booze that flows until 12am most nights.

An awesome place to start the last night of freedom right next to the river is DadáBar Sevilla, which is a buzzing piano bar once night falls. Drinking cocktails is the norm for groups now, and this place packs a punch when it comes to strong drinks and plenty of personality throughout the venue. From classic negroni’s to custom concoctions they’ll look after you for the evening! You can’t find Irish pubs everywhere you go if you look hard enough, but what about some Scottish tipple? The Clan Scottish Pub is there for all your British beer needs, but if you hop down the road you’ll find slightly more expensive taste at Le Xix cocktail bar, the choice is yours.

Alfalfa in Seville

Found far away from the river banks, Alfalfa sets a different tone for the night and has one gleaming quality – the price! You don’t need to pay extra for the river views in this nightlife district, and that means the prices for drinks and entry hits the floor! If you’re having a stag do in Seville on a budget, Alfalfa is the place to be. The king of late nights in Alfalfa is Ruko ‘N’ Roll bar on Calle Pérez Galdós, a cool and quirky bar with a lot of personality that’s been up and running in Alfalfa for years. This bright bar is situated next to Bodega La Espuela, a dark and moody bar that you’d probably miss if you just walked past it! Both have a great character and worth a visit if you’re down this neck of the woods.

A lot of the action after dark happens surrounding and underneath the Setas de Sevilla structure, an impressive sculpture that’s not hard to find. A popular bar that’s housed underneath the Setas de Sevilla is MOSS Lounge bar, a sophisticated watering hole that offers quality cocktails and comfortable seating to ease you into the last night of freedom. Right next door you’ll find the more chilled out MOTTO bar, home to gallons of Tanqueray and a clean-cut look. When you’ve visited a few bars, finish off the night at one of Seville’s best clubs – KOKO Club Sevilla!

Reasons to Visit Seville

Reasons to Visit

Breathe-Taking Cathedral

Seville is very proud of the city’s cathedral, and it’s been named the world’s largest Gothic cathedral which is a pretty impressive feat! You can marvel the architecture while passing by or dip inside for a closer look.

Authentic Flamenco

You might have two left feet yourself, but why not sit back and enjoy one of the sexiest forms of dance every created? There’s no better place to do it than Seville, home of flamenco.

Modern Meets History

A lot of people come to Seville solely for the rich culture, but Metropol Parasol (the largest wooden sculpture in the world) shows a more modern side of the city where you can touch base with bars, shops and cool sculptures.

The Weather

Like most places in Spain, the weather is great all year round. Seville also has the added advantage of being away from the sea, meaning less wind!

Guadalquivir River

The city of Seville doesn’t lack water, and the stunning Guadalquivir River makes up for the lack of coastline with river-lined restaurants and useful bridges.

Alcazar Palace

Jaw-dropping in its own right, this 14th century royal court was also the filming destination of Dorne, home of the Sand Snakes in Game of Thrones.

Getting the Most Out of Your Stag Party in Seville

Getting the Most Out of Your Stag Party in Seville

Because it’s the Andalusian capital and biggest city in southern Spain, it’s difficult to get around all the things to do and see in one short trip. If you’re going for a weekend, try to fill your days with excellent activities while still soaking up all the best bits of Seville in between celebrations. Although it’s a busy city, Seville is actually quite small in comparison to other Spanish locations. This makes it easy to go from the Seville cathedral to the bullring, see the views from the Giralda belltower and still have time for tasty tapas at some of the hidden gems around the city.

To see a more relaxed side of Seville, places like the Royal Tobacco Factory and Parque Maria Luisa are your best bet. The Tobacco factory is one of the setting of classic Spanish Carmen but was converted to Seville’s university in the 1950’s. As for Parque Maria Luisa, this splash of greenery between seats is a great way to spend time away from boozing and cure a nasty hangover with some fresh air.

How to Get Around Seville?

How to Get Around Seville?

Just like any city, Seville is more than equipped to accommodate for tourists wanting to travel around. From a fully working, always running bus system, tram lines and the metro, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to transportation for your stag do in Seville. If you’re on a budget or just want to cut some bulk costs out by transport, travelling by bus is your best choice. Bus tickets are a tiny 1.40 euros per ticket, and Seville also offers the Bonobus voucher so you can buy 10 trips across the city for just 6 euros. If you’re looking to explore around Plaza Nueva and the Prado de San Sebastian bus station, hop on and off the one tram line in Seville.

For a mixture of reasons, bus and tram are definitely the most popular choice of transport in Seville. These lines are reliable and interchangeable to make exploring much easier during the weekend. However, there’s also the option of the metro train which is a newer mode of transport to Seville. The costs are the same as bus/tram with a Bonometro card on offer, but the metro runs for less time and can get quite hot and stuffy in the summer months.

Why Choose Us to Help Plan Your Seville Stag Do?

Now that you can clearly see why Seville is such a good choice, where do you start planning? As well as all the landmarks and things to do, there’s also tons of activities to enjoy on a Seville stag do that you might need help organising to a T. Ranked 1st out of 263 UK Stag and Hen Party Organisers on Freeindex, Funktion Events know a thing or two about throwing the best last night of freedom possible – no matter where you’re going! Not only that, but you can read 1000's of tried and trusted 5-star reviews on Trustpilot, which is a leading independent honest review website.

To give you a piece of mind in between all the wedding planning chaos, Funktion are a fully ABTA bonded company so your money and weekend is protected no matter what happens. Once you’ve chosen your favourites of Seville, the latest online events area, individual payment options and itinerary updates will help you keep things organised before you go.